1. Z

    How does Cybersmart Lightspeed FTTH work

    I'm currently looking to get fibre and hear about Lightspeed. I did my own research and found that you will need to get other interested in order to qualify but when I phoned in the guy never mentioned that to me he just told me I didn't qualify despite there being a DFA line about 60 metres...
  2. Z

    Fibre in Durban

    Any experts can give me an expected date for fibre here? I live in durban, specifically essenwood, near the greyville race course. My address has been saying "future fibre" on openserve for about 3 months now. How long can I expect before I actually have access ? The cable guys are long done in...
  3. A

    Vredekloof Square Fibre Providers?

    Hi all! I'm moving into Vredekloof Square end of this month. The agency have posted that there is Fibre available in Vredekloof Square and they have no idea what I'm asking about when I ask what provider. From what I've read here this is not the case yet? If there is fibre there does...
  4. Jamie McKane

    ADSL and fibre wholesale price cuts for South Africa

    ADSL and fibre wholesale price cuts for South Africa Openserve has announced wholesale price cuts on its DSL and fibre broadband services, as well as speed increases on its fibre offerings.
  5. H

    Please help me understand Fibre

    Hi all I hope you can please assist me as I'm a bit confused with fiber and connectivity. So Vumatel is in our area, and I need to get a SP to drive it. I will use internet for: * PS4 Gaming OR Streaming (not at the same time as it's the same TV) * Downloads * General browsing...
  6. Jamie McKane

    Watch - Fibre installers robbed at gunpoint in Johannesburg

    Watch - Fibre installers robbed at gunpoint in Johannesburg Crime targeting South African fibre installers has reached a critical point, said the FTTH Council Africa.
  7. Nod

    Germany unveils its cunning plan for 5G

    Source: Now if only ICASA / DoC was this focussed on stuff that mattered.
  8. A

    MWEB fibre Technicolor router and remote VPN into work network not connecting

    Hi, I have MWEB fibre with the locked down Technicolor router. I am struggling to remote into my office using our VPN. Other VPNs such as Tunnelbear work fine and the initial connection to the office is fine (I can there is a connection established before I try the VPN and my Outlook mails...
  9. J

    Fibre Specials - Vumatel Infrastructure

    Morning All, Happy Monday! So Vuma is done in my area and I can now proceed with my install / picking an ISP. I am hoping to get an ISP that is offering the free install (R1790 / activation). Has anyone see any specials out there at the moment? I dont mind a contract if the deal is good...
  10. Newsfeed

    Fibre installers being robbed at gunpoint and hijacked

    Fibre installers being robbed at gunpoint and hijacked The fibre industry has been plagued by robberies and hijacking for some time, the FTTH Council Africa has revealed in a new white paper.
  11. simmakombe

    Fibre in Zeekoevlei (Cape Town)

    Afrihost and Openserve Fibre Tmeline 22 June - signed up for Openserve fibre from Afrihost 27 June - received my free router 04 July - received a call from Openserve, scheduled installation the following day 05 July - took a day off from work #excited, Openserve pulled a no-show :mad: 06 July...
  12. Newsfeed

    What you can get for R1,000

    What you can get for R1,000 The South African broadband environment has become very competitive in recent years, with several fibre and wireless providers rolling out networks.
  13. B

    Fibre installed, no router yet (want to use my own router)

    Hi everyone Let me start off by saying I am absolutely going crazy. Cool. So I had Vumatel install fibre yesterday. I am now waiting on Cybersmart to deliver their own router (they say Friday earlier, wtf). I am trying to set up with my own router with little success. It's a Linksys...
  14. C

    How does your month to month cap work on a fibre line?

    I currently have a 100meg openserve line through Mweb, capped at 200 gigs per month with 200 gigs night time data. I was wondering if your cap resets after the month has ended, ie: 31st of every month or 31 days after you activated the product, ie: if i activated the product on the 15th of June...
  15. akuma

    Afrihost Fibre Failure

    I applied for FTTH 5+ weeks back(!) I've been attempting to get a commitment from them, here's the exchange: Have yet to receive so much a courtesy call. Nothing but empty string-along promises and a gaping void of service. :mad:
  16. T

    Best Fibre Supplier In SA

    I recently upgraded to Telkom 100mbs with 400GB data - capped. HOWEVER, I am hitting the cap with a week to go. Are there any other suppliers out there offering 100mbs at, as example, 600GB? Thanks in advance for your inputs.
  17. N

    Britelink / Fibrehoods fibre journey through hell

    So im not sure if i took all the fibre installation horror stories i had heard for granted before i embarked on my journey through hell in order to install fibre, but oh boy i should've. So the story starts with my back and front hassling and multiple account application and deletion with...
  18. A

    Lines burned; Telkom expects payment?

    I live in Knysna, which recently buckled under a fire. While our place is still standing, most of the town's copper and fibre lines got scorched (and just before I was about to get fibre :') ). I have no idea how long they will take to restore the lines. I'm guessing a long time. My question...
  19. C

    Meridian Complex FTTH

    TT Connect are installing fibre to the home at the meridian complex and have given a list of ISPs that we can use. Any recommendations on which is best?
  20. Sumen

    A new method to get fibre laid for your house

    We all know the only way you are going to get fibre in your area is if you get a large number of people in your area to show their interest in fibre. Sometimes it's really difficult to get people to show their interest therefore your area might not get fibre for a long time. I read in...