wifi calling

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    VoIP via House Wi-Fi (Handsets)

    Okay, so I have a interesting puzzle that seemed easy to solve.... I have a property that is quite large (3 stories, multiple rooms) and I have a user that likes walking up and down thile talking on the phone... I cannot use a phone that is connected to any single base station as it will...
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    Huawei P10

    Which network supports WiFi Calling on this device?
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    VoLTE & WiFi Calling

    Hi Folks, I've been trying to gain access to the WiFi Calling and VoLTE experience for some time now, on Vodacom. Yesterday, after enquiring with their SM team, I got a very generic response as to when we'll actually enjoy the use thereof, as most new devices come equipped with WiFi...
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    MTN and WiFi Calling

    Hi, Does anyone know or maybe a MTN representative can confirm if MTN will ever roll out Wi-Fi calling? Is there even plans for this in the pipeline?