VoIP via House Wi-Fi (Handsets)


Dec 3, 2014
Okay, so I have a interesting puzzle that seemed easy to solve....

I have a property that is quite large (3 stories, multiple rooms) and I have a user that likes walking up and down thile talking on the phone...

I cannot use a phone that is connected to any single base station as it will drop out due to range limitations, what I do have though is UniFi Wi-Fi with a smooth handover function.

Is there a specific handset or phone available that can connect via a pre-installed Wi-Fi to a SIP/VOIP service? It can be that the handset uses the WiFi as bridge to a router connected base station or has the SIP service installed on the handset itself....

This all without using a Cellphone with a "softphone SIP" installed... (Multiple simcardless phones is probably an option, but looking for a good old handset set-up that is easy to explain to grandparents and people who do not use cellphones)

If there is a thread out there please point me in the right way (Google did not deliver this time)....


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Mar 19, 2009
Plenty of good VOIP phones nowadays are probably up to the job, but most are 2.4GHZ for obvious reasons.

Smooth handover function between those AP's while roaming indoors poses a problem.. then there is QOS....Some handsets will be better than others, good luck finding one that runs as good as say an iphone with a "softphone SIP" installed though.

I have not bothered with a VOIP Wifi handset and doubt I will for a long time. I am still using VOIP/DECT. Range is extremely good (typical range is around 300 meters which is far better than my 5GHz and 2.4GHz Wifi network range could ever achieve). There is no reason I would ever consider switching to VOIP over wifi right now. I'm using a Fritzbox 7490 with the included Voip phone, it runs on lower frequencies than wifi (1880 MHz–1900 MHz) hence the excellent range. Not sure if this setup is available in SA but I would highly recommend it. Should be no problem for your 3 stories/multiple rooms. There is also the option of adding more DECT base stations if required.

Personally I would stay away from VOIP over wifi for at least the next few years. It just poses too much work and too many problems to get it working properly. Excellent article on the subject here:

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Aug 7, 2013
VoIP over WiFi using a client on cell phone you can file under best-effort service, especially in a large coverage area. WiFi enabled handsets are a mixed bag. They tend to range from slightly affordable & problematic to super expensive & requires validated WiFi solution and feature set (i.e. large corporate WiFi solution).

Best solution is still DECT. If you're willing to spend the money you can buy multi-cell DECT solutions that allows roaming. We've had good success with the iServ DECT products. https://www.nology.co.za/products/voip/iserv-handset-detail


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Jun 5, 2006
I've found that proper DECT portable handsets work very well through walls/around corners etc.
I had the base station on the floor of my study for ages (one end of the house) and had perfect reception in my garage (other end of the house, at least 5 interior walls between them)
Siemens A510ip .


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Nov 1, 2010
DECT systems use the same 2.4GHz frequency range as WiFi, while immunity to the noise is better, it performs better than WiFi, is relatively secure and inexpensive, so I agree with posts above.

While looking for doorbell solutions I found something like this: http://www.hosmartmall.com/c/intercom-system-black_037

It use a lower (FM frequency) and it will penetrate walls better. It can be combined with wireless outdoor doorbell unit.


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Jan 20, 2011
DECT is better for what you want as like the others say WiFi phones are not that great, and expensive by comparison. DECT uses 1.9GHz not 2.4 so penetrates better and will not interfere with your wireless. You can get range extenders for them if necessary just like with WiFi.

If you use the UniFi zero handoff for "smooth handover" stop now and switch to fast roaming instead.


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Feb 16, 2010
I suggest either the iServ from RTX where phones can roam between multiple bases. However it is expensive and can be complicated to get working properly. Firmware updates are also time consuming. Not ideal for home use.


I suggest the Yealink WP60s with DECT base and a range extender or 2. Much simpler setup, easier to maintain. You will need to test the range but it will most likely suffice.