1. S

    Senior Asterisk Engineer - JHB (Salary Neg - Up to 800k CTC depending on candidate)

    Minimum Requirements * Linux and Asterisk understanding is required. * The candidate must have a good understanding of the TCP/IP networking suite, and be familiar with IP routing protocols including SIP, IAX, RTP, H.323 as well as being familiar with the codecs used for encoding voice...
  2. J

    Get rid of Telkom and port my land line to a good VOIP provider over Fibre

    Morning everyone, Who is the go to provider to move my land line to now that I have Fibre. I want to kick this Telkom habit completely out the door. Not paying them for internet or ADSL now, just the line rental left to loose. JP
  3. K

    Job needed in Durban (network + VoIP engineer with 10yr XP)

    Hi guys, I'm urgently seeking employment in the Durban area. I'm a network + VoIP engineer with 10+ years overall in the IT support and telecommunications industries, both abroad and locally. I have my own reliable transport. I'd appreciate it if you could review my CV which can be viewed at...
  4. K

    Job required 10+ Years XP - ISP/Networking/IT support/Linux/Mikrotik

    I'm looking for a position in Durban. I have my own reliable transport. Type of role I'm interested in - WAN/WAN & VoIP engineer or on-site general IT support. I've previously worked at 2x ISP's (1x WISP), so I'm experienced in maintaining large networks, firewalls, servers and routers. I am...
  5. W

    Seeking qualified technician to lay cat5e lan cabling, cap & patch for voip setup

    Seeking qualified technician to lay cat5e lan cabling, cap and patch This would be a voip setup for approximately 20-35 points. Setup and job responsibility would be as follows: flylead from voip phone to surface mount. cabling from surface mount to patch panel. flyleads to switch Experience...
  6. V

    How to use a Softphone in ZA?

    I'm new to MyBroadBand's forums (as seen by this being post #4). I am trying to do research for a start up which I am involved in however I keep getting thrown in circles and the answer is always too vague. I am looking for the best solution for a local pbx and software solution for 5 users. I...
  7. L

    SIP Account for Mobile

    Does anyone use the Vox SIP account package https://www.voxtelecom.co.za/sip-accounts? I get that it's just a SIP account, but they sell it as "mobile SIP" and refer to the "Mobile SIP Client" product which isn't really a thing. After I subscribed, the service was called "VOIP - SIP Voice 1"...
  8. W

    Seeking qualified technician to lay cat5e lan cabling, cap & patch for voip setup

    Setting up a call-centre and require a qualified technician to lay cat5e lan cabling, cap & patch for voip setup. Should take a day or two to complete. Anybody looking for the opportunity and is willing to work in Woodmead, Johannesburg, please respond soonest. You can <mod: removed> private...
  9. R

    Voip and Port 80

    Hi! If I can get some help or solutions to my problem I will be over the moon! I have a FNB connect voip service with 087 number. It worked fine on the WISPSA connection at my old house, but now at my new place it does not work: The following changed: I now use Telkom ADSL line with MWeb 4Mbs...
  10. P

    Why doesn't Cell C allow WhatsApp Calls on their WhatsApp Bundle

    I don't see any reason why Cell C does not allow WhatsApp Calls on their WhatsApp bundle, anyone maybe know a food reason why?
  11. M

    FireStream - Broadband over Fibre in Sunninghill, Barbeque Downs & Waterfall Estate

    Hi all, I just wanted to make all interested parties aware that FireStream's Broadband and VoIP services are available in Sunninghill, Barbeque Downs and Waterfall Estate. We are currently cheapest Broadband providers in these areas. Feel free to contact me directly in this regard or...
  12. X

    Elastix - WebRTC or Call Center

    Hey guys. So I am running an Elastix server in VirtualBox. I can call out and to other extensions. What I am trying to achieve is the following: Functionality similar to running a campaign on the Call Center, well, just the part where two numbers are connected. What I need to be able to do is...
  13. X

    VoIP help

    Hey guys I am in dire need of a friend or mentor that is willing to help me out with VoIP setup. I am currently running an Elastix server on VirtualBox, I can make calls to other extensions but I am struggling to make outbound calls. This is not the only problem I see myself running into...
  14. abruton

    Sending faxes when on fibre?

    My client has Vodacom fibre and has ported his telephone numbers to Vodacom. Everything is working great. The only problem is that we did not plan about the dedicated fax line for the multifunctional printer. What are the options for sending faxes when on VoIP? Andre
  15. O

    Telkom to VOIP calls

    Hi guys I got my VOIP phone set up through ISPAfrika today, and I got a number from them. The number starts with 021, so it seems like a normal CPT number. Now my question: Would someone calling me from their Telkom line with a Weekender Package (that one where you can talk for free after...
  16. C

    Port Cell number to VOIP?

    Hey there I'm not sure if this has been asked before (I did search but didn't find anything - could have used the wrong keywords), but my cellphone contract is expiring and was thinking of possibly doing the following: Porting from CellC over to MTN(CellC is quite shocking - had two...
  17. M

    New Telecoms Company to use web browsers to bypass possible VoIP data tariffs.

    I just got unsolicited SPAM from a company called Greydot. I instantly removed myself from their mailing list, but the premise of their service is intriguing. Anyone here heard of them before? I searched the MyBB news archive and nothing came up. http://call.greydot.me/
  18. M

    Whatsapp Voice Calling - WiFi issues

    Hi All, Google has landed me on this forum so many times in the past with a solution to my problem, so I finally joined up and really hope somebody can help me with my current (Billion 400G) problem... (which I have googled, to no avail). I was hugely disappointed when the long awaited...
  19. F

    Elastix 3.0 and ISDN lines

    Good day, My company has been using elastix VoIP server for the last couple of years. I am busy upgrading the server to elastix 3.0 but am stuck at the trunk setups. Previous version of elastix did not require a username to be set by PEER Details but version 3.0 does? Is there a way...
  20. JacquesOmeister

    ISDN vs VOIP quality

    Hi Everybody Firstly I want to explain my PBX setup Yeastar MyPBX Standard (telephone system) - Very stable system and easy to use 4x ISDN lines (BRI) Neotel NeoBrand Fibre 10Mbps I tested (making calls) this morning and the quality of ISDN sounds much better then the VOIP(Neotel)...