1. Jan

    Smartphone Wi-Fi probes expose sensitive data - research

    Research shows the data your phone's Wi-Fi scanning exposes A recent experiment by researchers from the University of Hamburg has shown how smartphone Wi-Fi probing exposes sensitive information that attackers could use to steal sensitive data or comprise a device. Wi-Fi probing is a standard...
  2. Jan

    WAPA encourages government to release 1,200GHz of WiFi 6E spectrum

    Wi-Fi 6E useless in South Africa without more spectrum The Wireless Access Providers Association has called on the South African government to exempt 1,200MHz of radio frequency spectrum from licencing to improve Wi-Fi networks in South Africa. Wapa and the Dynamic Spectrum Alliance...
  3. A

    TP-Link Deco M3W AC1200 Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi Add-On Unit

    Item: Deco M3W AC1200 Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi Add-On Unit Age: 1-2 years Condition: Good (as new) Price: R 750 each (3 available) Payment Method Accepted: Cleared EFT / Cash / eBucks / PayPal Warranty: N/A Packaging: Box with all original packaging Location: Johannesburg/Randburg - Gauteng Reason...
  4. Jan

    We tested Wi-Fi interference and the results were pretty interesting

    Wi-Fi signal interference test — simple trick to speed up your connection It doesn't take much interference to degrade the performance of a Wi-Fi network severely, a MyBroadband test has shown. Using two home Wi-Fi routers placed right next to one another, we tested the impact on network...
  5. Jan

    Wi-Fi 5 and Wi-Fi 6 tested

    We tested Wi-Fi 5 and Wi-Fi 6 to see if there is a big difference MyBroadband tested Wi-Fi 5 and Wi-Fi 6 on a Wi-Fi 6 network with a typical home setup and did not find a significant difference in speed. Wi-Fi 6 promises faster speeds and better performance, especially when multiple devices...
  6. B

    Setting up DSL-G2562DG router as access point

    With my limited technical knowledge I tried to replace my old D-Link DSL 2750u router with the free Telkom router, D-Link DSL-G2562DG. My old DSL-2750u was being used as a wi-fi access point and also as a switch for various devices (Printer, PC, Voip base-station) in that part of the house. I...
  7. Jan

    Pwnagotchi Raspberry Pi Wi-Fi handshake grabber tested

    I built a Wi-Fi handshake grabber using a Raspberry Pi Zero — with scary results A recent experiment by MyBroadband, which ran Pwnagotchi software on a Raspberry Pi Zero, revealed that numerous businesses have vulnerable Wi-Fi networks. Pwnagotchi is a software project using reinforcement...
  8. Jan

    Cheap Wi-Fi signal booster DIY hacks tested

    The cheap way to improve your Wi-Fi performance MyBroadband tested a few low budget DIY options to improve your Wi-Fi reception, and one of the cheapest options — simply adding a reflector — produced the best results. If you want to improve the reception and range of your Wi-Fi service, you...
  9. Jan

    Netgear Orbi Pro tested

    I upgraded my home to Mesh Wi-Fi 6 — with incredible results Upgrading a home network from using two different routers to a Mesh Wi-Fi 6 system resulted in significant performance improvements and significantly better coverage. I recently replaced my old Wi-Fi system, which used two old...
  10. Jan

    MyBroadband test - Wi-fi consumes less phone battery than 3G, 4G, and 5G

    Easy way to save battery life on your smartphone There is an easy way to increase the battery life on your smartphone — switch from mobile connectivity such as 3G, 4G, or 5G — to Wi-Fi.
  11. Jan

    Speeds of six Wi-Fi routers tested

    We tested the wireless speed of popular routers — with a clear trend Real-world tests by MyBroadband showed that older routers, which are still widely used, are not good enough to support speeds of 100Mbps or higher. Fibre-to-the-home and 5G are available in large parts of South Africa...
  12. Hanno Labuschagne

    R5 a day for uncapped Wi-Fi

    R5 a day for uncapped Wi-Fi While the scarred pavements left from the early fibre rollout in South Africa’s suburbs continue to heal, many suburban residents have slipped into the bliss of lightning-fast Internet speeds and uncapped data. A middle-of-the-range uncapped fibre package has become...
  13. J

    How to position the Wi-Fi router in your house

    How to position the Wi-Fi router in your house Having a fibre, fixed-LTE, or 5G broadband package is just one part of connecting your home to fast Internet. Ideally, a wired link to your devices should be considered in cases where a highly reliable, low latency network is required.
  14. M

    What access point can I use to control data usage and bandwith

    Hi I want to provide free internet access at my business for my customers. Is there an access point device that will automatically allocate a data usage cap and control bandwith to every device that connects to the wifi?
  15. A

    Mesh Wi-Fi system recommendations

    While planning the stages of my DIY smart home build I realised that the 2 furthest points in my house (kitchen to one side (20m from router) and main bedroom to the other side (16m from router) have wifi deadspots (expected this), I added a old DGN2200 netgear router via a tp-link powerline...
  16. J

    What to expect from 6GHz Wi-Fi - Faster speeds and lower latency

    What to expect from 6GHz Wi-Fi - Faster speeds and lower latency The US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is set to vote on whether to give Wi-Fi devices unlicensed access to the 6GHz frequency band. The vote is scheduled to take place on 23 April. If the vote is passed, it will be the...
  17. J

    149Mbps Wi-Fi in the middle of Diepsloot

    149Mbps Wi-Fi in the middle of Diepsloot VAST Networks (VAST) is well-known for offering Wi-Fi access in transport hubs, malls, and office parks, but less so for the work it has done in townships. The company started its township project in 2017, with the aim to give 1.5 million Gauteng...
  18. F

    Endless hassle with Vodacom re WiFi Calling/VoLTE

    Hi A couple weeks ago my account was mistakenly suspended by Vodacom due to unusual billing activity - I was racking up a larger than average bill as my wife was voting for my daughter for a pay-per-SMS competition When I called the 135 helpdesk, the agents pointed me to billing, who confirmed...
  19. J

    The next generation of Wi-Fi will be named Wi-Fi 6

    The next generation of Wi-Fi will be named Wi-Fi 6 The Wi-Fi Alliance has announced the Wi-Fi 6 industry designation for products and networks that support the next generation of 802.11ax technology. This re-branding of Wi-Fi standards aims to make the technology easier to understand and allow...
  20. J

    One company shows how free Wi-Fi in South Africa should be done

    One company shows how free Wi-Fi in South Africa should be done Free Wi-Fi has become a marketing tool for restaurants, shopping centers, and hotels to attract customers and create a better user experience. While free Wi-Fi has value, many companies which offer such a service do it so poorly...