1. O

    Did anyone replace Primetel?

    Or any company offering similar capacities? There was a bit of talk at the time about user migration to another operator or a now operation being started, but I have not seen anything published since... I spent some time and money on taking Primetel into some of our markets in Africa and...
  2. S

    Vox VOIP

    Hi, has anyone successfully cancelled there vox before the 20 day 'free' trail' with no charge? I just got off the phone with them and agreed to their 20 day trail please advise...:confused:
  3. S

    skype video chat

    Hey guys, is 384 enough for online webcam chat on skype and fast enough? and whats the usage per hour? or will 4mbps 3gb be the better option? thanks
  4. S

    FNBConnect - Who is using it?

    Hi All, I recently stumbled upon the fnbconnect.co.za website. Looks like FNB is making an attempt at entering the VoIP market just as some of the other companies are trying to do. They have quite an interesting value offering, however I have found that their VoIP call costs are actually...
  5. G

    Cheapest VOIP Setup

    Hi I am obviously lacking the VOIP knowledge :o I'm looking at setting up a simple VOIP system for my wife's office... What I have: ADSL 512 currently running with Marconi router / also have netgear DG834GT 6 PCs, P2P Win XP network Looked at SIP-T28P-Executive SIP Phone TI...
  6. M

    Skype 4 Proxy configuration

    Hi there. I upgraded to skype 4 a while ago. At home using my adsl I have no problems. Now at work, I dont know how to get to the config screen to enter my proxy details. It just says signing in and never stops. I dont have option to cancel rather the option is to quit. In 3.8 i...
  7. rpm

    Converged IP telephony finally takes off

    Converged IP telephony finally takes off
  8. Rouxenator

    Do you Truphone ?

    This weekend I was blown away with Truphone. For those of you that do not know what Trubphone is, it is a SIP VoIP platform - and it really works. Currently you can get truphone on Symbian smartphones as well as on the Apple iPhone. It works with WiFi or 3G and the quality is amazing. My wife...
  9. rpm

    Overseas VoIP dialing

    Overseas VoIP dialing
  10. rpm

    Broadband revenue growth

    Broadband revenue growth
  11. rpm

    VoIP warning

    VoIP warning
  12. rpm

    Integr8 eyes telecoms market

    Integr8 eyes telecoms market
  13. rpm

    VoIP wars

    VoIP wars
  14. T

    Call Costs from TELKOM to VOIP (July 2008+)

    This is straight from Telkom's website as of yesterday. A Minimum charge of 65c applies on all calls. Thereafter calls are billed per second. I have sorted the cost per minute, first for business hours, then for after hours. A1.6.1 Automatic calls to Neotel and VANS 7am-7pm...
  15. rpm

    VoIP finally meets early expectations

    VoIP finally meets early expectations
  16. C


    I'm trying to configure my account at MySIPSwitch. Anyone got it working? I can setup my FWD account to make calls - but cannot recive calls on any account registration. Edit: just got FWD to work, but seems intermittent.
  17. rpm

    Skaap drops call

    Skaap drops call
  18. Z

    Cheap International Mobile Calls

    Hi guys. I came across this service today and it looks really neat. The product is called Rebtel. What it is is a VOIP solution for calling international for like really cheap. Cheap cheap. To call an international number from South Africa to the United States is in the region of 12 cents for...
  19. rpm


  20. I

    VOIP comparison

    Hi all I want to compare various VOIP offerings, having lost way to much down the Telkom drain! I want something that allows me to have a handheld phone, with base station that plugs into my Wireless router Mega105. I am interested in VOIPraider and the likes, not sure if they only...