wifi calling

  1. Tim_vb

    MTN WiFi calling on iPhone

    I got a USSD flash message from MTN saying its available but the setting isn't visible only iPhone 11. Has anyone got this to work on your iPhone with MTN?
  2. M

    CellC WiFi calling not working?

    Hello I am currently out of SA and probably won't be back before next year given the way that things are going. Myself and my wife are on CellC and have been using WiFi calling since we got here, but it seems to have stopped working around the beginning of March. I've been using my device...
  3. J

    Do any android dual LTE phones support VOWiFi on one SIM using data from the other

    There has been some discussion about using VOWiFi to avoid roaming costs when travelling abroad. There is also confirmation that using some iPhones will allow you to use the second SIM data as the "WiFi" connection...
  4. R

    VoIP via House Wi-Fi (Handsets)

    Okay, so I have a interesting puzzle that seemed easy to solve.... I have a property that is quite large (3 stories, multiple rooms) and I have a user that likes walking up and down thile talking on the phone... I cannot use a phone that is connected to any single base station as it will...
  5. O

    Huawei P10

    Which network supports WiFi Calling on this device?
  6. B

    VoLTE & WiFi Calling

    Hi Folks, I've been trying to gain access to the WiFi Calling and VoLTE experience for some time now, on Vodacom. Yesterday, after enquiring with their SM team, I got a very generic response as to when we'll actually enjoy the use thereof, as most new devices come equipped with WiFi...
  7. T

    MTN and WiFi Calling

    Hi, Does anyone know or maybe a MTN representative can confirm if MTN will ever roll out Wi-Fi calling? Is there even plans for this in the pipeline?