Seeking advice on Internet and VOIP


Jul 8, 2016
Hi Guys

So I live in an area in Benoni (The Stewards) where there are no telephone lines or fibre. I need a landline number for calls as well as to connect my fax machine (yes my line of work still requires a fax machine lol)

I am currently using Vodacom Broadband Connect Wireless Lite which includes VOIP that is plugged in directly from my router (Huawei HG659) to my normal telephone (not voip enabled just a regular phone) and into my fax machine.
I pay around R550 a month for 20GB data per month. The VOIP lines were once off of around R34 each and I now just pay for the calls i make.

This works perfectly for me but my contract expires soon and I need more data monthly. Is there a solution where I can get this cheaper or get more data for this price?