1. G

    How do i build a VOIP app

    How do i build a VOIP app that can make local & international calls. What are the technical requirements of such an app. Been researching on webrtc/sip & programmable communication API's like Twilio & Bandwidth.
  2. S

    Blocking numbers via Telkom

    I am administering a Mitel 3300 VoIP system, which does not have a call blocking feature. Users have been receiving hoax calls and I wanted to block these calls, which are received on a Telkom PRI line. Can these hoax calls be blocked by Telkom if you give them the numbers?
  3. M

    Cannot get VOIP Handsets to Ring when Terminating on Telkom LTE

    Hi Everyone, I have a problem to get VOIP Handsets terminating on a Telkom LTE to ring on the handset. Handset can phone outgoing no problem. When I use a vodacom or rain LTE sim, everything works fine and the incoming calls ring. I have tested this on Huawei B315 (rain/ MTN / Telkom networks)...
  4. I

    Telkom SIP Trunking

    Hi I am urgently looking for assistance with Telkom Sip Trunking. We have managed to configure a Yeastar (Asterisk) PBX with the SIP Trunk and can receive inbound calls without any issues however outbound seem to stop at random intervals and we receive a SIP error calls forbidden 403. The...
  5. system32

    Telkom VoIP Business Voice Plan

    I need some advice on Telkom Business VoIP Voice Plan https://secure.telkom.co.za/today/shop/plan/voip/ There are 3 plans: 1.VoIP Voice Plan* 1 Voice Session (SIP) Zero Subscription fee 2.Unlimited VoIP Plan 5* 5 Voice Session (SIP) R1500 Subscription fee 3.Unlimited VoIP Plan 10* 10 Voice...
  6. under_sky

    VOIP recommendation

    Can anyone maybe recommend a voip provider like fresh phone that will allow me to have the number on a few phones and when one calls it will ring on all of them ? Fresh phone isn’t able to support this Ideally I would like something prepaid as this is going to be used for calls to our house...
  7. GipsyD

    Adding existing numbers to VOIP Phones and Servers?

    I'm pretty fresh to the whole VOIP scene, so bear with me The company I work for recently bought out a company that was no longer solvent. We bought out their entire office building. Now, this company used to work with VOIP Phones as their main way of communicating with customers and others on...
  8. M

    VOIP account with SIP URL

    Good day, I am looking for a VOIP provider that can accept incoming calls on a sip url. So basically I want to route calls from foreign providers to the local phone by routing over sip, not using a phone number. Effectively allowing me to route inbound calls for free from any sip trunk...
  9. RedViking

    Zoom Video Conferencing (Skype Alternative)

    Skype is not the way it used to be. We'll the 'free' one anyways. Some love it, most hate it. And I have been looking for an alternative for while now. I've tried other software like Discord, but it didn't work for me. It seems the Freelance community I am involved with (aka Filipinos) use...
  10. E

    Webafrica VOIP the worst service ever

    Been with Webafrica for a while, even before the VOIP service was with nexus. So I have a couple of VOIP phones. 1. Tickets open from 2 weeks to 2 1/2 months, no feedback. Not one response! (Apparently Internet Solutions is working on it when you call them.) 2. Their dashboard offer all kind...
  11. S

    Receiving SPAM calls from numbers associated with an ISP which is unwilling to help.

    Hi everyone, I am receiving spam calls with the same robot message, like 6-8 calls per day. These calls are from VoIP numbers, and I was able to track down the ISP responsible for the numbers associated with these calls. After requesting assistance from the ISP, I am sure they blocked my...
  12. B

    3CX Compatible SIP Trunk Provider

    Hi all, Stuck with a cable theft incident on our Telkom side, so I'm busy setting up a 3CX Hosted PBX. Got all the terminals, queues and IVRs going, but for the life of me, I can't get the trunks registered. I've got two SIP lines with WebAfrica (still waiting for their feedback on support...
  13. A

    Serious Voip questions.

    Hey people *wave I am in the market for a new way of outbound and inbound calls. Currently, I have a small Hp server with 14 desk phones connect over the ECN network going through a reseller. I am paying around R1 per min. The cabinet for all this hardware is a mess and probably now after...
  14. M

    RSAWeb vs VOX (Milnerton)

    Hello FrogFootFibre has installed the fibre infrastructure in the Milnerton area (to be up and running by the 27th of this month). I am trying t determine what the best ISP would be and want to get your opinion/experience. So far we are looking at an uncapped 100Mbps line from either RSAWeb...
  15. R

    VoIP via House Wi-Fi (Handsets)

    Okay, so I have a interesting puzzle that seemed easy to solve.... I have a property that is quite large (3 stories, multiple rooms) and I have a user that likes walking up and down thile talking on the phone... I cannot use a phone that is connected to any single base station as it will...
  16. N

    Seeking advice on Internet and VOIP

    Hi Guys So I live in an area in Benoni (The Stewards) where there are no telephone lines or fibre. I need a landline number for calls as well as to connect my fax machine (yes my line of work still requires a fax machine lol) I am currently using Vodacom Broadband Connect Wireless Lite...
  17. N

    Vodacom FTTB

    Hi Guys Is anyone here using Vodacom FTTB and what has your experience been like with pricing, performance, support etc, compared to Vox 50Mb FTTB (includes VOIP) which would you choose? thanks, Naz
  18. C

    Dial rules for Yeastar S20 PABX

    Hi Guys, Hopefully someone can help me out here. I have a client with a S20 PABX and 7 Extensions all running on Yeahlink T40P Sip phones and using a SIP provider for dialout and analoque lines for there incoming calls. I am having an isseu where they cannot dialout certian numbers like...
  19. C

    External Ringer for Yeastar S20

    Hi Guys, Hope someone can help me here. I have the following setup at a client of mine 1 x Yeastar S20 PBX 7 x Yealink Texentions configure to all ring at the same time. My problem is. With their previous Samsung Analogue PABX they had a external ringer configured inside the factory...
  20. L

    Help find - best isp reseller

    Hi, guys, I am looking for an ISP reseller with the below features: Back-End portal, With no monthly cost, Minimum Set-Up Cost, Wireless connectivity, Micro-wave connectivity, LTE connectivity, Cloud Services, Voip... please help guys i have been through the The Internet...