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  • Hey dude. I'm really struggling here. I'm not sure what happened with that application but I cannot find the Telkom 4g network. I see in the application their is no setting for band 2300? Has this maybe overwritten my bands and excluded band 2300 from my router? I can find every network beside Telkom 4g. And this problem started as soon as I rebooted so have a feeling it's the application
    I replied with the post where Cell C said it's fixed. You'll see just a couple of posts up where they posted that sticky message in the no data thread and then a couple of days later they said it was fixed.
    Sheesh sajunky, it looks like the poll has closed and that you won. I really can't take that tablet. You deserve it since you were truly the person that helped out the most during the time that was specified.
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