1. S

    CellC charging for receiving sms in international roaming?

    Does CellC really charge receiving sms in international roaming? In their site,, they indicate that it is so but I find it hard to believe. I am not aware of any other network in and out of South Africa that does this.
  2. S

    SMS resend

    Good day, I just wanted to ask if Vodacom can send my SMS for the past 2 years back to my number I had Refference numbers and other important information pertaining to my business on there. Please assist. Kind regards Shaheed
  3. J

    RCS will not kill SMS in South Africa – Mobile networks

    RCS will not kill SMS in South Africa – Mobile networks Rich Communications Service (RCS) has replaced Short Message Service (SMS) in countries like the United States, but South African mobile networks do not see the same happening in South Africa any time soon. RCS messaging consists of a...
  4. xrapidx

    Vodacom dodgy behaviour, won't unsubscribe from services.

    My mom has been trying for weeks to unsubscribe from a daily service which charges R5/day. She's followed the unsubscribe process, called Vodacom who all but help - basically telling her its her problem, and she must unsubscribe. They're now staying with me for Christmas, and asked me to have...
  5. J

    Bundles depleting with no notification

    Is anyone else on a Cell C contract not receiving notifications of data bundles running out? Started happening last month. Used to get an sms mere seconds or minutes after a bundle had been used up and received constant SMS updates with depletion notices.
  6. Puk

    Read SMS's Online?

    G'day mybroadband, I have a Vodacom number I haven't used in ages (went over to MTN) - now it seems that the sim has been deactivated. I called customer care and they said the number has not been allocated to someone else, technicians will reconnect it to me. However, I urgently need to access...
  7. J

    Free SMS in South Africa - What mobile operators have to say

    Free SMS in South Africa - What mobile operators have to say SMS is quickly becoming a redundant medium of communication among South African smartphone users, as instant messaging platforms like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger are infinitely cheaper. There is still a sizeable portion of the...
  8. J

    Mobile Voice, Text and Data manager

    I am looking for an app that can help me to to track expenses of all my sim cards, I have about 15 sim cards that I manage monthly and need to track expenses, topups and usage from a cellphone or laptop. I use Vodacom, MTN and Telkom sim cards and it takes too much time to frequently check...
  9. J

    MTN Powerball spam

    I have a MTN prepaid SIM, and get Powerball SMS spam almost daily. Their opt-out does not work; I have tried twice to opt out, but the SMSs keep coming, from different numbers. I need advice on how to get rid of this. I did stop the other recharge SMSes with the *130*603# Is this type of spam...
  10. J

    WhatsApp vs SMS pricing in South Africa

    WhatsApp vs SMS pricing in South Africa SMS used to be a major source of income for mobile operators, but the advent of messaging apps like WhatsApp is steadily siphoning off this revenue. Looking at the SMS charges from mobile networks, it is not difficult to see why data-based messaging...
  11. J

    Do you still regularly send SMS messages?

    Do you still send SMS messages to friends and family? Why do you use SMS instead of dedicated messaging apps?
  12. P

    Accessing sms on Huawei E353 3g dongle dashboard when it is plugged in to wifi router

    I have a 3g antenna on a 10 metres pole which plugs into the antenna jack of a Huawei E353 3g dongle which plugs into a Tenda N300 wifi router in a weather-proof box with power supply. From the router I have a 75 metre cable down the hill to my house which plugs into a Ubiquiti WAP. I connect...
  13. gideonel

    Blocking 15 digit numgers

    Hi guys, I would appreciate some help if someone out there has the hidden knowledge. At work I have received a mobile phone which was used previously by another employee who has since left. The problem is that the employee has registered this number all over the world and back again. I receive...
  14. J

    If you want to stop pizza SMS adverts, you will have to pay

    If you want to stop pizza SMS adverts, you will have to pay If you receive an SMS advert from a pizza joint, should you have to pay to reply "Stop" and opt out? And if you do decide to reply "Stop", how long should you have to reply before your opt-out is no longer valid?
  15. G

    Vodacom Requesting Roaming Customer Abroad to Re-RICA Vodacom number

    I am a Vodacom Prepaid customer currently abroad and using my Vodacom number on International Roaming. My number is RICA'd, and everything seemed peachy until this morning when I received this SMS from Vodacom (copy & paste): "Dear Valued Customer, to comply with RICA legislation please...
  16. centurionguy

    Restricted SMS

    I am trying to send the following SMS from my Vodacom number to another Vodacom number #809# but it won't deliver. #test# works OK but it seems that any digits between hashtags is being restricted. Does anyone know why?
  17. owopeachy

    Vodacom number not receiving SMS

    On the 28th of may, my boss' SIM card just stopped receiving SMS messages. We've tried all the things you'd, expect, changing the SMS centre numbers, didn't help, We did a SIM swap to a new Vodacom sim, didn't help, and we tried other sim cards in his phone, and it receives SMS just fine, and...
  18. B

    Vodacom - setting up voicemail from abroad, or receiving SMS online (no roaming)

    So I am in a country on the (African) continent where there's no roaming on my Vodacom prepaid number. As luck would have it, my "normal" cell phone screen replacement went wrong just before i left the country, so I am forced to use a spare/replacement phone. This means, of course, that I...
  19. L

    Weird upgrade SMS received from MTN

    Hey guys, have any of you received any upgrade SMS's from MTN today? I received the following SMS's today on both my phone numbers on MTN this morning at around 9:15: "Your MTN application for an Upgrade has been approved and upgraded." "Y'ello, your payment details have been updated as...
  20. Kevin Lancaster

    You should not pay for an opt-out SMS, but you are

    You should not pay for an opt-out SMS, but you are Corporates continue to charge South African consumers for opt-out SMS messages, and the main reason is that they are too stingy to foot the bill.