1. M

    LTE booster aerial \ amplifier

    Hi Does anyone know of any kit that can be purchased locally to boost Vodacom LTE reception on an 3G\LTE router that supports external antennae\aerials? These guys - have some good kit locally, but it is pricey. I'm looping for a solution ideally less than R5000...
  2. T

    Stay away from Vox LTE! Proof of horrendous service inside.

    Firstly, I should say that I really don't want to drag the dirty laundry out into the public, but Vox has given me no choice. It's been 5 weeks now of me wasting my time going back and forth with them to try and get them to deliver the service I am paying for... and still nothing. Just issue...
  3. M

    How to start reselling Internet: Telkom LTE and MTN LTE

    Hi everyone. So im looking to start a small business in the IT industry and thought that reselling internet can be an added service I offer. Just want to find out where do I start with applying for a resellers account? Can be for other networks aswell(not limited, to Telkom LTE and MTN...
  4. Savy561

    Locating telkom lte tower?

    So my father who lives on the other side of the country has telkom lte and he does not enjoy tinkering with anything that he doesn't need to. Now the current location of his router is not cutting it and I cannot for the life of me get him to move the router and do a few tests or even log into...
  5. D

    SOLIDHOPE Tech - WISP(Assumption), Fibre and LTE - Fake or Real?

    I was browsing Facebook and got this ad for wireless internet, and was like this looks like a scam. SOLIDHOPE Tech their Facebook page official website . To me their website looks done by someone just googling how to do...
  6. B

    Anyone else experiencing stupid high data usage(loss/stolen?) on Fixed LTE?

    Hi all. new here. new to Fixed LTE as well - with Afrihost (MTN) 300gb... Been an adsl user for a long time before switching over to LTE this month was running 200gb cap adsl (also with afrihost) for a few years then went up to 300gb cap a few months ago as i started streaming more (cancelled...
  7. R

    LTE modems with backup battery?

    Hey all. I hope this is in the right place. I'm desperately looking for a modem that takes a sim card and comes with a backup battery. I know the Huawei b315 has one that works really well but it's discontinued and I'm really struggling to find one. Maybe if you have any alternate suggestions...
  8. K

    LTE and Mobile Data

    I need to travel around SA and will need internet for streaming Can I get LTE (not Fixed) and if LTE is not available will the router use 3G. If so who it the best provider to use. Also what router would you recommend.
  9. B

    Horrible MTN signal in Vanderbijlpark.

    Hi all. I was just wondering if anybody has had bad experiences in the Vanderbijlpark (S.E 6/ S.E 8) area. Our fixed MTN LTE and cellphones used to get great service, however the last couple of weeks our download speeds have dropped below 1 Mbps and we have 0 cell reception. MTN just gives a...
  10. S

    What's the point of midnight data if you're gonna throttle it?

    Yeah Telkom, you make us wait until 12:00 to use cheap data. And then? It's not even very fast. I'm getting a max of 250kbps here. So glad my fibre is coming soon. #fail
  11. N

    Webafrica Anytime Data & Telkom Nightsurfer Data

    I'm on the Webafrica Telkom 40g anytime + 40g night surfer data. I been using and downloading during the night surfer period 00:00 - 07:00am with the intention of utilizing my 40g night surfer data instead of my anytime data. But the data I been using has been deducted from my 40g anytime...
  12. S

    Network quality in low income areas

    Hi I have noticed that the quality of service of Rain is better in high income areas in Durban than lower income areas. Rain's network works best in places like Ballito, Umhlanga, Durban North, Amanzimtoti etc but other areas you are only able to achieve speeds upto max 1MB p/s download and...
  13. YourKaptain

    MTN Supersonic Home Broadband LTE Top-Up Bundles

    Hi there, If anybody is with Supersonic on one of their Home Broadband LTE Products, can you kindly share the details of their Top-Up Bundles (Bundle Sizes and Pricing)? I'd like to compare their Top-Up Bundles' Sizes and Pricing to that of Afrihost's MTN Pure LTE. Thanks.
  14. B

    Cel-Fi Prime signal booster - Network change

    Hi Guys Not sure if anyone has any experince with this signal booster but is there any way of changing the network on the Cel-Fi Prime? The one i have seems to be locked to Vodacom. Ive tried the app but you cant change any settings on it. Havent found anything online as well...
  15. C


    Anyone know how to force Telkom to roam on Telkomsa-R? Reception is so poor on Telkom and only works when roaming on the Vodacom network. Problem is that you cannot select Telkomsa-R manually as it forces you back onto Telkom after a minute or so. Very frustrating! Any help would be appreciated.
  16. B

    Can I get fibre despite being a few meters out of coverage?

    So I'm being forced to move from Adsl to fibre or Lte because Telkom refuse to repair faulty dsl lines, and Telkom lte coverage in my area is poor, and I just fall out of the radius for fibre. When I say just out of the radius I mean a matter of meters, as the coverage appears to have stopped...
  17. B

    Moving from telkom adsl to telkom lte

    So telkom are forcing me to move from my 20mbs uncapped adsl line to an uncapped fixed LTE service as there is a fault on line and they arent replacing copper cables for dsl. Telkoms coverage in my area doesnt appear to be great as i get slow Download and upload speeds with telkom mobile which...
  18. G

    I need a response from rain

    Good day folks I just want to start out by saying rain used to be great -- years ago Now they are downright unusable. For the past few months I would have no internet access (with full signal) before 6pm, yet after 6pm I would have great access This caused me to be charged more than I was...
  19. ENIAC

    Cool example of Vodacom prioritizing it's own traffic (shared tower)

    So I'm pretty fortunate having a Vodacom tower really close to my house, which is never congested it seems. I'm always getting around 90mbps from Rain( LTE on B135s) and around 100-130mbps from Vodacom(Iphone7) Last night I was gaming on the rain package, and I noticed huge ping spikes whenever...
  20. hjst45

    Axxess stopping LTE orders without notice

    Hi everyone, Just a warning: Before the whole lockdown situation, I was planning to move a relative from Supersonic to Axxess for LTE. I did the order yesterday and phoned the morning to enquire whether they are still doing deliveries (should be a breeze, since we're both in Port Elizabeth)...