1. J

    The truth about mobile data prices in South Africa

    The truth about mobile data prices in South Africa Over the last week, mobile data prices in South Africa took centre stage again, with Communications Minister Stella Ndabeni-Abrahams’s being tasked with reducing data prices by 50%. Twitter users also complained about high prepaid costs...
  2. J

    Get 1GB free data for using the MTN app

    Get 1GB free data for using the MTN app MTN has announced it is offering 1GB of free data to all of its customers who download and sign up on the MTN mobile app. This promotion is available until 31 December for all MTN customers, with the data bundle being valid for 24 hours.
  3. M

    Telkom takes 100GB with SIM card removed

    I have been experiencing an odd issue (a scam to be frank) with my Telkom mobile data since around March this year. At the beginning of each month, on the 1st, Telkom takes over 100GB of my data. Today (1st of Sept), with my router unplugged and SIM removed, Telkom says I have already used...
  4. B

    Anyone else experiencing stupid high data usage(loss/stolen?) on Fixed LTE?

    Hi all. new here. new to Fixed LTE as well - with Afrihost (MTN) 300gb... Been an adsl user for a long time before switching over to LTE this month was running 200gb cap adsl (also with afrihost) for a few years then went up to 300gb cap a few months ago as i started streaming more (cancelled...
  5. L

    Mobile data contract not being used- any ideas?

    I need some advice- I signed a 90gb data contract with vodacom (60GB daytime and 30GB night) I signed the contract before COVID. Have it for quite a few months now, have a ob that is client basd so the data was needed. Now I am working from home- the data is not being used. I cannot cancel...
  6. KingLuc

    Airtime being used for data despite having a data bundle

    I currently have 36gb left of a 50gb data bundle that I bought. Whenever I add R50 to make the occasional phone call the left over money slowly depletes. I have contacted Cell C and they have said my remaining money gets used for data. How is this a fair policy, if a policy at all? Also, I am...
  7. C


    Anyone know how to force Telkom to roam on Telkomsa-R? Reception is so poor on Telkom and only works when roaming on the Vodacom network. Problem is that you cannot select Telkomsa-R manually as it forces you back onto Telkom after a minute or so. Very frustrating! Any help would be appreciated.
  8. M

    Putting Covid-19 in historical perspective..a good read
  9. F


  10. J

    US networks give customers uncapped data to work from home

    US networks give customers uncapped data to work from home AT&T Inc. and Comcast Corp. are loosening up restrictions on internet plans as they deal with a surge in Americans working from home and pressure from regulators. AT&T lifted some data caps on broadband services, while Comcast said...
  11. K

    Renew Contract over phone - DONT

    This is the second time this is happening to me, someone calls from vodacom and explains to you they have a better solution and lower price plan. I've repeatedly asked and confirmed certain facts, some of them were, 1. I will be able to transfer recurring airtime (no mention of a fee) to any...
  12. G

    Exorbitant Data Prices

    I'll just leave this here...
  13. E

    Building a datascience bootcamp for Africa

    Over the last couple of months I have been enrolled in an international data-science bootcamp. Having had a keen interest in the field for quite some time, while I have found the opportunity great, I have noticed a lot of flaws in how some bootcamps seem to operate. For starters, 6 months is...
  14. Mawirepower

    Cell C MediaPlay is the worst

    My anytime data get's depleted on day 1. I am on MediaPlay 1.5gb. I get 2gb of black data everyday. Cell C hardly gives me notifications that the Cellc black data has been depleted and when it does the message comes in late and Black TV finishes my anytime data. I need Black TV to use only black...
  15. J

    Bundles depleting with no notification

    Is anyone else on a Cell C contract not receiving notifications of data bundles running out? Started happening last month. Used to get an sms mere seconds or minutes after a bundle had been used up and received constant SMS updates with depletion notices.
  16. JohnBerg

    Vodacom 20GB deal for R199x24months

    So I recently decided to buy into this Vodacom deal , saw the advert on facebook and signed up , received a phone call from one of their agents and the got all my details and verbally said the price being R199 , so I got it all set up and have internet now. I decided to log in and make an...
  17. M

    Issues with FreeMe LIT bundles on Telkom-Vodacom roaming

    Good day all Is anyone else experiencing data issues with the new Telkom-Vodacom seamless roaming agreement? Previously with MTN roaming, I was able to enjoy my LIT packages without issue. Now it seems like when seamlessly roaming on Vodacom, their systems prefer normal data to LIT data. As a...
  18. X

    Vodacom Data Dissapeared

    Hi all I have bought a weekly data bundle of 1GB that was set to expire on 30 June, but this morning with my mobile data off and still connected to wifi, I lost the whole 1GB in 1 minute. Any advice would be greatly appreciated
  19. KingLuc

    Data Usage Warnings

    I used to get a a long range data warning, but now I get no warnings at all, I know the laws changed about this, but thought it would be better, not disappear entirely. Is there any way to activate or even set a limit for when I'm at a particular amount of data left?
  20. J

    Mobile Voice, Text and Data manager

    I am looking for an app that can help me to to track expenses of all my sim cards, I have about 15 sim cards that I manage monthly and need to track expenses, topups and usage from a cellphone or laptop. I use Vodacom, MTN and Telkom sim cards and it takes too much time to frequently check...