1. K

    15 Users on Video Calls at the same time Best Wifi option

    Hi all, We are a school that's looking to move our online lessons (on Google Meet) from teachers working at home to the school campus. At the moment the campus is on a Telkom 10mbps line uncapped. We're looking to upgrade so that lessons will run smoothly & also would like a backup option like...
  2. B

    Wifi loses internet connection

    Anybody that maybe can advise me what can be the problem here. I have a TP-Link router connected to the CPE. At least once a day, all the devices connected to the WIFI will report "no internet connection". The signal itself remains strong though. It resolves itself during the next maybe 10...
  3. B

    Moving from telkom adsl to telkom lte

    So telkom are forcing me to move from my 20mbs uncapped adsl line to an uncapped fixed LTE service as there is a fault on line and they arent replacing copper cables for dsl. Telkoms coverage in my area doesnt appear to be great as i get slow Download and upload speeds with telkom mobile which...
  4. L

    Rain 5G router connection to a wifi router

    I recently received the 5G router from Rain. The speeds I am getting are pretty decent and I cant complain. The wifi coverage of the 5G router is however very poor when compared to my old ADSL wifi router which was a 4 year old D-Link router. I have tried contacting Rain for any assistance on...
  5. D

    Catching Wifi from 100m away

    How can I connect to an open Wifi that is approximately 100m from my apartment? My apartment is quite elevated (5th floor) and I believe to have a clear line of sight to the source router. However, I don't have physical access to the source router. I was thinking of using the TP-Link 5Ghz...
  6. G

    3 Wireless ADSL and VDSL routers for sale [bundle deal - all for R500]

    Three used ADSL/VDSL modem routers for sale. Perfect for someone looking to use them as range extenders or for an IT guy to use as test devices. If you're still on ADSL, you can use the VDSL modem router to get up to 40mbps on an ADSL line. Just the VDSL router retails for around R1000. Based...
  7. T

    2 networks with one DHCP server?

    Hi, I've been using Pihole on a small, very low powered PC to manage my DNS queries (for ad blocking) and DHCP assignment....mostly to ensure all devices that connect to my network, gets the ad blocking provided by Pihole. So, that means I turned off the DHCP service on my D-Link DIR-825 G1 (on...
  8. X

    New Network Needed JHB - Roodepoort

    I hope it's ok to ask for advice here: So I have a quote from a Carb member and am looking to validate the proposed supply and installation. We have 4 buildings in fairly close proximity to each other. The internet is supplied through Fiber at the main building located on a corner site. The...
  9. 5

    Wireless Range Issues with ISP TP-Link Router

    So I recently got fibre in my area and immediately signed with an ISP and after installation I was provided with a free router - a TP-Link Archer C20. Up until then I had been using a Zyxel AMG1302-t11c for my ADSL, which I was aware can be used for Fibre as well, however due to not having...
  10. ethan

    The most Affordable 4G LTE Mi-Fi routers for sale

    Hello fellow readers. I am looking for the cheapest Mi-Fi 4G LTE routers available for sale brand new. Please help me get them around Gauteng or online. Regards
  11. J

    How to read this figures from Telkom

    I have a mobile Wi Fi account with Telkom of 10GB and 10GB night. Just want to check my daily data usage and I cant find how to get this. I don’t understand these figures can some one explain what are they. Thank you
  12. J

    Problem with router password

    Huawei WiFi router B618s – 65d I enter the address On Statistics window asks to enter user name and password I have with me as both “admin” but it responds as “incorrect user name or password” Please help to get this correct. Thank you
  13. D

    Wifi settings help

    I recently upgraded my fibre line to 1000/100mbps. I have a Tp-link ac1750 archer c7 with gigabit wifi. My problem is I cannot seem to get anywhere near the speed through wifi. My wired connection gives me 980/97mbps but I only get around 80/90mbps on 2.4ghz and 370/100mbps on 5ghz at best...
  14. F

    Endless hassle with Vodacom re WiFi Calling/VoLTE

    Hi A couple weeks ago my account was mistakenly suspended by Vodacom due to unusual billing activity - I was racking up a larger than average bill as my wife was voting for my daughter for a pay-per-SMS competition When I called the 135 helpdesk, the agents pointed me to billing, who confirmed...
  15. K

    Rain on Vodafone R216 WiFi device - Settings?

    Hi, First of all, I have very little experience with mobile data set ups so excuse my ignorance. I am trying to set up a family friends' wifi device to use Rain's data sim. The device is an unlocked Vodafone R216 mobile wifi. It works perfectly with a vodacom sim but not with Rain sim. I...
  16. D

    Using two sims with one router

    I have a RAIN sim and CellC sim which I use for my wifi at home. I use the RAIN uncapped data from 11pm to 6pm and use the CellC data during peak times (6pm - 11pm). Is there anyway I can setup my Huawei B315s router to switch between the networks, or for my devices to switch between routers at...
  17. Bhoza

    Wifi network limited problem

    Hi the sow recently my laptop just started acting out on me .All wifi networks I connect too don't have a strong reliable signal (slow Internet surfing ) ,and at times it dose not even connect . When it dose though I always get the massage "network limited" even on my trusted network providers...
  18. GreatWmR

    Wifi extender using an Ethernet cable

    Hey guys i'm just wondering if there such a product i currently have a TP wireless wifi extender but it cuts off at random because it looses signal from my modem now i was wondering since i have one unused Ethernet cable could i plug that into something to give out the wifi signal
  19. X88Bass

    What is the best fibre service?

    I'm looking to switch to fibre hence i've been using prepaid wi-fi with a ASUS router (Model 4G-N12 Wireless-N300 LTE Modem Router). - I need a service that's affordable for unlimited online streaming and downloading. Any suggestions? - I was looking at axxess so far, anyone used their...
  20. D

    Wifi being wierd

    Hello Recently my Wi-Fi has been giving me a problem. I should have a 2mb/s connection to my house. Over the past week it seems to have dropped down to a max of 1mb/s to the speed test not even loading. The setup in the house is from the POE to the office router that is downstairs by the dish...