1. W

    MTN Bad Data Service

    I am very disappointed with my Uncapped Lite 3G 24mth contract from MTN . Between +- 16:00 to +- 00:00 my internet service/speed is almost non existing and this is particularly the time frame in which I need to use it most. I feel that the product that was sold to me does not meet my needs at...
  2. S

    Android / iOS Data Consumption

    Hi All, At the end of my contract term I am considering switching to an Android from my BlackBerry 9780. I enjoy the BlackBerry, (had only Nokia's previously, so I guess even BB OS is a step up from Symbian). Since I have got my BlackBerry I have literally set up everything to push to me...
  3. S

    What is the best data deal for IPAD

    Just got IPAD 2 and was wondering what the best pre-paid data deal is? Was thinking of either cell c or 8ta. At present using my iphone as a hotspot, but ideally wanna change. thanks
  4. S

    OOB charges on Contract Data Packages & Bill Shock

    Hi. I know this has been asked before, tried the search function, but couldn't find much info. If I sign up for the Cell C 2GB per month data contract at R149, what happens once the 2GB of data is depleted? Will I automatically get billed at the OOB rate of 39c per MB? Is it possible to...
  5. T

    Vodacom Color

    According to this: Vodacom is now offering the best low-end, prepaid data bundle. I have recently moved from mtn to cell c to use the R49 for 100mb+100sms+100 cell c minutes voucher. However, I'm barely using the minutes, so color sounds ideal! Is...
  6. F

    So what's with Vodacom's new wireless broadband bundle rates?

    I know that my poor little brain is easily confused... but this time I really don't get it. First, I read that "Vodacom is planning to cut its mobile broadband tariffs soon to ensure its products remain competitively priced." Then Vodacom gushes that "Now, all Prepaid and Top Up Once-off data...
  7. W

    3G Mobile Data Rates Question

    I am currently living in Korea and it is possible to get a top of the range smart phone with unlimited data for around the equivalent of R350. This means most people simply use apps such as KakaoTalk - the most popular app here - to send messages and communicate and hence save costs and never...
  8. T

    More Data on R50 Reacharge Rewards Promotion?

    Okay I just recharged my sim card with R50 and now I'm getting 50 CellC to CellC minutes, 70 SMSs and 700MB of data. That's an extra 200MB of data :)
  9. M


    Where can I find a decent shredder? I often cut up and tear letters into a million pieces etc and throw them into the bin but this is become a massively exhausting task at the end of each month.
  10. R

    Help needed: MTN Roaming (Data) Charges

    I'm trying to find the cheapest way to stay in touch with someone on holiday in the Seychelles. She activated roaming on her MTN contract, but after checking the charges it seems that even sms's will be costly. If I got it right sms's are charged at R3.50 PLUS usual contract rate. Thought of...
  11. R

    Nashua Mobile/MTN Data Over Charging

    We have had an on-going billing dispute with Nashua Mobile for the past 2 years. We have an MTN number via Nashua Mobile. I was roaming in the UAE and used data on my Nokia N82 device. Upon returning we received an itimised bill from Nashua Mobile for around R4,000, two weeks later we...
  12. jes

    Cell C Prepaid offering free data and airtime?

    Cell C Prepaid offering free data and airtime? Users are reporting that Cell C is offering prepaid users free data and SMSes just for recharging
  13. J

    Price plans: Blackberry vs. iPhone vs. the rest

    Hi there, I am coming up for an upgrade soonish, and have to decide between Blackberry, iPhone and the rest. There are plenty of opinions around which do not help me, but what I would find helpful is if someone could clarify the benefits of the different price plans: (from Vodacom) I am...
  14. jes

    Forget voice, it’s all about data

    Forget voice, it’s all about data Why Vodacom and MTN remain attractive, despite ‘saturation’
  15. Pavan

    Data consumption - is it both ways?

    Hey guys, I'm thinking about setting up a remote server at home for video surveillance. I have a 3G connection there with a substantial data bundle. At work, when I'll use this service, i'll also be connect via 3G. My question is this, When i remotely connect to my video surv. server...
  16. jes

    MTN confirms that their R149 for 2GB mobile broadband promotion is still available

    MTN confirms that their R149 for 2GB mobile broadband promotion is still available MTN joined Cell C and Vodacom recently in offering a 2GB mobile broadband promotion for a limited period
  17. jes

    Unlimited hosting space and bandwidth at R18 per month

    Unlimited hosting space and bandwidth at R18 per month Hosting Unlimited takes on MWEB in the hosting market with unlimited space and unlimited bandwidth for R18 per month
  18. jes

    When bad stuff happens to good data

    When bad stuff happens to good data Your data is not safe. Time to panic, right?
  19. jes

    BlackBerry to separate work data and personal data

    BlackBerry to separate work data and personal data BlackBerry Balance will allow the security of company content and privacy of personal content on a single device
  20. K

    MTN 3G Prices - Rep?

    MTN, I am using your 3G as I find the speeds good enough for me, however, I have made a graph with the latest 3G prices other ISP's are offering. I would like to give you my money and remain an MTN Data User, but not if it remains this expensive. Are you going to do anything about...