1. YourKaptain

    MTN Supersonic Home Broadband LTE Top-Up Bundles

    Hi there, If anybody is with Supersonic on one of their Home Broadband LTE Products, can you kindly share the details of their Top-Up Bundles (Bundle Sizes and Pricing)? I'd like to compare their Top-Up Bundles' Sizes and Pricing to that of Afrihost's MTN Pure LTE. Thanks.
  2. B

    Cel-Fi Prime signal booster - Network change

    Hi Guys Not sure if anyone has any experince with this signal booster but is there any way of changing the network on the Cel-Fi Prime? The one i have seems to be locked to Vodacom. Ive tried the app but you cant change any settings on it. Havent found anything online as well...
  3. C


    Anyone know how to force Telkom to roam on Telkomsa-R? Reception is so poor on Telkom and only works when roaming on the Vodacom network. Problem is that you cannot select Telkomsa-R manually as it forces you back onto Telkom after a minute or so. Very frustrating! Any help would be appreciated.
  4. B

    Can I get fibre despite being a few meters out of coverage?

    So I'm being forced to move from Adsl to fibre or Lte because Telkom refuse to repair faulty dsl lines, and Telkom lte coverage in my area is poor, and I just fall out of the radius for fibre. When I say just out of the radius I mean a matter of meters, as the coverage appears to have stopped...
  5. B

    Moving from telkom adsl to telkom lte

    So telkom are forcing me to move from my 20mbs uncapped adsl line to an uncapped fixed LTE service as there is a fault on line and they arent replacing copper cables for dsl. Telkoms coverage in my area doesnt appear to be great as i get slow Download and upload speeds with telkom mobile which...
  6. G

    I need a response from rain

    Good day folks I just want to start out by saying rain used to be great -- years ago Now they are downright unusable. For the past few months I would have no internet access (with full signal) before 6pm, yet after 6pm I would have great access This caused me to be charged more than I was...
  7. ENIAC

    Cool example of Vodacom prioritizing it's own traffic (shared tower)

    So I'm pretty fortunate having a Vodacom tower really close to my house, which is never congested it seems. I'm always getting around 90mbps from Rain( LTE on B135s) and around 100-130mbps from Vodacom(Iphone7) Last night I was gaming on the rain package, and I noticed huge ping spikes whenever...
  8. H

    Axxess stopping LTE orders without notice

    Hi everyone, Just a warning: Before the whole lockdown situation, I was planning to move a relative from Supersonic to Axxess for LTE. I did the order yesterday and phoned the morning to enquire whether they are still doing deliveries (should be a breeze, since we're both in Port Elizabeth)...
  9. D

    Will high gain Poynting LTE antenna solve this issue?

    Hi there. Kind of at my wits end. Being forced to work from home but our wireless LTE has become unbearable and I believe it may be due to a change in towers. Currently on 4g, our stats are as follows: RSRP: -101dBm SINR: 5dB I've managed to locate the single telkom tower nearby and i'm...
  10. PhireSide

    [SALE] Black Huawei B315-936 LTE Router [SOLD] and Poynting XPOL-0006 Antenna bundle R700

    Item name (be very descriptive): Black Huawei B315-936 LTE Router Age and condition: Approximately two years; great condition Do you include packaging: Yes Warranty: No Reason for selling: Upgraded to B618 Price: R1500 for bundle Negotiable: No Location: Port Elizabeth Shipping or collection...
  11. H

    Best MIFI router for all networks?

    I am looking for a decent MIFI router that is compatible with all LTE networks (MTN, Telkom and Rain) and has good battery life. I came across the Huawei E5885 which seems to have decent battery life compared to most others that have a battery capacity of less than 2000mAh. Any opinions or...
  12. H

    Using an LTE modem on my router

    Hey guys and gals. My router has a USB port for 3g/LTE failover. And ever since I reset the router I'm not getting any internet access. I tried fiddling around in the settings to find out why there was no internet access earlier today, only to later find out that our ISP, Telkom, has had...
  13. K

    LTE Stellenbosch

    Please Help. I need advice My daughter has started At Stellenbosch University. She lives in a Student Digs in Universiteits Oord. While she has access to 10 Gigs every month, the line speeds are so crappie ( not sure whether it’s ADSL, fibre, Lte etc.) It’s better for her to use her cellphone...
  14. Jamie McKane

    The most popular fibre and LTE packages

    The most popular fibre and LTE packages Fibre and LTE broadband services are seeing impressive growth as South Africans migrate from ADSL to newer technologies. In addition to being more affordable than equivalent ADSL products, fibre packages offer better upload speeds, no line rental fee...
  15. K

    Best router for Telkom Fixed LTE

    Hi, Does anyone have advice regarding routers compatible with the Telkom Fixed LTE network? Which is the best router you can buy that supports the telkom LTE network?
  16. D

    Does a huawei 65 router make that big difference

    So i've noticed people always talk about the 65 range huawei routers is best for telkom over 22/23 range. I know the 65 can run the 2300 frequency. My question is. Im running oldschool lte uncapped on a b618-22. Will changing to a b618-65 or b525-65 make that big of an impact that its worth...
  17. NeonNinja

    Telkom ADSL to LTE replacement???

    So I just got home. Our Internet wasn't working since the 10th of January. Called on the 12th. Sent a techie today. They were liasing with my sister. So they replaced our ADSL router (D-Link) with a Huawei B315v with obviously a sim card inside. Wtf? My sister is only coming back tonight for me...
  18. A


  19. F

    Was anyone able to get an esim from Vodacom for Galaxy watch?

    I recently bought a GWA2 LTE from Takealot. When I called to activate the esim the call centre told me to go to a Vodacom store. When I got to the store they said that I had to have bought the watch from them to activate it. They won't help me. I'm not sure what else to do. In the Vodacom...
  20. Q

    Solution for no ADSL & no Fibre avail at address

    Hi. I am moving to a new address the end of January. The house is in Patrys street, Blomvlei, Bellville, 7530. At my current address I have 50/50 fibre. At the new address fibre has not yet been installed, but in all the surrounding suburbs it is. So I though my closest alternative to Fibre...