1. X

    New Network Needed JHB - Roodepoort

    I hope it's ok to ask for advice here: So I have a quote from a Carb member and am looking to validate the proposed supply and installation. We have 4 buildings in fairly close proximity to each other. The internet is supplied through Fiber at the main building located on a corner site. The...
  2. 5

    Wireless Range Issues with ISP TP-Link Router

    So I recently got fibre in my area and immediately signed with an ISP and after installation I was provided with a free router - a TP-Link Archer C20. Up until then I had been using a Zyxel AMG1302-t11c for my ADSL, which I was aware can be used for Fibre as well, however due to not having...
  3. ethan

    The most Affordable 4G LTE Mi-Fi routers for sale

    Hello fellow readers. I am looking for the cheapest Mi-Fi 4G LTE routers available for sale brand new. Please help me get them around Gauteng or online. Regards
  4. J

    How to read this figures from Telkom

    I have a mobile Wi Fi account with Telkom of 10GB and 10GB night. Just want to check my daily data usage and I cant find how to get this. I don’t understand these figures can some one explain what are they. Thank you
  5. J

    Problem with router password

    Huawei WiFi router B618s – 65d I enter the address On Statistics window asks to enter user name and password I have with me as both “admin” but it responds as “incorrect user name or password” Please help to get this correct. Thank you
  6. D

    Wifi settings help

    I recently upgraded my fibre line to 1000/100mbps. I have a Tp-link ac1750 archer c7 with gigabit wifi. My problem is I cannot seem to get anywhere near the speed through wifi. My wired connection gives me 980/97mbps but I only get around 80/90mbps on 2.4ghz and 370/100mbps on 5ghz at best...
  7. F

    Endless hassle with Vodacom re WiFi Calling/VoLTE

    Hi A couple weeks ago my account was mistakenly suspended by Vodacom due to unusual billing activity - I was racking up a larger than average bill as my wife was voting for my daughter for a pay-per-SMS competition When I called the 135 helpdesk, the agents pointed me to billing, who confirmed...
  8. K

    Rain on Vodafone R216 WiFi device - Settings?

    Hi, First of all, I have very little experience with mobile data set ups so excuse my ignorance. I am trying to set up a family friends' wifi device to use Rain's data sim. The device is an unlocked Vodafone R216 mobile wifi. It works perfectly with a vodacom sim but not with Rain sim. I...
  9. D

    Using two sims with one router

    I have a RAIN sim and CellC sim which I use for my wifi at home. I use the RAIN uncapped data from 11pm to 6pm and use the CellC data during peak times (6pm - 11pm). Is there anyway I can setup my Huawei B315s router to switch between the networks, or for my devices to switch between routers at...
  10. B

    Wifi network limited problem

    Hi the sow recently my laptop just started acting out on me .All wifi networks I connect too don't have a strong reliable signal (slow Internet surfing ) ,and at times it dose not even connect . When it dose though I always get the massage "network limited" even on my trusted network providers...
  11. GreatWmR

    Wifi extender using an Ethernet cable

    Hey guys i'm just wondering if there such a product i currently have a TP wireless wifi extender but it cuts off at random because it looses signal from my modem now i was wondering since i have one unused Ethernet cable could i plug that into something to give out the wifi signal
  12. X88Bass

    What is the best fibre service?

    I'm looking to switch to fibre hence i've been using prepaid wi-fi with a ASUS router (Model 4G-N12 Wireless-N300 LTE Modem Router). - I need a service that's affordable for unlimited online streaming and downloading. Any suggestions? - I was looking at axxess so far, anyone used their...
  13. D

    Wifi being wierd

    Hello Recently my Wi-Fi has been giving me a problem. I should have a 2mb/s connection to my house. Over the past week it seems to have dropped down to a max of 1mb/s to the speed test not even loading. The setup in the house is from the POE to the office router that is downstairs by the dish...
  14. W

    Remove Second Wifi Network

    Hi Guys, I need some help please. I currently have ADSL and using the Telkom Dlink Router for Wifi. For some odd reason, I couldnt connect to the wifi due to an authentication error even though it worked well during the day. I couldnt access the configuration site and then contacted Afrihost...
  15. W

    Best WIFI setup at home

    Current wifi router packed up. Need a new decent setup. Fibre is currently being built in the area. House is fairly large +400sqm, and previous setup entailed 2 additional repeaters (with the hassles they come with), so in the market for a brand new system. Want fast and stable coverage...
  16. P

    Confused About Network Setup

    Hello, I just had hx.systems install a dish for us. They installed a mikrotik router with a tenda access point. What is confusing me is that the ethernet cable from the mikrotik router/dish is plugged into the LAN 2 port of the Tenda AP. Why is this? Shouldn't it be in the WAN port? I don't...
  17. I

    Cell C contract migration.

    Hello, Don't know how to start this, but I'm going to dive straight into my issue. I currently have a data contract with Cell C( 40gb for R302, it was R299 but due to VAT increase) where I have a LTE sim and they gave me a ZTE router and it's a 24 month contract, where I still have 13 months...
  18. D

    Linux Kali | USB Wifi dongles compatibility 2018 (monitor & packet injection)

    Hi all Could someone please advise me on a compatible Wifi USB dongle for Linux Kali? when i am saying compatible i mean with functions such as monitor mode and packet injection. I have seen a few threads on this but they are very old and none of the information can be used at present. The...
  19. S

    Technicolor TG589vn v3 VDSL Router + ZyXel Wireless Extender (MWEB branded)

    Item: Technicolor TG589vn v3 VDSL Router (Mweb FON VDSL router) + ZyXel WRE2205 Wireless Extender (MWEB branded) Age: 3 years Price: R300 for both Warranty: None Packaging: Yes, original Condition: Brand new, never used Location: Lenasia, JHB Reason: Never been used, not needed Shipping: At your...
  20. L

    My Landline

    I would like to get your opinion on the matter of these wires are telephone wires or something else Any Help Or Opinion is appreciated