1. M

    Skype problems since around late 2016

    I first registered a Skype number in mid 2015 when I headed off to England and Ireland for 6 months. I use it for business, I have an SA number as well as a UK number. The service worked incredibly well; I seldom had a bad line or issue such as no sound. Over the last year or so I have...
  2. C

    Grandstream UCM6102 outbound problem

    Hi Guys, I have a grandstream UCM6102 installed at one of my customers. Currently it has a telkom line connected to the FXO for incoming and outgoing calls. I have defined a outbound route. I have a yeastar T49 connected to the pbx for the reception console. My problems is when dialing out a...
  3. Y

    rain lte-a b618 VOIP

    Just want to see if anybody else had issues with their rain lte-a b618 router where it doesn't have an option page to setup the voip on the router?
  4. K

    Cheapest Virtual office provider in SA

    Hi all Do you guys know of any cheap virtual office providers in SA other than The business center and Flexible workspace?
  5. P

    Comtel Vs Coold Ideas Vs Home Connect - (Comtel anyone???) Vox VOIP?

    Hi, I am looking to sign up for fiber in Three Anchor Bay, Green Point, Cape Town area which is serviced by Octotel. I have narrow my choice down to either Cool Ideas or Home Connect, and I recently looked into Comtel. Looking at 100mbps/25 uncapped, unshaped as well as add on VOIP...
  6. Half_Frog

    Samsung SPNET issues

    Hi Guys I have exhausted all of my current knowledge regarding SPNET and I hope someone here will be able to assist me. So client has 4 branches across South Africa and all the branches has Samsung OfficeServ PBX's with SPNET to enable interbranch calling. The issues I'm having is calls to...
  7. F

    How can I reduce my cellphone bill

    Hi all, I am an independent consultant and always have to call clients. Whenever possible I use watsapp calling or Skype, but in most cases I have to stick to normal calling. I am now spending between R1000-R1500 a month. I was thinking of checking out VOIP but I'm not sure if it's the ideal...
  8. I

    Moving to VOIP Home use

    Hi Guys So my house has a Telkom Telephone, which is on a closer plan, this incurs cost of line rental, then the closer plan + any calls So I have been looking at moving over to Skype. A Skype number costs $60 for the year If you bundle this with a monthly subscription you will get a...
  9. C

    Considering VOiP phones, like Fresh PHONE, what options do I have?

    https://mybroadband.co.za/news/industrynews/204390-fresh-phone-is-becoming-popular-among-residential-users.html I've read about Fresh PHONE a while ago before I had Fixed Home LTE, now that I do have the connectivity it has peaked my interest again. I currently have Neotel line, with which I'm...
  10. B

    How to make a phone call using fiber connection?

    Hi guys I still have a Telkom line, but want to get rid of it and switch to fiber. My wife sometimes uses the Telkom line to phone her mom. Is there a way to make a phone call (to landline or cell phone) using fiber? Perhaps some app or other VOIP service that can use the internet connection...
  11. L

    Report 2 hacked VoIP numbers ASAP!

    A verbally abusive scammer calling up people shouting at them telling them he's calling from Microsoft and insisting that they are using pirated windows. Says his name is John Brady, demands people to run commands in their command prompt or open his logmein link to "prove" that the windows is...
  12. C

    QoS settings on a D-Link 2750U for VOIP Priority

    Please can someone help with the QoS settings on a D-Link 2750u router for VOIP priority traffic. QoS Interface Screen Grabs: https://ibb.co/gOtvva https://ibb.co/k6sYgF https://ibb.co/bOoH8v
  13. S

    Non geographical VOIP options

    I run a small business (5 extensions), we currently have a 0861 number and it works great due to its non-geographical nature. Although we have extensive marketing material printed with our 0861 number and it would be costly to change, we would consider changing to another non geographical...
  14. N

    Switch Telecom Hosted Switchboard: Reviews?

    Hosted Switchboard: Switch Telecom vs Euphoria? I'm looking at getting on the hosted switchboard bandwagon, and I like the looks of the offering from Switch Telecom. However, I can't seem to find many reviews of the offering, or any comparisons between it and Euphoria (which appears to be...
  15. D

    Temporary VOIP Solution - Month To Month

    Hi All Want to check if anyone knows if there are any companies out there that provide a Temporary VOIP solution that would allow something like a month to month opportunity on a new number?
  16. darrylfoster

    Better VoIP Quality

    Good day. What Would I need to do to get better VoIP Quality? Just Got VoIP. On some calls it works fine, then there are a few calls where it sounds like it is dropping the call. And some calls completely just drop. What would i need to better the Quality? Equipment Used 1x DGS-1210-28...
  17. L

    Skype for Business T46G Yealink IP Phone

    Does anyone have experience with Yealink products, specifically relating to the Skype for Business Firmware? This is why... We are using Skype for Business on premises server. The Firmware license on the T46G was successfully installed. Current FW: SFB License: Active We...
  18. K

    porting Telkom number to voip providers

    Dear all, sorry if it is silly question but I need to understand what is porting for land lines and what is advantages or disadvantages like, Can I be free from telkom after porting my number? Can I be free to transfer phone number to any voip providers? what is the catch if I can still...
  19. K

    R25 DID / VOIP Numbers Where from?

    Hey recently all ISP started selling VOIP number 021*** 11*** 087**** with R25 /month Who is the company behind these numbers, I will like to cut the middle men and get from supplier to secure number.
  20. N

    VOIP + telkom lte uncapped or adsl + landline

    Hi guys From your opinion what would you guys suggest for my business, this is the second branch we opening up and the lte uncapped deal by telkom is available. At the first branch, my telkom bill is generally between R2000-R3000, including the adsl line and analogue etc. So do you guys think...