1. J

    Wifi UPS cables

    Hi I'm looking to buy a Wifi UPS to hopefully power 3 devices (modem & 2 wifi routers). My problem is the distance between the devices and I would probably need about 2 x 20m cables for the furthest devices. Can I purchase cabling that will fix this problem ?
  2. M

    device not detecting home router but detecting others

    Hi all I hope the tech gurus get to this one. One of the laptops at home is not detecting home wifi router but is detecting all others. The router is detected by multiple other phones and another laptop as well - so I don't think the issue is with the router. Not sure if this adds value...

    ZTEL launches airFibre in Durban

    Hi We're here to answer your questions anytime.
  4. B

    Need quote Randburg for commune network

    Hi I have a client in Randburg Gauteng. She needs someone to quote installing Cat6 Lan cables in 13 bedrooms to be used as a commune, from 200 mbps Fibre internet, 1 Wifi access point only, basic remote monitoring. Tenants will bring their own wifi routers. I am packing to move house so I can't...
  5. Superjakes

    Apple TV 4 makes me want to cry

    This has been my favourite media device for a long time, but has fallen out of favour with me recently. Firstly - my setup is as follows: I have two Tenda Nova MW3 mesh wifi beacons in the house connected to a 50Mb/s Telkom fibre line. All wifi devices have been using this, including various...
  6. D

    Vodacom Signal Strength in Gallo Manor

    Good Morning Everyone, We recently moved to Gallo Manor and one recurring issue noted by myself and the rest of my family is the weak Vodacom Signal Strength. Normal Cellphone Calls don't go through or get dropped. Whatsapp calls don't go through. Using any type of Mobile Data Connection is...
  7. K

    Best Internet Option For a Farm?

    Hey Guys, I just moved into a farm in nelspuit, from Johannesburg. I wanted to ask for some help or guidance on what’s the best option for WiFi on a farm? Really bad signal and no fibre lines, what are my options?
  8. R

    Wyze Cam Pan V1 x 2

    Item name (be very descriptive): Wyze Cam Pan V1 Age and condition: Bought it from a forum member a couple of years ago and never used it. Excellent condition. Do you include packaging: Yes Warranty: No Reason for selling: Never used it. No immigrating Price: R800 each Negotiable: Yes Location...
  9. Mzezman

    [Sale] Airties 3-pack Wifi mesh system (AC1600)

    For Sale/Trade Template Item name (be very descriptive): 1 x 3 pack Airties MESH wifi system. System is working 100% and updated to the latest firmware. Can be expanded with additional nodes if / when required but the 3 nodes cover 250m2 with no issues on both 2.4 and 5Ghz bands Age and...
  10. A

    Water meter with wifi for remote meter reading

    I've been combing the web for a wireless (ideally wifi) water meter to remotely read and measure water consumption. Nothing obviously suitable pops up in my browser, so any help/advice most appreciated. This sort of thing seems to be the right sort of idea, but can it live outdoors? Also, I...
  11. K

    Mtn zte fixed uncapped wifi with router

    I got a ZTE router and wifi package from MTN. Successfully followed specified steps. Last step says restart router after apn settings and switch on connection (@ (network type is hspa). Everytime I try to switch it on it says failure. How do I fix it???
  12. C

    MTN ZTE routers?

    I have a ZTE MF286c router, but i see on MTN's website that they show the MF286r. if i get MTN LTE sim deal will i be able to get connected with the ZTE MF286c?
  13. D

    ICASA Regulations re 5Ghz WiFi

    Hi folks, Looking to get info about which frequencies/WiFi channels are allowed by ICASA in SA for unlicensed use, ie personal WiFi. I've noticed that some WiFi-enabled devices only have a few channels available to choose in the 5Ghz spectrum (channels 36,40,44,48) whereas others also allow...
  14. K

    Hauwei Pocket WiFi router

    Item: Huawei Mobile pocket WiFi router Packaging: Sealed Warranty: None Condition: New Location: Cape Town Shipping: Your Risk and cost Collection: Sure Price: R700 Item model E5576 - 606 brand new still sealed good to use with a data sim LTE CAT4 up to 16 users and 150mbps
  15. T

    Fibre Wi-Fi Network Usage Tracker

    Hi all, I have a 50Mbps fibre package with Supersonic and it would be interesting to see my household's monthly data usage. I tried viewing the usage on Supersonic's customer portal, but it just shows a usage of 0 for the current and every previous month. (I assume this is some sort of error)...
  16. M

    VPN on router

    Some advice please. On a medium size work from home network I would like to install a VPN. Currently an (oldish) net gear wifi router is installed with 2 access points and 2 repeaters, typically 26 to 28 devices on the network during the day. Which us the best router router to use when...
  17. S

    Rental for WiFi tower?

    We are a high site for a wireless internet service provider. They have a couple of dishes on our house and give us free WiFi for my house and my office. They now want to take the dishes off the house and put up a 12m tower in an unused piece of our property. They have offered us an additional...
  18. D

    DSTV WiFi connector connects to WiFi but no internet

    Good morning everyone and thanks so long for your help. Up until a week or so ago we had ethernet connection between home network and PVR 1. But I noticed that there is no Showmax connection and no Catchup that needs to be downloaded. But, when I remove the cable from the PVR and connect to my...
  19. T

    Vumareach issues after changing ONT Wifi/WLAN details

    Hi I couldn't seem to find similar threads regarding this but I've encountered a rather odd issue after changing my WLAN details on my Vumareach ONT After changing the ONT details (from the default RG-1000... name and issued password) to my own unique name and password, everything seemed fine...
  20. G

    Missing FUSB port on motherboard

    I've just built my first PC, and have recently purchased the TP LINK Archer 3000 WIFI and Bluetooth TP LINK Archer 3000 WIFI and Bluetooth PCIe Adapter. I have an ASUS ROG STRIX H370-F Motherboard, and the Archer is connected to PCIe. The issue here is that for the Bluetooth connection on the...