1. L

    Telkom LTE shaping Deezer streaming traffic

    I have been unable to stream music through the Deezer app and website this past week. Switching to a 128Kb/s stream did not help either. Did some testing this morning and it appears that Telkom is crippling the stream, everything else (youtube, netflix, etc) works fine, when I run a speed test...
  2. S

    Huawei B315s-936 LTE Router - R400

    Item name (be very descriptive): Huawei B315s-936 LTE Router White with 2X included internal Antennas Age and condition: Unknown age, Good condition Do you include packaging: No Warranty: None Reason for selling: Need to buy food and stuff Price: R400 Negotiable: No Location: PTA/Centurion...
  3. H

    Limit LTE data usage for airbnb guests?

    Hi there, I was wondering if someone perhaps have a solution to limit the data usage per guest for an airbnb. Unfortunately the location is quite remote, so there are no uncapped options available. I also want to completely block p2p and other services. I have a Huawei B618 but can buy an...
  4. Jamie McKane

    Beware fake LTE resellers in South Africa

    Beware fake LTE resellers in South Africa Users on the MyBroadband forum recently discovered a local fixed-LTE provider offering "Premium Uncapped LTE" for R699 per month. The deal ostensibly includes 24-hour uncapped mobile data, although there is a fair usage policy of 1TB imposed, after...
  5. C


    Hi Guys, Anyone else experiencing slow to no conectivity for the past two days in Germiston / Lambton area
  6. G

    Can't access MWEB account and email though connection is working

    I've been having massive problems with MWEB since upgrading from ADSL to LTE. I won't go into all the complicated details behind this, but for the last few days I've been forced to use my MWEB sim card in my Telkom landline look-alike phone as I don't have a router to use. Initially it worked...
  7. R

    Rain eSIM references in website code

    So I was digging around the source code on the Rain website and came across the code for their sim checkout process. Seems they are getting ready to launch!!!!!
  8. carstensdj

    Struggling with speeds on Telkom LTE

    Hey Forumites, Firstly, if this has been covered somewhere, please feel free to point me in the right direction. There's just too many posts to read through in a work day to sift and find the answers I'm looking for. My parents moved into a new place and were struggling to get Fibre in their...
  9. No Chill

    Rain latency mysteriously increased by about ~20ms

    The download and upload speeds are the same as before and in my experience are great with no real hiccups. However, about a month ago my ping shot up by about ~20ms. In games where I used to get 30ms, I am now getting 50 and in games where I was getting 165, it has gone up to 185. I've tried...
  10. D

    Barely used Huawei B315 LTE Router

    Item: Huawei B315 LTE Router Age: 2 Weeks usage ( in the box now ) believe 3 weeks old now Price: R1000 Warranty: Yep with Game ( got the slip ) Packaging: Yep Condition: Like new! Location: George Reason: Got the LTE router with some data until my fibre was installed. So used it few weeks :)...
  11. RedViking

    Web Africa Telkom LTE (FIXED) R899 - 150GB FUP - 10Mbps Speed

    Is this a good deal? 1. I am currently paying almost R650 for ADSL (220 Telkom + 420 Axxess) for less than 4Mbps line and use about 120-150GB a month. But my line is mostly consistent for 95% of the time. 2. Will the Telkom Fixed LTE be reliable? (from your experience)I know it will also...
  12. P

    Need an LTE solution since Telkom refuses to replace stolen cables.

    Recently the copper cables were stolen from the area (reservoir hills, Durban) and Telkom says they WONT replace it at all, AND that there are NO plans for fibre in the area. So now I'm stuck at looking for an LTE solution that will allow me over 200GBs. I'm thinking about using a dual SIM...
  13. Austin.G

    Is Rain having connectivity issues this weekend? (Mobile LTE)

    My router been randomly connecting and disconnecting since Friday and cannot maintain a stable connection. Been using for several months and never had issue. Checked everything on my end and it doesn't seem the problem is with me. Anybody else experiencing this? Tried to contact support thought...
  14. Jamie McKane

    Fibre vs LTE - The option that saves you money

    Fibre vs LTE - The option that saves you money Webafrica recently launched an uncapped LTE service, offering users a wireless alternative to the uncapped offerings provided by fibre and DSL ISPs. Webafrica had already launched capped Telkom fixed-LTE packages on a month-to-month basis, but the...
  15. ethan

    The most Affordable 4G LTE Mi-Fi routers for sale

    Hello fellow readers. I am looking for the cheapest Mi-Fi 4G LTE routers available for sale brand new. Please help me get them around Gauteng or online. Regards
  16. D

    Afrihost LTE misleading

    Because my Telkom LTE was becoming slower and slower and I knew Fibre was on the way I ordered CellC LTE from Afrihost on a month to month contract. CellC LTE worked much better (speed and stability) than Telkom. After two months the Fibre became available and I signed up with CoolIdeas. I did...
  17. animehero

    Telkom FreeME 5GB - Prepaid

    Hi Guys, I'm looking for a low cost alternative to night time viewing of Netflix when Rain's peak time kicks in. I see Telkom's FreeMe bundles include zero rated data for certain services,and this starts with the 5GB bundle which has a prepaid option. Does anyone have first hand experience...
  18. WebAfrica Helper

    The Official Webafrica Telkom LTE Feedback Thread

  19. WebAfrica Helper

    The Official Webafrica Telkom LTE Feedback Thread

    Visit Webafrica:
  20. Y

    WebAfrica Transparency

    I'm quite impressed with how transparent WebAfrica is with regards to their products. I checked the availability of Fixed Wireless LTE at my dwelling and it showed that i am covered. HOWEVER, i also received a warning message stating that although i'm covered, my location is far from the Tower...