1. R

    Vumatel across the road

    Any one can help, i have vumatel running across the road, how i can get them to install in my house? When i phone them they said they cannot help if the area is not in there rollout plan.
  2. Leo_

    Afrihost Double Billing

    I just want to say, the fact that one can upgrade and downgrade their services from the app is fantastic. However I have a questiion regarding the billing when upgrading. If one wants to upgrade mid month, does this mean one pays two bills without reimbursement ? Here‘s a scenario: 10mbps =...
  3. S

    How To Get Contract Work From Fibre Companies

    Hey guys, I'm posting this ad to help out a friend who is trying to build his fibre company. Essentially he's trying to get some contract work from any of the fibre operators: Vuma, MetroFibre, etc Even if it's small stuff like doing a home install or fixing a cable break. Does anyone know...
  4. C

    TT Connect & Fredd Experience?

    We only have the option to use TT connect as our fiber provider, it seems they are a sister company to Fredd the ISP, anyone with experience using these two companies together or separately, that can give an indication of network reliability, speeds and service? Had a chat with a guy from Fredd...
  5. werfie

    Fibre Router

    Hi Guys, Fibre noob here. MetroFibre is finishing up the network rollout in my area and I have preordered with WebAfrica. Quick question: Do you get a specific Fibre router (like ADSL/LTE router) or is it a normal WiFi router? I am not happy with the WA free router, would like to get...
  6. T

    Webafrica packages/pricing change

    I have a 100/50 fibre line and pay R1119 with Webafrica on Openserves infrastructre. At the begining of the month I noticed my speed doubled to 200/100. I thought this was a free upgrade because of the recent news about Openserve's free speed upgrades. Anyway, so I needed to download something...
  7. C

    Telkom/Openserve has not doubled my speed since 1 March 2021

    I am an existing Telkom/Openserve customer for the last 30 months. For the first 10 days of March 2021, my line speed went from 20mbps to 50mbps. From around the middle of the month, I notice that my speed is now 25mbps. I called 10213 and the say that if I want a speed upgrade, then I will...
  8. Hanno Labuschagne

    Telkom network blackouts hit fibre customers

    Telkom network blackouts hit fibre customers Numerous Telkom fibre and DSL users are complaining about blackouts and service interruptions, especially during load-shedding. According to information received by MyBroadband, Telkom’s fixed-line network in certain areas is experiencing regular...
  9. Hanno Labuschagne

    10Mbps DSL versus 10Mbps fibre - Prices compared

    10Mbps DSL versus 10Mbps fibre - Prices compared Many prominent ISPs in South Africa are offering DSL packages at cheaper prices than entry-level fibre packages with similar download speeds. The popularity of copper connectivity has waned in recent years after peaking at around a million...
  10. B

    3X Qualified FTTH Splicers Required (Salary above market)

    Good day We are in need of 3X Qualified / Highly Trained FTTH Splicers in KwaZulu-Natal. If interested please drop me a Private Message and we can forward the appropriate contact details to you. Work is available immediately. * Sober Habits * No Drugs (tested)
  11. N

    Supersonic fibre down for more than 24 hours

    The supersonic fibre has now been down in my suburb for more than 24 hours. The call centre initially said there was no issue, during first hour of the issue. Then they started saying that there is an issue in our suburb, but they don't know what. I kept having to phone them, no one contacted...
  12. Y

    Fibre coming to KwaDukuza / Stanger

    So it looks like we finally getting some fibre other than what they put into the "new" Mall 2-3 years back. Would love more details if anyone can provide :notworthy: This is Vodacom Fibre. Currently using MTN Supersonic FLTE uncapped and we get average daytime 100Mbps and after midnight...
  13. L

    MWEB - Openserve - Fibre not installed after 14 days after Turnaround Time

    Hi, Can someone please assist me with regards to the installation of my Fibre line at home. I have waited longer than 14 days for the installation of Fibre from Mweb / Openserve to home residence. The request was made on 23 February 2020. To date I have no received any feedback from Openserve...
  14. S

    D-Link DIR-825 - LAN Port Limited to 100Mbps

    Hi everyone, I have a D-Link DIR-825 router that I received from Afrihost when I signed up for a 1Gbps fibre line. I'm having some issues with the LAN speed. When I connect my laptop directly to the OTN, I get close to 800Mbps. However, when I connect my laptop via LAN to the router, speed is...
  15. Chris

    MTN plans to separate fibre and fintech units

    MTN plans to separate fibre and fintech units MTN Group Ltd. has begun work toward separating its fiber and fintech units as part of plans to unlock value and raise funds to fuel expansion. The shares jumped to their highest in more than a year. Africa’s biggest wireless carrier is seeking...
  16. Pixual

    No Connection On Rain - Durban Berea

    Awoke I this morning without a usable Rain connection. Rebooted the router a few times. No change. Logged into the router to see which tower I was connected to and a brand new CID shows that is totally different to what I normally see. Did the check thing on that Unwired Labs site and it...
  17. V

    Help! Vumatel Line stuck on old ISP

    Hi All, Need some help. Helping a friend get her fibre connected in a new place. The house has a Vumatel CPE connected but cant activate with a new ISP because Telkom still holds the line from the previous owner. The previous owners are useless and not very helpful to get the line canceled so...
  18. Hanno Labuschagne

    Vumatel comes under fire for high fibre prices

    Vumatel comes under fire for high fibre prices Vumatel is facing criticism for its high fibre prices, but the company says it is necessary for a sustainable business model. Fibre prices made headlines after Openserve implemented free speed upgrades and price cuts on its wholesale fibre and...
  19. PrimeSteak

    Help with picking Fibre ISP

    Hey guys, so here in my town of Oudtshoorn pre-orders for FTTH just opened but the problem is I don't know what ISP to go with? The main thing that I'm looking for in an ISP that offers relatively low ping ( under 180 is fine) and packet loss for online gaming and just generally good quality...
  20. R

    Cool Ideas - Cancellation Fee to Cancel A Service??? R1500

    Howzit MyBB Community, Recently, Openserve announced price reductions across their product range,. Afrihost very quickly responded, by initiating a free upgrade campaign! Same bucks...more speed. As a then loyal Cool Ideas customer, I called to enquire as to what their plans were. They...