1. D

    MTN SMS Query

    Hi, I have an MTN contract (Anytime 750, also Yellow Genie). A few weeks ago one of the numbers I regularly SMS from SA in the UK on the Orange network stopped receiving my SMS's. The number in question in the UK can send me SMS's and also receives SMS's locally from the UK and...
  2. W

    SMS gets forwarded to stranger (VodaCom)

    I recently sent an SMS to a friend of mine who has a 084 number on VodaCom's network (He ported his number from Cell C more than a year ago). A few minutes afterward I get a call with the person asking me why I am sending them these messages... from another strange 076 number. I call VodaCom...
  3. Z

    useful perl sms script

    I've been trying to work out a way for a website of mine to send sms notifications upon certain events occurring. This means sending out about 10 - 15 sms' p/day so a bulk sms option would be out of the question. I therefore wrote a perl script which uses vodacom4me to send out the sms'. My...
  4. M

    Doctor performs amputation via sms

  5. K

    Blocking Numbers & PCM's

    some monkey is sending me PCM's everyday since friday night and giving me missed calls as well. when I phone the number some idjeet talks in a very soft noise...:confused: this is irretating and i have gone to the site to bomb their phone with 5 MMSes and 20 SMSes every day...
  6. M

    How can we send FREE SMS's on web

    What Facebook SMS free apps. work sms's in SOUTH AFRICA ? What other sites offer free sms's in SA? What about email to sms? this would be FANTASTIC again. (voda used to years back eg - u would put sms in subject box) WHAT other ways can we send free sms's on...
  7. rpm

    Is SMS replacing voicemail?

    Is SMS replacing voicemail?
  8. LazyLion

    Sending SMS to the USA? How does this work?

    do I put a number like this... +1 743 321 2256 (without spaces)? Why are they not getting my SMS?
  9. rpm

    R5992 per MB

    The high price of SMSes
  10. rpm

    Voicemail to SMS

    Voicemail to SMS
  11. rpm

    Free SMS service not so free

    Free SMS service not so free
  12. rpm

    Voicemail to SMS

    Voicemail to SMS
  13. rpm

    Fastest SMS messaging

    Fastest SMS messaging
  14. Praeses

    SMS from vodacom phone in SA to vodacom phone overseas

    Will the normal national rates apply or international sms rates? International I guess?
  15. M

    R10 000 for racist SMS,,2-7-1442_2320647,00.html