1. S

    The BitCo experience presently?

    Does anyone know how well BitCo is these days? Backstory: Currently at WebAfrica and for the last two weeks we have been experiencing a lot of interruptions in speed or connections, and they are not really responsive when it comes to tickets logged. My older brother is suggesting me to jump...
  2. 11Snowman11

    Your ISP experience

    So vumatel started digging in our area for fibre (at last) and was informed we can start preordering. Since there is a lot of ISP's to choose from I want to know some of your recommendations about the different ISP's, like who to avoid and who must really be considered. I know Afrihost, Cool...
  3. Jamie McKane

    Top fibre and fixed-LTE ISPs during lockdown

    Top fibre and fixed-LTE ISPs during lockdown MyBroadband’s latest speed test and customer satisfaction ratings reveal that Cool Ideas, Afrihost, and Webafrica had the happiest customers during the COVID-19 lockdown. The research further shows that MTN and Vodacom are the fixed-LTE providers...
  4. Jamie McKane

    What happens when you switch ISPs – but you don’t own the router

    What happens when you switch ISPs – but you don’t own the router Fibre customers who want to move between ISPs may be expected to give back their router when they switch providers. To make use of a fibre line, customers require an ONT (optical network terminal) to be installed in their house...
  5. S

    Any constant interruptions in the Roodepoort area?

    I reside in Helderkruin, Roodepoort where the Fibre cables are managed by Vumatel. For the last few weeks there has been constant interruptions with the speed. The speed can drop to 0.03 kbs, or it can disconnect on its own and reconnect out of the blue a few minutes later. I do not know what...
  6. A

    123net Air Fibre?

    So I logged onto 123net's website yesterday and they said my area is covered for fibre so I sent in a request for them and they said my area is covered for "Air Fibre". Im currently on rain LTE and I want to know if "Air Fibre" is better than LTE and what are the speeds like and also if the...
  7. D

    Amazing service from CipherWave Home-Connect

    So I placed an order after getting massively fed-up with another LTE provider who I won't name. Less than 2 days after signing up with Home-Connect my Fibre line was activated (CPE Already installed from previous ISP) and the next day just after 5 my router was delivered, after an initial setup...
  8. cobusv

    Cell C 1GB Fibre

    Hi Guys, im thinking of getting the CellC 1G fibre service, anyone using this and can give me some feedback on your experience with this service?
  9. G

    Openserve Temp Speed Upgrades

    In the light of the Openserve Temp Speed Upgrades - thought I'll open a thread for tracking of areas that have received their upgrades. Edit: Fibre and ADSL
  10. F

    Fibre router suggestion

    I have been using the router that cool ideas gave me, (TP-Link WR840N), but it broke down last week, I know it is the router as I managed to get hold of a Tenda N300 and it is working ok now. I have a 20/2 line with CISP (Vumatel). I have 4 people around the house = 4 phones + TV + ~4 tablets...
  11. Jamie McKane

    How South Africa's fibre networks are impacted by the lockdown

    How South Africa's fibre networks are impacted by the lockdown Fibre network operators in South Africa have seen their operations limited by the coronavirus lockdown. While the government has classified telecommunications infrastructure as an essential service, certain limitations under the...
  12. M

    Vodacom Fibre: Throttling / Poor Oversea Traffic?

    So to work from home we need to connect to vpn's typically located in Sweden, London or Auz (Melbourne), However the experience is poor, and after some speedtests I am wondering if Vodacom has a problem (intentionally) for overseas traffic? Locally I have no problems as the traffic rates match...
  13. B

    Can I get fibre despite being a few meters out of coverage?

    So I'm being forced to move from Adsl to fibre or Lte because Telkom refuse to repair faulty dsl lines, and Telkom lte coverage in my area is poor, and I just fall out of the radius for fibre. When I say just out of the radius I mean a matter of meters, as the coverage appears to have stopped...
  14. M

    Project Managers Essential ?

    I understand that fibre network providers (Frogfoot, Octotel, SADV, etc) are still running during this lockdown time but does anyone know if their project managers are still working?
  15. E

    Nexus.Net Fibre feedback

    Hi All, Has anyone perhaps have (or had) any experience with regards to's FTTH product? Nexus.net_FTTH Their prices seems very competitive. They do, however, have an Acceptable Use Policy, which throttles your speed based on the data used between 07h00 - midnight. At midnight, the...
  16. D

    Vumatel/Cool Ideas - previous tenant didn't cancel now I'm stuck

    Has anyone experienced this before, it is seriously upsetting, especially now! I moved into a new place just before the lock down ended and specifically chose this apartment because of the existing Vumatel installation. Anyway, after back and forth between Vumatel, Cool Ideas and myself now...
  17. B

    Can I get some internets please?!

    Hi to everyone, looking for some help and advice please. Firstly apologies if this thread is in the wrong section, I honestly dont know which area this will wall under. I am in dire need of a decent internet/broadband connection/solution. My other half works from home and we do consume quite a...
  18. A

    Which would be better, 10Mbps ADSL or 5Mbps Fibre

    Hi all, Please provide me with a little bit of advise/input/opinions Currently I'm using MTN LTE 40GB package and it worked, but the cap is just not enough. So now I'm looking at getting an uncapped option, preferably ADSL or Fibre. The monthly cost I would like to keep low and not pay to...
  19. L

    Vuma Pathetic Service

    Good Day Just would like to find out if I am the only one in this boat Our area is covered by Vuma and since day 1 have had isses. First of all we have 2 connections on our property one for main house and one for Cottage Now here is where all the problems started. When they first installed...
  20. R

    Worst company support and service

    I have been trying to get my ISP cancelled and have had the worst time trying to do this with afrihost. Firstly I have cancelled their service for 2 reasons , slow internet speeds, even though I was paying for a 20mbps line and a support centre which is virtually impossible to get hold of...