1. N

    Seeking advice on Internet and VOIP

    Hi Guys So I live in an area in Benoni (The Stewards) where there are no telephone lines or fibre. I need a landline number for calls as well as to connect my fax machine (yes my line of work still requires a fax machine lol) I am currently using Vodacom Broadband Connect Wireless Lite...
  2. B

    We actually need to fax!

    I need someone's help, please! I'm trying to sort out our ADSL cum Fax line, and I swear, something's going to get hurt if I can't get this stupid old technology to work. We have a fax machine connected to the ADSL line, and a CISCO as our router. The ADSL is working fine, and I even get a...
  3. N

    From ADSL to Wireless (what to do?)

    Hi Guys. I moved last week from Durban to Benoni. There is no Telkom infrastructure here which forces me to go wireless. In Durban I had the Voice package, ADSL Data 10gig package and fax. I need all these here as well. I have the Pace 921NVX router but it doesnt take a sim card. Is...
  4. abruton

    Sending faxes when on fibre?

    My client has Vodacom fibre and has ported his telephone numbers to Vodacom. Everything is working great. The only problem is that we did not plan about the dedicated fax line for the multifunctional printer. What are the options for sending faxes when on VoIP? Andre
  5. S

    Best Virtual Fax Service available in RSA?

    I've given up hope on Telkom ever having a stable network, blowing our fax machines through surges, and need to find alternative solutions for our faxing needs. We've already switched to VoIP for our telephone needs. I require a virtual / online / email / software based complete faxing...
  6. S

    Fax to email lookup

    Hi Everyone, Is there anyway to to a Fax to email host lookup? I have a friend who signed up for a free fax to email forwarding service - she cannot remember which company she used to setup the forwarding service or has not email receipts to track who it could be. The Faxes are not...
  7. M

    FAX ring pattern

    On a Telkom landline, what is the default ring pattern for a FAX? Single rings, double rings, triple rings? And can it be changed? Just out of interest. Thanks for any knowledge shared.
  8. K

    Faxing without a Telkom landline

    Hey guys, i wish to know if there is any Telkom wireless gear/device(s) that one can buy and setup in order to connect a traditional fax machine on it. I used faxfx.net in the following way. I would 1st convert a black and white scanned jpeg file of say an ID book to pdf using cute pdf. I would...
  9. B

    Fax to email and Vice-versa

    Hi Guys, Im starting a small business and at the moment i do not have offices and so cannot get a stable fax line in. Iv been looking at Fax to email, i see alot of companies offer this service free, that makes no sense? Is it some sort of scam? Is it really that good? I see you pay for...
  10. jes

    Lexmark Genesis S815 review (MyBroadband)

    Lexmark Genesis S815 review (MyBroadband) Lexmark's S815 Genesis is a scanner/printer/copier/fax that is being touted as the “Worlds first now-in-one printer” - we go hands on to see if it holds up to that claim
  11. D

    Service required: email to fax

    Is there any service that allows you to email a document attachment and a fax number that will then fax the attachment to the number provided (i.e. email-to-fax)? We're currently implementing an intranet system and the client requires the functionality to specify an electronic document (e.g. by...
  12. S

    Need a Fax to email solution for a medium sized company.

    Hey guys. I couldn't find a more appropriate fourm to post this in - sorry if it's not the right place. I am looking for a fax to email solution for a client of mine. Currently, some of the employees are using "free" fax to email solutions, from the various providers. Now the company is...
  13. P


    Hi, Is it possible to send a fax from a PC with the E220 Mobile Connect 3G internet? Thanks in advance.
  14. M

    fax spam from justgroup-africa.com

    We have receive hundreds of this fax (and similar) in the past:"sms car and your e-mail to xxxx and win R20000 unsubscribe @ info@justgroup-africa.com" I sent many unsubscribe e-mails to these people and they continue to fax me. Eventually out of frustration sent them this offer: I sure...
  15. mh348

    Windows XP Fax Console Error

    I have a problem with the Winsows XP builtin Fax Software. I set it up using a Duxbury external modem that was used for faxing on another PC. When Sending a Fax it dials out but after a while it pops up with an error message saying "There is no answer". I tried several different fax numbers...