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    31 Days WITHOUT a Telkom WiFi Or Landline on a BUSINESS ACCOUNT (My Story)

    31 Days WITHOUT Telkom WiFi Or a Landline connection on a BUSINESS ACCOUNT (My Story) Hey, I would like to complain about TELKOM'S atrocious CUSTOMER SERVICE! The internet (ADSL line) & Landline went off on Mothers Day (14 of May 2017). Today, its been exactly 31 days off - no Internet or...
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    Telkom ADSL cap

    So my stepmother has control of our telkom account, it is capped. I'm not supposed to use the wifi as it is capped but I got the password so I can use it for uni. Last month we went over our cap and she thought someone nearby was hacking our router. I am trying to find out how to see how much...
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    Issues connecting Asus RT-AC53 to Cisco fibre switch

    Hi, I had fibre installed and the provider installed a Cisco switch. I have to install my own router for wifi access. I bought a Asus RT-AC53 but getting stuck with installing it. The provider is Seacom. Has anyone had to connect a router to a Cisco switch before? Thanks
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    Obtaining IP Address...

    I have a small issue with my phone... I can't connect to my work wifi via my Samsung Grand Neo Plus... It just says obtaining IP Address and then says failed to connect... the connection is strong and every other device works well. Connects well to Vast and Always on and home wifi... I have...
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    Can't find fast internet

    Hi all, Don't know if anyone can help us but I have a small web development and SEO business that is growing quickly! We have limped along for the last year on ADSL but we need some serious speed now. Mweb says there's no fibre ready for us. Also no WIFI. Sonic came to assess our...
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    Need Wifi Upstairs

    Hi Guys, I have my modem downstairs in my house but the signal is very weak when I get to my bedroom upstairs. I was going to go with a normal range extender but apparently they just boost the weak signal further. Also the Ethernet over power line options seem to be quite expensive and...
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    Wifi authentication secondary device telkom freeme 1 connect service

    Hi I have a tablet with a Telkom FreeMe 5GB bundle and 10GB Wifi None of the online guides van get me to use the 10GB on my laptop instead of the tablet. How do I set it up on the laptop?
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    Wireless on R304 Stellenbosch

    Hi All Anyone any input as to connectivity type(s) and costs available for a farm outside Stellenbosch? I believe there are no ADSL available, and was looking into Wireless. Mobile data signal is very weak and very expensive. This seems costly, but would I be able to source my own...
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    Afrihost, ISPAfrika Static IP Address Bad combo

    hi FYI If you take out a line with ISP Afrika and Data from Afrihost with option of wifi phone this combo cant work ISP Afrika requires a static IP adress and Afrhost does not provide static address on non business lines Any solutions from other ISPs confirmed with Legotlo and...
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    MXQ Pro 4K Android TV box + Kodi 16 pre-installed - is this a good deal at R799 ?

    Groupon have the MXQ Pro 4K android TV box + Kodi 16 pre-installed - is this a good deal at R799, or is something better available for cheaper elsewhere ? Has anybody used this particular device, or would you recommend something else ? (I already use a Chromecast 1, and an old pc running...
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    AlwaysOn... More like AlwaysExpensive

    What the heck is up with AlwaysOn prices? Why so expensive? I wouldn't mind buying wifi but c'mon. Those prices are damn steep.
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    Need help flashing Telkom software onto mobile modem

    Hi guys. I have a VodafoneMobileWifi-ADC8C7 mobile modem which obviously used to serve Vodacom. But, I had it "unlocked" at a Vodacom shop in order to use a Telkom SIM but the UI is still that of Vodacom. Is there a way I can ghange the user interface to that of Telkom? Then I can view my...
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    How does AlwaysOn do it?

    Hi guys, I want to start understanding how AlwaysOn manages connections and how it all really works. I am curious to know how they manage the routers and authentication. Does anyone understand the technical aspect of how AlwaysOn functions? Any ideas or feedback would be...
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    Zyxel Router + Range extender

    Hi, I'm using 2 Zyxel routers, one connecting to the wallsocket and the other on the other side of the house connecting via lan cable. The problem: (there's no wifi signal problems with both routers) The problem comes when all works fine, and suddenly no device can connect to the access...
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    Help me block access to certain sites / apps at different locations

    Hi all, I'm very much a networking beginner. :) I managed to bumble my way through setting up a wireless network on a game farm where internet is access through Vox Yahclick at the main lodge and distributed to two guest cottages (approx 300m away) using the following: Main lodge -...
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    Telkom Huawei B315s LTE Router with Telkom's Smart Braodband Uncapped Wireless ....

    Hi, My router isn't doing anything other than showing the power light. I've tried to access it to reset - both through LAN cable and WiFi but didn't manage. I'm told that the router has broken. I've only had it appr. 8 months. :mad: Has anyone experienced this? What did you do / what do I...
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    Can PACE Router be used for wifi without a fixed line

    Hi Guys. I recently moved from Durban to Benoni. Theres no Telkom infrastructure here and I need internet. I have a Pace router 921VNX that has a port for a dongle. I was thinking of getting data on the dongle then plugging it to the router. Is it possible to plug in a dongle and use...
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    From ADSL to Wireless (what to do?)

    Hi Guys. I moved last week from Durban to Benoni. There is no Telkom infrastructure here which forces me to go wireless. In Durban I had the Voice package, ADSL Data 10gig package and fax. I need all these here as well. I have the Pace 921NVX router but it doesnt take a sim card. Is...
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    Does anyone else have any experience with UTorrent and excessive wifi usage?
  20. K

    Gaming Latency / Ping for PC: Wifi vs LTE vs LTE-A

    Hi all, Witch of these connections will give the lowest latency. I was offered a 2meg Wifi connection to my complex. (No adsl cables in the area) The tower is very close. Like almost 500m. They come and install a dish. They claim a 15ms ping witch is hard to believe. Im not worried about...