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    Iphone 3GS dropping vodacom and Wifi

    Hi Guys, I can't seem to find anyone else with this issue. It all started when I updated my firmware to iOS6. What happens is that my cellular connection(vodacom, and cellular data switched off) and wifi will just randomly drops, and says No Service and I notice the wifi disconnects...
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    Help in finding the right MiFi modem

    I am looking for a MiFi modem with optional LAN input so that I can create a WiFi network from either my SIM card (not 3G dongle) or my wired Internet connect. Does such a device exist? All I'm seeing are 3G routers with Ethernet ports but not not dongle-less MiFi with optional LAN input. Thanks.
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    Restaurants/cafes with free wifi - Cape Town

    Please list any you can think of. Trying to find something outside of the usual spots. Preferably unlimited; but if there is a limit, let me know that too... It comes in useful when I have meetings or want to work away from the office. Personal experience preferred to a list you find...
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    What to know when starting WUG? legal and icasa?

    Hi there. At the moment we are preparing to create a wug in Oudtshoorn which will be called odnwug. This time it will be for real, we are already buying equipment and putting up antennas. Anybody interested with helping / being apart of this wug can contact me. Will other wuggers from...
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    Wifi cards in tablets?

    Hi Has anyone opened a tablet yet? I'm curious as to what type of radio card they have as well as if its built onto the board or can one actually put in a different radio card if you wanted to. Thanks
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    Are Powerline adapters good?

    I am thinking of adding a computer upstairs in our house, but the router is downstairs. I was looking at Wifi, but I found this Powerline network system which seems cheaper and more stable These looks really good, no new wires, just plug one powerline adapter into a power plug near the...
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    Which Wi-Fi Router with Cell C R1299 24Gb Prepaid sim?

    Which affordable (<R1000) Wi-Fi router could we use in a small office environment with the Cell C 2Gb x 12 months prepaid sim. My collegue is getting good speeds with his cell c sim on his galaxy smartphone & usb modem. Could we expect the same speed with a router?
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    failed to authenticate against network

    Hi all, I'm using a Telkom ADSL 5102 router. I'm connect my PC (windows 7) perfectly. My laptop (windows vista) and Iphone connects to wifi. I can't seem to connect any blackberry or my PS3 to my wifi network. My security settings is WPA. It works fine if I remove the security settings. I...
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    Donkeys get Wi-Fi

    Donkey-enabled Wi-Fi now a reality An Israeli tourist spots gets Wi-Fi thanks to donkeys
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    Wi-Fi could be used during emergencies if mobile phones fail

    Wi-Fi could save your life Emergency responders could use Wi-Fi to create a communication channel in a time of emergency
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    Limited offer. Free local shipping. Buy today have in 2-5 days. Android 4 mini pc.

    Running a special for these units for this week only. http://www.bidorbuy.co.za/item/70303365/Android_4_0_mini_pc_on_a_stick_SIMILIAR_TO_THE_MK802_LOCAL_STOCK_FREE_DELIVERY.html
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    Whatsapp in a far away land...

    I am going to the far east and want to keep my current Whatsapp account. Will it work if I use it over wifi? Any tips/tricks to make this work without cellular data (only wifi)? thx
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    Wi-fi providers

    Hi Everyone I am looking for the best yet affordable routers for my business,I want to provide customers with free wifi the macdonald and nandos style,who can you recommend to provide me with this
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    Wi-fi providers

    Hi everyone I have few question about wi-fi,who is the best provider in South Africa? Can I share it with my friend across the street? Have router placed in the middle of the street? pls help.
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    New iPad slow copying over WiFi

    Hi I am getting so frustrated with these slow speeds over wifi. I am using file browser app to copy a file off my pc. The speed of the wifi connection maxes out at 900KB/s . Does this seem right to you? I have a netgear dgn2200mv2 router (Telkom) edition. I've disabled WMM and QoS...
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    MacBook wifi hotspot

    I have been creating a wifi hotspot using my iBurst connection and sharing the connection via my MacBook using Airport but now all of asudden it won't work, laptop shares the connection but then the wifi wont connect on my iphone (just turns around the whole time) Tried forgetting the wifi...
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    Running 3G trough duoplus router- Struggling to get the router to provide Internet

    I once was a very luvable person running an 1mbs DSL Line with T(h)elkom, then I moved and realized that Telkom doesnt provide ASDL lines in the new area I moved to . Thus I had to get a wonderful:sick: new 3G MTN Uncapped lite - now I'm groggy. The big question - Will I be able to use the old...
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    Home Wireless ADSL Network - 6 devices

    My wired adsl router broke 2 nights ago, and I desperately need to get my internet back. I was planning on buying a wireless router anyway, but now it's being forced on me today, so I need advice. The router will be wired to the main pc and won't be moved from there. I will then want to connect...
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    Megasurf Network status

    The megasurf network status is not correct. Apparently most of the Drakensberg area is down, but all sites are reported as up?
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    Query: Use Adsl Modem As a Router - Help

    I have an adsl modem cum router which has 4 lan ports and 1 wifi Here's what I would like to do: Cancel ADSL broadband and take cable broadband. The cable broadband comes with as a ready-to-use lan cable. I would like to know if I can insert this lan cable in one of the four ports of...