Mobile data contract not being used- any ideas?


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Jan 26, 2016
I need some advice-

I signed a 90gb data contract with vodacom (60GB daytime and 30GB night) I signed the contract before COVID.

Have it for quite a few months now, have a ob that is client basd so the data was needed.

Now I am working from home- the data is not being used. I cannot cancel and I still have over a year remaining on the contract.

My home internet internet connection is cancellable. but 60GB daytime is not enough for the month.

I would like advice on the following:

1) How best can I solve this problem? I curerntly use satellite internet (There is no ADSL available where I stay, Fibre is available but I am not connected)

2) If i am to consider using it as my home connection, Is it possible to use a simcard over a wifi connection (do you need a special router for this or can a general router work)?