1. R

    VoIP via House Wi-Fi (Handsets)

    Okay, so I have a interesting puzzle that seemed easy to solve.... I have a property that is quite large (3 stories, multiple rooms) and I have a user that likes walking up and down thile talking on the phone... I cannot use a phone that is connected to any single base station as it will...
  2. jes

    Cheap mobile phones coming to South Africa

    Cheap mobile phones coming to South Africa Vodacom will be launching a range of new low cost handsets in South Africa, most likely priced below R100 each
  3. jes

    Opera lists SA's top handsets

    Opera lists SA's top handsets Opera’s latest State of the Mobile Web Report gives the top South African mobile web destinations and the most popular phones used with Opera Mini
  4. U

    Prototype Handsets

    was perusing the interwebs and saw that there are some really smart prototype handsets. can we build a list of sites that have some really good ones. I have only found this so far: http://mobilementalism.com/2008/02/26/nanotech-nokia-morph-your-new-flexible-friend/ :)