1. V

    Voip with a vodacom 082 number advice

    Hi I am wondering if anyone has a way to receive their 082 vodacom calls on a voip account? CellC have a service called wifi calling which does this, but I need this for a vodacom number which is on a contract, so porting is not an option at the moment. This is for a friend who is going...
  2. J

    JCJ Group Telecoms

    JCJ Group Telecoms Telecom Service Providers in Port Elizabeth Great service and advice at competitive prices www.jcjgroup.co.za 0410040322
  3. M

    Process for porting Telkom landline number to ISP VoIP

    I would like to port my Telkom landline number to Afrihost VoIP. The problem is, I am not sure what the process is, and whether I need to cancel my account with Telkom, or whether Afrihost will handle that for me. Afrihost's help pages unfortunately don't go into that much detail. Their...
  4. Itsa Trap

    Increase in unsolicited calls from VoIP

    Is it just me or have these calls now increased since the POPIA act? I am now continuously called every day, once a day from numbers identified by shouldianswer as VoIP. I don't answer them as I recently also received a Whatsapp to come get me some inheritance money. Is there no ****ing way...
  5. G

    Webafrica settings on Gigaset

    Hi. I have recently (today) gotten my VOIP service with Webafrica setup. I am trying to set up my account with my Gigaset AS690 VOIP phone. I have spent over an hour on the phone with their support for them to eventually say they can't assist me in setting up a VOIP phone unless its a Yealink...
  6. I

    Setting up my Mweb VOIP on my Grandstream HT802 Analog Phone Adapter

    Hi All, I need some help... I migrated my Telkom Phone line over to Mweb VOIP and I managed to setup everything using my SIP login info that Mweb sent me on my phone using the Grandstream app. But I recently bought the Grandstream HT802 Analog Phone adapter so that I can use my set of cordless...
  7. YellowRandolf

    VoIP provider for SA and european numbers?

    Which VoIP providers support SA as well as euro numbers? I'd like to have one VoIP provider to do it all. Transfer my SA landline as well as a few German numbers that I'm currently using on a Sipgate subscription. For now, I do not need to do a lot of outgoing calls, it's mostly to be reachable...
  8. C

    MWEB VOIP phone setup

    I had MWEB fibre installed in my Mother’s house in August. At the same time I also got the VOIP facility & ordered what was advertised on Takealot as a VOIP cordless phone ( I double-checked that the description said VOIP), an Alcatel C250. I am staying with my mom at the moment & trying to set...
  9. 8

    Port Telkom VOIP to another provider and use old analog phones

    I'm hoping someone can help with advice. We have Openserve fibre with Telkom ISP Our voice landline was essentially converted to Telkom VOIP when we got fibre. We have a Huawei Echolife HG8240H GPON Terminal It has analog phone ports where we plug our old phones into and it works fine - I think...
  10. T

    Best VoIP service provider where you can keep your Telkom landline number?

    What is the best provider where you can keep your Telkom landline number? Must include: Local and preferably international calling. Include cordless phones. Be able to have multiple phone calls at the same time. I using a fiber line. Thanks.
  11. T

    PhoneTalk VoIP Telecommunication Solutions?

    Hi, Does anyone use PhoneTalk as an alternative to Telkom's phone services? http://www.phonetalk.co.za/ If you are using them, are you happy with their services? Thanks.
  12. G

    Decommissioning copper costs some consumers...

    You can rant about Telkom and copper as much as you like, but right now copper being switched off is going to cost some consumers financially. The scenario is an over 70 living in a block of flats. Telkom is switching off copper so they're forced onto fibre but the block is not allowing...
  13. O

    Mweb fibre and VOIP problems with Ghost calls

    Hi there New to fibre - Ditched Telkom and moved to Mweb fibre and ported the landline to Mweb. Well their fibre router worked for a week, then we can connect to it but without internet connection. Installed new TP link router with good wifi signal, but now the yealink wp52 cordless VOIP phone...
  14. G

    Microsoft Phone System

    Does anyone have experience with Microsoft Phone System in South Africa that can share their knowledge? We are looking at a VoIP solution for our 3 offices (+-15 employees in each office) and it would be great if it can be incorporated with Microsoft Teams. However there is so much information...
  15. G

    How do i build a VOIP app

    How do i build a VOIP app that can make local & international calls. What are the technical requirements of such an app. Been researching on webrtc/sip & programmable communication API's like Twilio & Bandwidth.
  16. S

    Blocking numbers via Telkom

    I am administering a Mitel 3300 VoIP system, which does not have a call blocking feature. Users have been receiving hoax calls and I wanted to block these calls, which are received on a Telkom PRI line. Can these hoax calls be blocked by Telkom if you give them the numbers?
  17. M

    Cannot get VOIP Handsets to Ring when Terminating on Telkom LTE

    Hi Everyone, I have a problem to get VOIP Handsets terminating on a Telkom LTE to ring on the handset. Handset can phone outgoing no problem. When I use a vodacom or rain LTE sim, everything works fine and the incoming calls ring. I have tested this on Huawei B315 (rain/ MTN / Telkom networks)...
  18. I

    Telkom SIP Trunking

    Hi I am urgently looking for assistance with Telkom Sip Trunking. We have managed to configure a Yeastar (Asterisk) PBX with the SIP Trunk and can receive inbound calls without any issues however outbound seem to stop at random intervals and we receive a SIP error calls forbidden 403. The...
  19. system32

    Telkom VoIP Business Voice Plan

    I need some advice on Telkom Business VoIP Voice Plan https://secure.telkom.co.za/today/shop/plan/voip/ There are 3 plans: 1.VoIP Voice Plan* 1 Voice Session (SIP) Zero Subscription fee 2.Unlimited VoIP Plan 5* 5 Voice Session (SIP) R1500 Subscription fee 3.Unlimited VoIP Plan 10* 10 Voice...
  20. SeaSickMama

    VOIP recommendation

    Can anyone maybe recommend a voip provider like fresh phone that will allow me to have the number on a few phones and when one calls it will ring on all of them ? Fresh phone isn’t able to support this Ideally I would like something prepaid as this is going to be used for calls to our house...