1. L

    Fibre ISP for Umdloti

    Morning Folks, I am moving to Umdloti and need to find a fibre ISP. Have been recommended to go to Wavelengths but know nothing about them. Any suggestions? Thank you Linda
  2. R

    Switching from Telkom (Openserve) to Cool Ideas (Openserve)

    Good Afternoon All, Hoping someone can help me out. I need to switch an Openserve (and Telkom ISP account) to Openserve Cool Ideas. Currently have a 20/20 and would like to also increase the speed to 100/50. I have read a lot of comments regarding Telkom being a nightmare when it comes to...
  3. Pewee

    Gordon’s Bay Fibre/ADSL?

    I have a budget of R600 p/m. I’m looking for either fibre or adsl packages, preferably uncapped with a minimum line speed of 4mbps. Any recommendations, please? I’m situated in Seascape Mews, Admirals Park, Gordon’s Bay. Thank you.
  4. S

    Fraud or Farce? - Axxcess Fibre "Cancellation Fees"

    As a 10+ year customer of Axxess, it was with some regret that I pushed (clicked actually) the button to terminate my relationship with them after a series of unpleasant interactions. The real stinger was an immediate R950 cancellation fee deducted from my credit card - the amount was wrong, it...
  5. X88Bass

    What is the best fibre service?

    I'm looking to switch to fibre hence i've been using prepaid wi-fi with a ASUS router (Model 4G-N12 Wireless-N300 LTE Modem Router). - I need a service that's affordable for unlimited online streaming and downloading. Any suggestions? - I was looking at axxess so far, anyone used their...
  6. F

    Easy Web ISP good for Fibre? Considering 24 month contract for freebies

    Hi there, New to these forums but looking for help regarding anyone who might have experience with Easy Web as an ISP. Am getting fibre for my mom and her household. They have been on Telkom ADSL for a while, and keep getting throttled heavily after exceeding 450Gig soft cap (10mbps line)...
  7. Jamie McKane

    100Mbps uncapped fibre - How prices have fallen since 2014

    100Mbps uncapped fibre - How prices have fallen since 2014 It was just over four years ago when Vumatel started digging up ground in Parkhurst and working on its core network. Once of the first ISPs to start offering services on Vumatel's network was Cool Ideas, regarded as the best fibre ISP...
  8. U

    Cell C Internationall Congestion

    Hi guys I think I have gotten to the cause of my packet loss and high latency at night , I think Cell C international routing is congested , does anyone know of a way to reduce it or fix it.
  9. F

    DSTV Now Streaming quality

    Hi All Recently upgraded my ADSL line to Fibre and speed, latency, up time etc has improved significantly. However, my DSTV Now app (Desktop Browser) has struggled to stream at 720p, let alone full HD 1080p?? No issues on Youtube. DSTV Now actually performed better when I still had ADSL (8 mg...
  10. Jamie McKane

    Big South African fibre survey - Most popular speeds and ISPs

    Big South African fibre survey - Most popular speeds and ISPs MyBroadband’s Big South African fibre survey was conducted in October 2018 to gather information about fibre take-up and demand in South Africa. The survey also asked users which Internet service providers (ISPs) they use, and how...
  11. Z

    Need help cancelling with VOX

    If anyone can help, please steer me in the right direction. Put in an application with Vox for Fibre. Vuma had already installed their unit in the house before I applied. A month of endless phone calls, and bs promises resulted in absolutely nothing from Vox. Eventually got tired of them and...
  12. T

    Checking Telkom Fibre Usage

    Does anyone know how to check your monthly Fibre Usage balance from Telkom? I have a 10MB line uncapped and searched on but was not able to find anything.
  13. bustaboom

    Suggestions: Reliable mid-range ADSL Dual-band Router + WIFI AP?

    Hi guys Been a previous member for many years but lost my old details. I'm looking to purchase an ADSL Router + WIFI AP on behalf of my mother. I purchased a "ASUS RT-AC1200G+ AC1200 Dual-Band Gigabit Wi-Fi Fibre-Ready Router" for R1099 from Takealot, set it up, updated to latest firmware, but...
  14. izakhearn

    Need help on info for TTConnect CPE/ONT

    Hello Guys . I am looking for the model numbers of which ONT/CPE TTConnect Uses. I have heard that what they use vary. The Reason I am looking for this info is that i need to make space for it in a wall mounted box. I have tried phoning them but i just keep getting transfered between...
  15. L

    Cool Ideas latency to Mweb servers. [PROBLEM]

    Is it just me or is CISP having terrible connection to all Mweb servers? I recently got fibre through TTConnect to Cool Ideas and noticed that the only ISP I lag to is Mweb. This isn't good as Mweb hosts a lot of our local game servers so I'm wondering if this is a new issue and why does this...
  16. E

    New Fibre ISP called "Connekt".

    After months of seeing the streets of my neighbourhood dug up and filled in fibre cables we were eventually approached by someone at the gate. He was from this company called "Connekt" with a brochure, looking for signatures to generate interest for implementing fibre in the area. I've tried to...
  17. S

    Fiber connection but no Internet - Dullstroom, Mpumalanga.

    Walkersons Private Estate is some 10Km outside Dullstroom in Mpumalanga. Some 10 years ago the then copper overhead cable running from Dullstroom to the Estate Hotel was upgraded to a 4 strand fibre overhead cable because of the repeated copper cable thefts. The installation cost was repaid to...
  18. simmakombe

    Beware of eNetworks (GoTurbo) debit orders!

    I had pre-ordered fibre internet with eNetworks t/a @goturbo as they are offering an attractive deal, they started debiting from my account despite Muizenberg area not having any fibre infrastructure installed. Their phones always go unanswered, I finally managed to get hold of their accounts...
  19. Jamie McKane

    Do you have fibre-to-the-home coverage where you live?

    Do you have fibre coverage in your area? Which infrastructure provider operates in your area?
  20. Psyndrome

    Fibre Technicians Required - Johannesburg North Only

    316 Network Holdings is expanding! We are currently recruiting for the Johannesburg North regions Who are we looking for? Ten (10) technicians with Fibre experience. Must have worked on any of the top tier telecommunications networks (Open Serve, Vumatel, MTN, etc.) MUST have the following. IF...