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  • Hi, my query about high site hosting fees refers: This is an existing installation and is hosted on property belonging to my father. I am certain that he is undercompensated in the circumstances and I wish to determine a fair industry rate for presentation to the owner of the tower. The terms of the "contract" anyway are well overdue for reconsideration and conditions have changed - security, cost of elec, access.

    I want to sign up with you guys, but have a couple questions.

    Vumatel has installed the grey box at the front of my property. Is the next step to place an order from you guys, or should I place an order with Vumatel and then you guys ?

    On your sign up page there's a "StepUp - Home Fibre Speed Upgrade R868.69 One Time" option. If I chose the 50/5, is the next up package 50/50 or 100/10 ?


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