1. E

    Webafrica LTE at Home whooshing past at 50Mbps: Claim?

    Headline say: "Whoosh! Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it’s Webafrica LTE at Home whooshing past at 50Mbps!" Further in the marketing is say: "....enjoying internet speeds of up to 50Mbps" I ordered on my WebAfrica account 5 xCellC LTE simcards, 1 x Springs, 4 in Durban, all different areas...
  2. I

    Fixed LTE wireless

    Can anyone recommend the best fixed LTE wireless provider to move to? I am completely done with Afrihost and Cell C, very poor service from them. Nothing costly too as I am a student.
  3. U

    Telkom LTE Pathetic Speeds - PLEASE HELP???

    Our Telkom LTE speeds are pathetic, and I can clearly see from the Speedtest results that something is not configured correctly, our upload speeds are much faster than the download, which is definitely not correct. We have been using a Huawei B315 LTE Router, and I have also tried out the...
  4. Riccorbypro

    Vodacom Google Services outage

    Today, around 14h30 (2nd October) my phone started having weird connectivity issues to the Google Services over Vodacom's LTE. I thought it might be a temporary outage and switched over to WiFi, but it seems that it's also happening elsewhere. Having asked around, 3 other people are unable to...
  5. R

    Telkom LTE unNATable?

    Hi, Started having a strange issues with SmartDNSproxy this week on my TM LTE uncapped (R529p/m) link. Multiple resets and sometimes it works but usually not. Websites would load sometimes and other times not. Changing to Quad9 or Cloudflare or Google DNS addresses and everything except...
  6. C

    Advice on a data sim please guys

    Howsit one and all. looking for a backup data plan. i have a portable wifi router. so its a matter of a data sim that i am looking for. 5GB a month is more than i require. currently i am looking at the telkom deal for R139. 11GB per month on a 2 year contract. i have little to know issue with...
  7. Jamie McKane

    Fibre vs DSL vs LTE subscribers in South Africa

    Fibre vs DSL vs LTE subscribers in South Africa Fibre has quickly become a preferred Internet connectivity option among consumers lucky enough to have coverage in their area. Those without trenched or aerial fibre coverage are presented with a choice between fixed-LTE and ADSL, both of which...
  8. L

    Unable to see Telkom LTE network

    I have 2 different blackberry phones(PRIV, Key One , Key2), each purchased from Vodacom, which I believed were not network locked. I recently switched to Telkom Mobile and have noticed that LTE is not available to either for these phones. I am able to access LTE on every other network with...
  9. SoulSlayer24

    WebAfrica internet issues

    So I recently moved onto WebAfrica 200GB capped LTE, and for the first two weeks or so it was fantastic and there were no issues, but then moving into the third week I started experiencing what looked like packet loss at about 6pm till about 10pm. I disconnected my TV and literally everything...
  10. M

    Rain Charged Me R2454.05! ***Resolved*** Happy Client :)

    So, this just happened A few weeks ago i ordered myself the R250 off-peak unlimited data sim from Rain. Upon first registration, on their website i selected the 0 data package and then the R250 off-peak data. For the first month you get 15 days free peak data and 30 days free off-peak data...
  11. S

    Huawei B315s-936 LTE Router [SOLD]

    SOLD Item name: Huawei B315s-936 LTE Router Age and condition: 2 years old, excellent condition, See photos attached Do you include packaging: No Warranty: No Reason for selling: Upgraded, no longer needed Price: R500 Negotiable: No Location: Queenswood, Pretoria Shipping or collection...
  12. E

    Huawei 4G Router B618-22d

  13. T

    Wait before you get Rain in Rustenburg

    Poor download speeds will make want your 4mbps adsl back! Rain's network performance in Rustenburg has definitely seen a drop in speeds. My Rain mobile went from comfortable 35mbps up/down to a measly 3-4mbps down and .25-1mbps up over the last 2 weeks. Our fixed rain lte is also down with...
  14. S

    Fixed LTE - What's the speeds like, and does it work well for gaming?

    Hi all, I've been thinking of signing up with Axxess for their 200GB LTE deal. Just wanted to find out from current users who make use of Cell C LTE - what are the speeds like (upload and download) and how is the latency to Europe servers for online gaming? Is it comparable to Telkom...
  15. T

    Speeds slowing down over the last few days!

    Breakdown of speeds (down/up/ping) Received on 2 Jul 2018 - 35/30/18 7 Jul 2018 - 20/22/30 10 Jul 2018 - 11/3/43 What is happening Rain?
  16. B

    Telkom mobile LTE Carrier agrigation?

    I’m curious to know if Telkom mobile LTE sims can achieve carrier agrigation between their 1800Mhz FDD and 2300Mhz TDD LTE, and if this is the case is it possibly why Telkom LTE is so Battery heavy.
  17. S

    Telkom July Big Deal - Assistance please

    Has anybody taken them up on this offer? R599 for Uncapped LTE (Business Hours) R899 for Uncapped LTE (All Hours) I've been thinking of going with this for gaming as Fibre is taking forever to come to my area, and ADSL is capped at 4Mbps speeds which is just not on. I currently have...
  18. I

    Vodacom data being depleted

    Hi guys, -I was on a Cell C mobile LTE router for over 2 years using on my laptop to surf the net using Firefox. I had good connectivity and very reliable data usage (large chunks not going missing if I wasn't watching vids etc) -I switched to Vodacom 2 months back due to a good deal. I am...
  19. Jamie McKane

    Do you have a fixed LTE connection at home?

    Do you use fixed LTE for your home Internet connection? Which package do you have?
  20. W

    LTE Router + Antenna [sale]

    Items: 1) [-]Poynting XPol-0006 LTE Antenna with 10m cable and free (if you buy the antenna :)) 3m mast (pole and wall bracket)[/-] SOLD [-]2) Huawei B593s-601 Router[/-]SOLD Condition: Antenna in very good condition with slight discoloration. Router in excellent condition. Age: 2 years...