Switch Telecom is not up to the hype!

Yoda Arain

Active Member
Apr 26, 2023
I signed up with Switch Telecom almost a week ago. Almost, Everything went smoothly. Within an hour, I received a call regarding additional purchases, such as a VoIP set, which I declined. Soon, I received an email that they were vetting my RICA documents. After the day of signup, I received no feedback or response, and then I contacted them via email on Thursday and didn't get any response. Later, I called on Friday; no one answered. I again called on Saturday to find out they're only available until 5 p.m. on weekdays.

If the signup process is this bad, imagine the customer support at later stages.
Tip: If you still wanna go with them. Just make sure you're not using any VPN while signing up. They rely on IP Address.
We use them for a few hundred numbers. Pretty good. No complaints from us. They were even proactive in loads barring international numbers when a 3cx extension of ours got breached somehow (at 10pm on a Friday night ). Thankful for that.
Switch is amazing, been with them for over 10 years and never a single outage