1. B

    Telkom mobile LTE Carrier agrigation?

    I’m curious to know if Telkom mobile LTE sims can achieve carrier agrigation between their 1800Mhz FDD and 2300Mhz TDD LTE, and if this is the case is it possibly why Telkom LTE is so Battery heavy.
  2. S

    Telkom July Big Deal - Assistance please

    Has anybody taken them up on this offer? R599 for Uncapped LTE (Business Hours) R899 for Uncapped LTE (All Hours) I've been thinking of going with this for gaming as Fibre is taking forever to come to my area, and ADSL is capped at 4Mbps speeds which is just not on. I currently have...
  3. I

    Vodacom data being depleted

    Hi guys, -I was on a Cell C mobile LTE router for over 2 years using on my laptop to surf the net using Firefox. I had good connectivity and very reliable data usage (large chunks not going missing if I wasn't watching vids etc) -I switched to Vodacom 2 months back due to a good deal. I am...
  4. Jamie McKane

    Do you have a fixed LTE connection at home?

    Do you use fixed LTE for your home Internet connection? Which package do you have?
  5. W

    LTE Router + Antenna [sale]

    Items: 1) [-]Poynting XPol-0006 LTE Antenna with 10m cable and free (if you buy the antenna :)) 3m mast (pole and wall bracket)[/-] SOLD [-]2) Huawei B593s-601 Router[/-]SOLD Condition: Antenna in very good condition with slight discoloration. Router in excellent condition. Age: 2 years...
  6. S

    Has anyone moved from LTE to Fibre?

    Has anyone moved from telkom or any other lte network to Fibre? during peak times 7pm-10pm the speed drops to around 5-10Mbps, when its not peak times the speed is around 40Mbps. If anyone has moved to fibre how much better is it? will the speed drop during peak hours? and also...
  7. G

    No LTE internet in Port Elizabeth, Bluewater Bay

    I experience now since 1 Week that Telkom dont sends LTE in PE, Bluewater Bay. Router Website is saying "No Service". Is there someone else in this area who has the same problem?
  8. Concentric

    [S] LTE Modem/Poynting antenna

    Item name (be very descriptive): HUAWEI B315s LTE Router/A-XPOL-0006-10m Poynting antenna Age and condition:2 Years. Works perfectly Do you include packaging: Yes/No Warranty: No Reason for selling: Not needed Price: R1500 Negotiable: Yes Location: Morning-side/Houghton Johannesburg...
  9. Rouxenator

    Your fastest mobile speedtest on the MyBroadband Speed Test App

    I have been following the recent MyBroadband Speed Test App competition and was wondering what the fastest speed was that has been achieved? Has anyone been able to top the one I got on Saturday morning : I was exactly 1km away from the tower using a stock Nokia 5.
  10. Pixual

    The Sad Story Of Axxess' Cell C LTE Service

    If you are looking to order anything from Axxess and you just so happen to be on their database from like years ago and your email address has changed, be warned that trying to set up a new account with them is going to put your teeth on edge. I thought I would give the Cell C LTE product they...
  11. N

    Seeking advice on Internet and VOIP

    Hi Guys So I live in an area in Benoni (The Stewards) where there are no telephone lines or fibre. I need a landline number for calls as well as to connect my fax machine (yes my line of work still requires a fax machine lol) I am currently using Vodacom Broadband Connect Wireless Lite...
  12. M

    Telkom LTE constantly changing public IP addresses

    Just got out of a very frustrating chat with Telkom over something which has cropped up today on my Uncapped LTE and wondering if there's anybody else out there with Telkom's Uncapped LTE who has noticed the same thing. So what I've noticed is that my public IP address changes every few...
  13. M

    Home Cloud Solutions - Data Usage

    Well, this is a frustrating one. Ever since I signed up with Home Cloud (almost 2 years ago) they've never offered a straightforward solution to verify how much data I have used and I have remaining for the month. They've been saying "we're working on it", and they've given me unreliable methods...
  14. N

    Vodacom Tower on Steenberg Military Road Congested

    5 Bars Signal Speedtest at A friends house
  15. P

    Need internet in Ballito

    hi guys, im new to the forum, please can someone assist me? im moving into Ballito in the next week and need internet asap, im currently using Telkom 4MB uncapped (Verulam area). but i was told that the flat that im moving inti in ballito does not have access to telkom lines, i need a...
  16. YourKaptain

    Rain Networks Down in Mpumalanga

    Hi there, Since this morning my Rain LTE Internet has been down in Witbank, with no signal or network connectivity of any kind. Scanning from my phone does not show 655 19 or 655 38... Anybody else also having the same problem? Thanks.
  17. antowan

    Telkom LTE and mail server IP not resolving

    Anybody have issues like this yesterday and today? Telkom LTE and mail server IP not resolving
  18. LOTR

    Getting Fibre installed, but not getting ISP connectivity

    Hi folks I'm using Rain LTE currently, and being an I-Burst Early.Connect client, I have a fantastic package. Early.Connect contract has now closed down and Rain has now transferred our accounts to Afrihost, but the current subs will remain the same on a month-2-month basis. Whilst they...
  19. C

    Guilty for selling my Xbox to a Noob

    Hi All I feel a bit guilty after selling my Xbox One recently. I used gumtree and after a few days got a call from a guy who was interested and wanted to come check it out the same day. We negotiated a price and he came to my place to check it out. I even plugged it in and connected a screen...
  20. F

    Doing Business in SA: A case of ISPs and their upstream compadres

    This note has been trigerred by an experience I had with my fellow citizen: Axxess DSL. Legally, I signed up for a LTE contract but practically, I have not been provided with a reliable service (see the numerous downtime notices on ISP websites and complaints on this site). I consider a...