1. P

    In desperate need of help

    I am probably about one or two days away from destroying everything around me. I live on an agricultural holding, approximately 6km away from a CELLC Fixed LTE tower, there is another about 7km away with clear line of sight. I tested Vodacom, MTN Telkom and cellc Sim cards, and CellC gave me...
  2. Nobody Important

    La Mercy (KZN) - Rain mobile LTE coverage

    Are there any people on here that live in La Mercy and make use of the RAIN LTE network? How is your experience? The coverage map shows that La Mercy does receive coverage but I want to hear real user experiences too.
  3. T

    WANTED - LTE Router

    Hi, is anyone selling their LTE Router, preferrably in Centurion.
  4. F

    Endless hassle with Vodacom re WiFi Calling/VoLTE

    Hi A couple weeks ago my account was mistakenly suspended by Vodacom due to unusual billing activity - I was racking up a larger than average bill as my wife was voting for my daughter for a pay-per-SMS competition When I called the 135 helpdesk, the agents pointed me to billing, who confirmed...
  5. YourKaptain

    Rain Fixed LTE NAT Changes

    Good day, I have a client with a Hikvision NVR, using Rain's Fixed LTE as their internet connection to the NVR. Now they have been able to successfully access their CCTV System via the internet for more than 8 Months, now since earlier this week, they are no longer able to. I checked and no...
  6. Thor

    Does the CELL C (Fixed Wireless LTE) simcards work on 2G and 3G?

    As the title says does these new FIXED LTE sim cards work on 3G?
  7. Savy561

    Using a rain sim card with telkom b618 router?

    I have just ordered a rain sim for testing and I plan to use it with the huawei b618. I remember hearing that rain uses the huawei b618-22d model and telkom uses the b618-65 model. Will this be an issue with rains lte-a bands?
  8. D

    Using two sims with one router

    I have a RAIN sim and CellC sim which I use for my wifi at home. I use the RAIN uncapped data from 11pm to 6pm and use the CellC data during peak times (6pm - 11pm). Is there anyway I can setup my Huawei B315s router to switch between the networks, or for my devices to switch between routers at...
  9. NEO123

    MTN 400GB

    Hello Would anyone approve the MTN Made for Home offer below? 180GB anytime Data / 220GB Night Express includes sh@reLink B618 All for R1499 x24 My estate currently has DSL and plans for fiber have been declined again and again. I'm currently using the wonderful Cell C network on a...
  10. Z

    Cell C lte top up more expensive than Afrihost,webafrica etc

    So I have a cell c lte contract and the top ups are ridiculous. When I was with webafrica who were through cell c the top ups were way cheaper. Why is that?
  11. S

    Connect to Telkom Mobile using built-in modem on Windows 10?

    Hi I have a laptop with a built-in HSPA modem and SIM card slot. It is running Windows 10 Pro 64 bit (v. 1803). When the SIM card is inserted, Windows is able to detect the Telkom Mobile network in the network menu that opens from the system tray. It shows "TelkomSA (HSDPA)" and...
  12. Savy561

    Telkom lte cancellation discussion

    Im looking for some suggestions on how to cancel my telkom smartbroadband wireless package without breaking the bank. I have heard that if you move out of the coverage area, they will drop the contract, has anyone does this before? Is it possible to downgrade to the lowest package resulting in...
  13. D

    Netflix + Data combo

    Hi Like the title says, what is the best Netflix and LTE data combination for R400 or less? No 24 months contracts for the data.
  14. R

    RICA headaches - WebAfrica Lte deal

    Hi guys, I'm wondering if I'm just stupid or if there's something wrong with WebAfrica's approval process for RICA documents, specifically the proof of address. They have this thing where you upload a copy of your ID and proof of address, and I've tried uploading various bank statements and...
  15. B

    Need options for Fixed LTE

    So I'm doing some research for a client to install for her a more reliable internet connection. She lives in Silver Lakes Golf Estate and someone was stupid enough to sign a contract that they can only have a Fibre line through Telkom as ISP. ek Vox Fibre has some deals too with them but I got...
  16. sammysa

    Home Cloud Solutions - Billing Issues

    Hi I just wanted to check if anyone has had billing issues with Home Cloud Solutions. I had a month-to-month package with them that was since cancelled(after a very painful process) back in September and was confirmed to have been cancelled. End of November I get an invoice from them and...
  17. 0

    Is APN a feasible Idea?

    Hi all, So I work for a small company that provides Managed Services to about approx. 40 Clients. Each client getting a Forti Firewall, AP's and a LTE Link (Either as main or Back-up) Running through Vodacom Business. We are exploring the possibilty of an APN (Shared or Public, Which ever is...
  18. T

    Telkom LTE uncapped @R899 changover (Urgent)

    Hi Guys I Trust you all are well, I would like to find out if someone would be willing to take over our LTE package. Reason: Fibre is the way :P (Finally available) The contract is about 3 months old. Should anyone be interested please send me a PM as i for obvious reason dont want to go...
  19. R

    LTE / LTE A George, Western Cape

    Good Day Everyone, I'm moving to George, Western Cape soon and the only Internet I will be able to get at the moment is LTE. Like all of us, I'm looking for stability and low latency, since I game online a lot. I will be staying in a LTE coverage area, so please advice me the best LTE ISP...
  20. S

    LTE UNcapped Ads - On Gumtree/Facebook

    Hi Has any got any experience with the companies promising uncapped LTE Wifi at only R420 per month. I googled the number and it is liked to this website (tel:0720381640) Is this a for real has anyone had experience with this company? thank you M