1. F

    USB Wifi Adapter (Kali Linux)

    Hi there Has anyone got an idea of where I can get a USB Wifi adapter that works well with Kali Linux, it needs to support monitoring and packet injection. I have tried looking for the Alfa AWUS036NHA but no luck. If anyone has any guidance on this I would appreciate it. from JHB...
  2. K

    Cisco WIFI with external antennae

    Hi enlightened ones. I am busy planning a big office/warehouse/manufacturing move, for Augusy and I have now reached the technical WIFI side. All of our infrastructure is Cisco world wide, and I have to use 2702 AP's. I have been toying with idea to use the 2702e units, and attach...
  3. N

    Wi-Fi Alliance announces WPA3 security protocol

    Wi-Fi Alliance introduces enhancements and new features for Wi-Fi Protected Access, the essential family of Wi-Fi CERTIFIED security technologies for more than a decade. Wi-Fi Alliance is launching configuration, authentication, and encryption enhancements across its portfolio to ensure Wi-Fi...
  4. K

    WiFi Still not installed after weeks

    I've been waiting for weeks now for my WiFi to be installed. It's now December, New COD out and I want to play Online.
  5. F

    How fast is your house's Wi-Fi?

    I have a cheapo Trendnet 150Mb/s router at home with 4 phones, 2 tablets and a laptop connecting wirelessly to it. 2 desktops are connected via ethernet. The router's Wi-Fi coverage is bad, but that isn't my main problem. My main problem is the speed at which files copy between my laptop, a...
  6. RedViking

    Backup Android Device to PC via USB

    I have tried. I have failed. Many many times. What is the easiest way to backup all information or selected folders on a non-rooted Android Device to a PC via USB (MTP). This has always been an issue for me with Android. If possible I do not wan't to buy any software. Wifi is too damn slow to...
  7. O

    Curious WIFI SSID issue (not urgent but puzzling...)

    I have a strange query related to my WIFI Setup at home. Firstly, the disclaimer to cover my own behind : my WIFI is managed by my ISP and as such I don't have admin rights or control over my router or WIFI configuration at all. Now, on the the observation. I have many devices from...
  8. Y

    Could you help me understand Fibre sharing via wifi routers/networks?

    Hello! I apologise in advance for my potato networking skills. I am running a Huawei 315B LTE router at the moment, but the data cap is a killer, so I would like to see if I can share fibre with my neighbour. He has a wifi connection already running off his fibre connection which I can...
  9. Newsfeed

    What networks in South Africa are doing about Wi-Fi KRACKs

    What networks in South Africa are doing about Wi-Fi KRACKs South Africa’s mobile networks are working with device manufacturers to patch a vulnerability in the WPA2 standard.
  10. A

    Using 2nd router as a wifi extender

    I recently got a DLink router when I upgraded to fibre. I would like to use my Netgear router (model DGN2200) as a wifi repeater. I have wired a network cable from the DLink to the Netgear and can see the Netgear router from my cell phone, but am unable to connect to the internet. I changed the...
  11. K

    Alternatives to AlwaysOn

    Are there any local wifi alternatives to AlwaysOn? I often find that the connection is either very slow or I cannot connect in coffee shops, airports and malls. The other problem is that I can no longer buy a data bundle with I can use for extended periods of time. You now have 30 days...
  12. R

    Wifi Issues

    Hey all. Not too sure if I'm in the right forums... But I have a friend who has a TP-LINK W8960N router that's giving a weird problem. All other WiFi devices (Other iPhones, iPad, Smart TV, Laptops, and my Lumia 1020) can get decent WiFi signal throughout the house, but only her iPhone loses...
  13. I

    WiFi security cameras

    Hi all, not sure if this is the right forum, but i am not sure where to put this. I am keen to set up WiFi cameras around my house. I would like if they would meet the following use-cases. They should be fully WiFi, no cabling other than power. I would prefer no specific DVR box, would rather...
  14. T

    Mobile Connection for Streaming

    Good Day all Firstly, I'd like to apologize if what I am about to ask has already been asked. I looked around and didn't find any answers:cry: hence I am asking. I came across a lot of live events being streamed on Facebook, youtube etc. and would like to get some advice as to which...
  15. A

    TP-Link W8968-V4 Poor WiFi for streaming video only (file transfer fine)

    Hi guys, I have a TP-Link W8968-V4, and I'm having trouble streaming video over WiFi. When streaming using Plex or AirVideo (iPhone), the video loading is extremely slow and 90% of the time drops after a few seconds. It seems to only be with streaming video, as copying files over WiFi hits...
  16. E

    Fiber Wi-Fi vs Copper Cable

    Hi, So I'm trying to make a decision on internet based on Ping for MMO gaming. I currently have a 8Mb/s copper line and getting a ping around 200ms on a good day and 300ms on a bad day. My landlord offered to give me access to use his Fiber via WiFi, I'll have to boost it with a...
  17. D

    31 Days WITHOUT a Telkom WiFi Or Landline on a BUSINESS ACCOUNT (My Story)

    31 Days WITHOUT Telkom WiFi Or a Landline connection on a BUSINESS ACCOUNT (My Story) Hey, I would like to complain about TELKOM'S atrocious CUSTOMER SERVICE! The internet (ADSL line) & Landline went off on Mothers Day (14 of May 2017). Today, its been exactly 31 days off - no Internet or...
  18. K

    Telkom ADSL cap

    So my stepmother has control of our telkom account, it is capped. I'm not supposed to use the wifi as it is capped but I got the password so I can use it for uni. Last month we went over our cap and she thought someone nearby was hacking our router. I am trying to find out how to see how much...
  19. T

    Issues connecting Asus RT-AC53 to Cisco fibre switch

    Hi, I had fibre installed and the provider installed a Cisco switch. I have to install my own router for wifi access. I bought a Asus RT-AC53 but getting stuck with installing it. The provider is Seacom. Has anyone had to connect a router to a Cisco switch before? Thanks
  20. S

    Obtaining IP Address...

    I have a small issue with my phone... I can't connect to my work wifi via my Samsung Grand Neo Plus... It just says obtaining IP Address and then says failed to connect... the connection is strong and every other device works well. Connects well to Vast and Always on and home wifi... I have...