1. Covax

    National Outage

    Does anyone have any verified update regarding the VumaTel/SADV National Outage?
  2. BevanBester

    Who is your Internet Fibre Service Provider?

    Who do you rely on for your Internet Fibre Service Provider in 2021? Please take a few moments to tell us at HB IT Solutions who you trust in providing your home with reliable Fibre internet services. You can also run an add-free Speed Test from our website by clicking 'here'.
  3. S

    fibre options

    Hi Guys Im not new to mybroadband, come here for all sorts of suggetions, right now my area (Raisthorpe, PMB) just completed the installation of fibre, its live and the provider is Zoom, they are offerin g a choice of three Service providers to choose from (Accelerit, Tech5, Mind the Speed)...
  4. F

    Connecting ONT device to DC UPS

    I have a 40 800 mAh powerbank that I would like to use to power my fibre ONT device as well as the router. From the battery's specs, it should be able to sustain both for at least two hours. The battery has a DC barrel jack connector (female) and two usb ports as output. I would need to power...
  5. Sharkssmart1

    South Coast Fibre - Scottburgh, KZN

    Yes, I know a thread revolving in that part of KZN exists (; but from the looks of it, Openserve is completely live in Renishaw, Linteg is busy connecting the backbone for a specific area (for now?) if sources...
  6. C

    Router not visible over wifi hAP AC2:5Ghz

    Hi all So yesterday our internet bombed out. Our ISP is Comtel running on Vuma's fibre. The domestic worker had accidentally disconnected our router (hAP AC2). I plugged it all back in and the internet seemed fine for a bit. Then all of a sudden only the two access points connected to the main...
  7. KingLuc

    Mweb address change/moving nightmare

    Im really hoping somebody can help me on here. On 6 November I called Mweb to say I was moving to to anew address on 30 November and asked they end my service and do a new instillation at a new address. They said to email, which I did on 6 November. I only got a reply to that...
  8. L

    Sandton City Office Tower

    Morning Folks, My office is in the Sandton City Office Tower and we need to install a fibre line. Please will you advise who are the better business fibre providers? Many thanks Linda
  9. O

    Axxess to Afrihost Fibre Migration Fail

    Hi, I've had Axxess Fibre on FrogFoot in Pretoria since April 2020 and decided to migrate to Afrihost as soon as possible (which was end November 2020). I signed up with Afrihost on 17 November 2020. Last night, on the 30th of November 2020, my internet stopped working because Axxess released...
  10. PrimeSteak

    Is Herotel's Fibre any good?

    Hey guys, so it seems like Herotel is going to do the Fibre installations for my town (Oudtshoorn, in the middle of the Klein Karoo) Apparently, they are offering to double your speed if you sign up with them and let them install...
  11. M

    Determine which NIP was used for an existing fibre installation?

    I've recently moved cities and need to install fibre as I work from home. The previous owners had fibre installed, so there is a connection in the house already, but is there any way to find out which infrastructure provider was used so I can just stick with them instead of paying for a new...
  12. S

    Octotel 1Gb Line - Actual Speeds?

    I’ve signed up to a 1000/100 line with Octotel (unfortunately) through Cool Ideas. I’m in an apartment block with <40 units, Southern Suburbs CT. I’ve had the line for the past month or so and fastest speeds I’ve gotten were 600-700 with the average around 400ish. Could someone confirm...
  13. A

    ZYXEL VMG3625-T20A fibre router

    Item name : ZYXEL VMG3625-T20A Age and condition: +2 years, Excellent condition. Never used only open for pictures Do you include packaging: Yes Warranty: No Reason for selling: I have better router that i use Price: R500 Negotiable: No Location: JHB / Benoni Shipping or collection: collection only
  14. Jamie McKane

    Good news for South Africans who are waiting for fibre

    Good news for South Africans who are waiting for fibre The rollout of fibre in South Africa could soon be faster and more effective, according to major fibre network operators. This is if the regulations contained in the Proposed Policy and Policy Direction on the Rapid Deployment of...
  15. D

    Single Connection Performance - Home Connect & Frogfoot

    Hi All, I recently got Fibre, 15 October 2020, and couldn't be more excited until I started running some speed tests lol. I decided to sign up with Home-Connect as they were the cheapest...and Frogfoot was the only available FNO in my area. I opted for the 200/200Mbps package they offer. So...
  16. N

    Fibre for Holiday Home

    Good day, I am looking for fibre ISP that allows me to be connected not on a monthly basis. I have a holiday home so need a fibre connection that allows me to activate and deactivate when necessary. Any information on this would be great.
  17. K

    Afrihost Issue (New Fibre Installation)

    Soooo we ordered Fibre from Afrihost two weeks ago and there’s an issue where Vumatel tells them we have an existing order with another ISP, but we don’t because we ordered the fibre package 3 weeks after it became available in the area. The only thing Afrihost does is tell us that “We waiting”...
  18. S

    Fibre Installations

    Good Day, Can anyone assist me with how to get fibre installed in my area? Vodacom has installed fibre in the surrounding areas of my town but not in my area. I have emailed them however there has been no response from them. Currently there are a minimum of 50 households willing to sign up for...
  19. B

    Fibre Tongaat - non coastal area

    Hi This is my first post to MYBB and would like to enquire if any SP would be willing to work with the community in laying fibre cables. My suggestion is that the local community councillors assist to push for this and with hope of it been a local upliftment project where use of locals for...
  20. cobusv

    Fibre - New Castle

    Hey New Castle i see fibre went live in your hood! That is awesome these guys now moving onto greener pastures other than the big metros. head over to and check it out, see it went live on the weekend.. Nice!