1. H

    Using an LTE modem on my router

    Hey guys and gals. My router has a USB port for 3g/LTE failover. And ever since I reset the router I'm not getting any internet access. I tried fiddling around in the settings to find out why there was no internet access earlier today, only to later find out that our ISP, Telkom, has had...
  2. K

    LTE Stellenbosch

    Please Help. I need advice My daughter has started At Stellenbosch University. She lives in a Student Digs in Universiteits Oord. While she has access to 10 Gigs every month, the line speeds are so crappie ( not sure whether it’s ADSL, fibre, Lte etc.) It’s better for her to use her cellphone...
  3. Jamie McKane

    The most popular fibre and LTE packages

    The most popular fibre and LTE packages Fibre and LTE broadband services are seeing impressive growth as South Africans migrate from ADSL to newer technologies. In addition to being more affordable than equivalent ADSL products, fibre packages offer better upload speeds, no line rental fee...
  4. K

    Best router for Telkom Fixed LTE

    Hi, Does anyone have advice regarding routers compatible with the Telkom Fixed LTE network? Which is the best router you can buy that supports the telkom LTE network?
  5. D

    Does a huawei 65 router make that big difference

    So i've noticed people always talk about the 65 range huawei routers is best for telkom over 22/23 range. I know the 65 can run the 2300 frequency. My question is. Im running oldschool lte uncapped on a b618-22. Will changing to a b618-65 or b525-65 make that big of an impact that its worth...
  6. NeonNinja

    Telkom ADSL to LTE replacement???

    So I just got home. Our Internet wasn't working since the 10th of January. Called on the 12th. Sent a techie today. They were liasing with my sister. So they replaced our ADSL router (D-Link) with a Huawei B315v with obviously a sim card inside. Wtf? My sister is only coming back tonight for me...
  7. A

    Rain LTE signal problem

    Someone recommended an external antenna for rain 2500mhz TDD on b525-65a I get no bars for 2500mhz I want to se if it makes a difference in speed compared to 1800mhz
  8. F

    Was anyone able to get an esim from Vodacom for Galaxy watch?

    I recently bought a GWA2 LTE from Takealot. When I called to activate the esim the call centre told me to go to a Vodacom store. When I got to the store they said that I had to have bought the watch from them to activate it. They won't help me. I'm not sure what else to do. In the Vodacom...
  9. Q

    Solution for no ADSL & no Fibre avail at address

    Hi. I am moving to a new address the end of January. The house is in Patrys street, Blomvlei, Bellville, 7530. At my current address I have 50/50 fibre. At the new address fibre has not yet been installed, but in all the surrounding suburbs it is. So I though my closest alternative to Fibre...
  10. JRJakkals

    MTN Fixed LTE upload speed terrible

    Hi Everybody So got the MTN Fixed LTE from SuperSonic and my download speed is 18-20Mbps and Upload speed 0.80-1Mbps (terrible) I am in the Irene, Centurion area. Does anybody experience the same problem
  11. A

    Telkom SmartBroadband Bundle Usages

    I'm currently on a Telkom SmartBroadband LTE contract which means I get inclusive and a recurring data bundles for both daytime and night time usage - basically 4 bundles for the month. 1. Inclusive SmartBroadband Data 2. Included Telkom Mobile Night Surfer Data 3. Recurring LTE/LTE-A Anytime...
  12. NeonNinja

    RAIN on and off (09 December 2019)

    Usually the signal goes AWOL, a simple airplane mode on and off, sometimes twice fixes it, since 8ish that's been unable to resolve the issue, restarted several times now. Dunno if perhaps it's the load shedding? East London CBD.
  13. K

    Axxess MTN Fixed LTE Router Scheme

    I bought the 30+30 GB MTN fixed LTE through axxess R199 , SIM only which I tried using on the Huawei B315 router and it actually worked perfectly, good coverage, good speeds. After an hour it stopped working and could not connect. I logged several tickets with no response from axxess in like 5...
  14. P

    Telkom LTE through Afrihost - Dysfunctional?

    Evening peeps... I'd love some input from you guys, and to see if anyone else has the same problems. So I signed up for 2 Telkom LTE packages with hardware through Afrihost a couple months back, I was moving and also with the inevitable ADSL wipe out I figured I might as well get things done...
  15. JRJakkals

    Axxess&Afrihost New MTN Fixed LTE - Huawei b315

    Hi Everybody I see Afrihost and Axxess have a new MTN Fixed LTE deal. So I bought a MTN sim card\loaded some data and using a Huawei b315 and the internet is working. I see the MTN APN settings are different from Afrihost and Axxess MTN. My question is why cant I use my Huawei b315 even if it...
  16. S

    Telkom copper cutoff date

    Hello. I was recently contacted by Telkom regarding moving over to LTE from ADSL since there is currently no fibre in my area. Also recently, I heard from another service provider that they would be installing fibre in my area and that it would be operational by January 2020. I would prefer to...
  17. werfie

    Telkom conundrum - Advice?

    I currently have a 10mbps ADSL line through Telkom directly. I have been contacted by Rain and offered their 5G service (uncapped, unshaped @ R1000 pm). I have been looking at other option for faster speeds and given Telkom's ADSL decommissioning exercise. (I don't have Fibre available)...
  18. L

    Telkom LTE shaping Deezer streaming traffic

    I have been unable to stream music through the Deezer app and website this past week. Switching to a 128Kb/s stream did not help either. Did some testing this morning and it appears that Telkom is crippling the stream, everything else (youtube, netflix, etc) works fine, when I run a speed test...
  19. S

    Huawei B315s-936 LTE Router - R400

    Item name (be very descriptive): Huawei B315s-936 LTE Router White with 2X included internal Antennas Age and condition: Unknown age, Good condition Do you include packaging: No Warranty: None Reason for selling: Need to buy food and stuff Price: R400 Negotiable: No Location: PTA/Centurion...
  20. H

    Limit LTE data usage for airbnb guests?

    Hi there, I was wondering if someone perhaps have a solution to limit the data usage per guest for an airbnb. Unfortunately the location is quite remote, so there are no uncapped options available. I also want to completely block p2p and other services. I have a Huawei B618 but can buy an...