1. J

    Vox FTTB the saviour ?

    Hey Everyone, My suburb is way too small to drive FTTH, meaning that we'd probably get Fibre once the whole of Cape Town is completed. Yesterday, I saw an OpenServe van at our local exchange, thought to have a chat: Guy confirmed that FTTH is not available yet, however, they just finished...
  2. V

    200mb Fibre for 8 people

    Hi guys and gals, I want some insight on this. We live on a small holding, theres 3 houses with a total of 8 people. I am getting a 200mbps Premium Uncapped fibre line installed and then splitting it to all the houses. I would say 6 of the people are heavy internet users (Games, Downloads...
  3. J

    RSAWEB - Disclosure of Personal Information

    The following complaint was filed with ISPA (Internet Service Providers’ Association) against RSAWEB (PTY) LTD on 15 January 2019. This complaint refers to the violation of the following Code of Conduct, as stated by ISPA: Code of Conduct: C. Privacy and confidentiality 1. ISPA members must...
  4. F

    Zyxel VMG3625-T20A QOS Queue setup and Classification Setup tab disappear

    I want to setup QOS on my Zyxel VMG3625-T20A but when I click on QOS it loads a new page I can see all of the tabs that I need, after its done loading the 2 tabs simply disappear. I attached screenshots of this
  5. T

    HiSense TV not picking up SSID

    Hi All. I need some help with a very strange problem please. o_O In 2017 I bought a HiSense 50 inch "Smart" TV:cautious:. I brought it home, plugged it straight into my MikroTik Fibre router with network cable (because my router is right next to my TV). Everything worked great. Yesterday I...
  6. Z

    Fibre Availability

    Hey All Im looking for Fibre at a few locations around KZN. Is there anyone here that can assist. Thank you
  7. Nivea

    Initio Networx?

    Hey guys, Initio Networx is about to begin laying fibre in my area, this was confirmed via email from the CEO to myself when I emailed them asking the legitimacy. Our area is South Crest, has anyone heard of this ISP before? Good or bad?
  8. M

    Who and how to get Telkom/Openserve to bring Fibre in your Estate.

    Hi Guys, Is there someone who was involved in getting Telkom/Openserve to bring Fibre in their Estate/Complex and can you advise how you did it, Who you contacted and what is expected from you. Would really appreciate your feedback.
  9. W

    Vodacom Fibre

    Hi guys, I have been trying since last week to get my Vodacom Fibre speed back to the 50mbps that I have subscribed for. When I test on the M-Lab Speedtest I get 0.6mbps, on My Broadband Speedtest I get 20mbps. Still not getting 50mbps on either site. Video Streaming is out of the question. I...
  10. S

    Cool Ideas / Openserve Fibre - Poor Upload Speeds on TP-Link Archer C20 V4

    Hi guys I signed up for a 100mbps up / 50mbps down fibre line on the Openserve network in November. The line was installed quickly, and was very fast initially on both upload and download speeds. It was averaging 75-93mbps down, and 40-50mbps up. However, over the last few weeks, I noticed...
  11. cavedog

    MTN SuperSonic Feedback

    So Openserve went live on 24 December 2018. I placed my order with SuperSonic on 25 December 2018. SuperSonic called me on 27 December 2018 to confirm my order and Tell me I don't have coverage :rolleyes: so when I told him check Openserve website coverage confirmed and account created and moved...
  12. H

    The gamer's long wait for Fibre - A rollout road map would be appreciated.

    Waiting for fibre to be available in my area is painfully annoying. Even more annoying is wondering if it will even ever reach me. As a gamer, I need a good upload and download speed on a stable line. I already have the telkom 4 mbps uncapped ( they say they cant offer me anything higher in my...
  13. cobusv

    Fibre Rollout - Ifafi - Hartbeespoort

    Driving in Hartbeespoort yesterday i couldn't help but notice all the dug up pavements and boxes on peoples walls. Anyone know who is rolling out fibre in the area here?
  14. L

    Fibre ISP for Umdloti

    Morning Folks, I am moving to Umdloti and need to find a fibre ISP. Have been recommended to go to Wavelengths but know nothing about them. Any suggestions? Thank you Linda
  15. R

    Switching from Telkom (Openserve) to Cool Ideas (Openserve)

    Good Afternoon All, Hoping someone can help me out. I need to switch an Openserve (and Telkom ISP account) to Openserve Cool Ideas. Currently have a 20/20 and would like to also increase the speed to 100/50. I have read a lot of comments regarding Telkom being a nightmare when it comes to...
  16. Pewee

    Gordon’s Bay Fibre/ADSL?

    I have a budget of R600 p/m. I’m looking for either fibre or adsl packages, preferably uncapped with a minimum line speed of 4mbps. Any recommendations, please? I’m situated in Seascape Mews, Admirals Park, Gordon’s Bay. Thank you.
  17. S

    Fraud or Farce? - Axxcess Fibre "Cancellation Fees"

    As a 10+ year customer of Axxess, it was with some regret that I pushed (clicked actually) the button to terminate my relationship with them after a series of unpleasant interactions. The real stinger was an immediate R950 cancellation fee deducted from my credit card - the amount was wrong, it...
  18. X88Bass

    What is the best fibre service?

    I'm looking to switch to fibre hence i've been using prepaid wi-fi with a ASUS router (Model 4G-N12 Wireless-N300 LTE Modem Router). - I need a service that's affordable for unlimited online streaming and downloading. Any suggestions? - I was looking at axxess so far, anyone used their...
  19. F

    Easy Web ISP good for Fibre? Considering 24 month contract for freebies

    Hi there, New to these forums but looking for help regarding anyone who might have experience with Easy Web as an ISP. Am getting fibre for my mom and her household. They have been on Telkom ADSL for a while, and keep getting throttled heavily after exceeding 450Gig soft cap (10mbps line)...
  20. Jamie McKane

    100Mbps uncapped fibre - How prices have fallen since 2014

    100Mbps uncapped fibre - How prices have fallen since 2014 It was just over four years ago when Vumatel started digging up ground in Parkhurst and working on its core network. Once of the first ISPs to start offering services on Vumatel's network was Cool Ideas, regarded as the best fibre ISP...