VOIP number that SMS functionality


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Nov 5, 2008
Hi All,

Quick question as my google search is not helping with local results.

I'm looking for a VOIP number that can also send/ receive SMS's.

Anyone know of any product/ company offering this?
We use 3CX in our company and we sell the solution also. We can message each of our colleagues on the app...but it is only our own people we can message. It is not SMS

As far as I know SMS from a VoIP number is not possible.
Thanks so much. Just seems like more a larger business product as opposed to single user. Thoughts?
Yeah they definitely are targeted towards businesses, developers and enterprises, but fundamentally there isn't anything that would prevent someone from using it for a single user use case. If you have a little bit of experience with scripting it's pretty easy to get everything setup.