1. N

    Capped Vs Uncapped Fibre

    Hi, I would like to know if in fact the Capped options in UNTHROTTLED and UnCapped is Throttled? Looking to get capped unshaped/unthrottled is that the case with the Capped options? Vodacom has a 100/100 500gb CAPPED option for like just of 1k. The issues that I see is once you select an...
  2. Jamie McKane

    Fibre is killing ADSL

    Fibre is killing ADSL Point Topic released its latest World Fixed Broadband Statistics report which shows that the number of fibre connections are growing while copper-based services are declining. The report showed that the number of copper lines globally fell by 8% over the last year, while...
  3. AcceleritZa

    Accelerit Business Fibre- Bloemfontein

    Hello Friends, We are excited to announce we now offer business broadband fibre services in Bloemfontein at IS data-center!! We are looking for ISP / Resellers / Integrators to offer our broadband services to their clients as an alternative and competitive product to the dull and old...
  4. V

    need some help choosing a fibre provider

    We recently had Blitz Fibre install infrastructure at our complex, now I'm sitting with a choice of 14 providers. Can anyone provide any feedback on the providers below? Accelerit fibre Afrihost Imagine Easyweb Axxess Packetsky Nepic Business services Skyfi Rocketnet Coolideas MyIweb...
  5. Savy561

    Vumatel raycore cpe lights question?

    Quick question here, I have vumatel trenched and the cpe lan light will sometimes alternate between orange and green with reboots, is this normal? I did have an accout issue with my isp but that was resolved and I am currently not having any issues so I guess it is just curiosity at this point...
  6. powermzii

    Mesh vs Dedicated APs

    We are finally getting Fibre in the complex in the next few months and am trying to plan out a small home network. House is a double story flat with bedrooms upstairs and living areas downstairs with combined floorspace of about 190sqm Currently I have Telkom LTE-A running off a Huawei B618...
  7. Nimz

    ISP - 2 concurrent connections - Fibre

    As per the title, are there any ISP's that offer 2 concurrent connections on Fibre (for data)? I have my office(40Mbps) and home(100Mbps) which both have Fibre on Openserve infrastructure Basically looking at getting 1 x 100Mbps uncapped account to use at both locations if possible. If not -...
  8. N

    Considering a new ISP - please help

    Hi guys. I've been with webafrica for a while now (100/25mb uncapped octotel). Since ive started streaming i've decided i want to upgrade the upload to 100 aswell. However i see a couple other ISPs have 100/100 for about 100-200 bucks cheaper. Speeds are pretty inconsistent at peak times...
  9. R

    Free to Use Routers

    Hi chaps, I keep seeing *Free to use WIFI router next to the fibre offerings going around... first spotted it with the LTE options but never paid much attention (LTE was slower than my 8mb adsl). What I cannot find is clarity on what this means, for example: - Is it yours after 12/24 months; -...
  10. A

    Internet Service Provider - George, Dormehls Drift

    Have family members moving to George, Dormehls Drift. Any advice on good ISP's (ADSL, Wireless or Fibre) in the Area? Does not seem if there is fibre in the area yet from what I can tell, but I might be totally mislooking. They are on Telkom currently and would like to stay with them, the...
  11. P

    Active Fibre ISP

    Is anyone using the ISP Active Fibre? I'm struggling to find reviews and would love to have some feedback. Their prices and benefits seems very good but is it worth avoiding leading ISP's like Rocketnet and Cool Ideas? Your feedback is appreciated.
  12. M

    Uncapped business fibre ISP - DFA backbone

    I am looking for an ISP that provide well-priced uncapped business fibre connections on a DFA backbone, in Cape Town CBD.
  13. Y

    False info and lame excuses

    I have been in contact with Afrihost regarding my Fibre installation request since i have applied with them The email on order was that i will be contacted within 2 weeks by SADV and a installation will be booked. Now comes the fun part. I asked on Favebook what the case was (2 weeks after the...
  14. G

    Fibre installations into estates

    We are a small estate in the Western Cape and we own all infrastructure within the estate. Telkom has installed their lines in our communications infrastructure first as we needed access to landlines and ADSL. Now that Octotel and Frogfoot fibre has finally arrived, they are not willing to...
  15. D

    ISP Afrika - Constant loss of connectivity

    Good Evening Ladies and Gents ISP Afrika 50mbps Fibre I’m typing this out on my mobile LTE device sitting here all relaxed because this has happened so many times before that I’ve already given up. I will be moving soon and don’t want to go through the schlep of getting a new service provided...
  16. fundutzi

    Fibre options, CPT, Van Riebeeckshof; Vumatel, Openserve, DFA, Mitsol

    Dear All, Need some input please. Questions please. a. If assessment is accurate in maps, which infrastructure would you recommend? b. Is Openserve and Telkom the same ito infrastructure? c. Do i have to approach the data provider to arrange this installation, or, can the infrastructure...
  17. J

    Packet Loss All of a Sudden?!

    Hey everyone, I was just wondering if anyone else in capetown has experienced packet loss with games like fortnite and apex legends. I have played online games for more than a year now on my 40 meg line but never have I experienced packet loss like the last few days...any advice would be...
  18. L

    Vox Telecom Support

    Is it just me, or is Vox's support the most incoherent, dysfunctional bowl of dog turd out there? There's supposedly twenty-million different departments with absolutely no intercommunication. No department wants to take responsibility to aid you, but are quick to connect you to another...
  19. L

    Vox Telecom Support

    Is it just me, or is Vox's support the most incoherent, dysfunctional bowl of dog turd out there? There's supposedly twenty-million different departments with absolutely no intercommunication. No department wants to take responsibility to aid you, but are quick to connect you to another...
  20. C

    Fibre in Overport Area

    Anyone has information when we might get fibre in Overport/ Asherville area? I'm on the west side of Brickfield road towards Asherville. In the last month or so, the ADSL connection has been really pathetic (10 mbps, getting closer to 2 mbps). Telkom says there are a lot of cable faults in the...