1. J

    Have you received spam on your mobile phone screen?

    Like everyone else I receive the usual SMS spam, but this morning I received one of those "You have won R250 000 in the RICA draw etc etc" message on MY IPHONE'S SCREEN! Has anyone else seen this? This is new to me and the message has disappeared. The only other time I receive messages on my...
  2. NeonNinja

    Free R150 airtime [MTN]

    So, I recharged dad with R30 MTN airtime. He received R150 free airtime for MTN to MTN calls, data SMS's. I recharge myself with R30 airtime, I don't get anything? Anyone?
  3. jes

    Facebook SMS spam complaints in SA

    Facebook SMS spam complaints in South Africa There has been complaints that Facebook is sending SMS spam messages to South African mobile subscribers
  4. jes

    Messaging apps upend rivals with marketing might

    Messaging apps upend rivals with marketing might In the battle to become the global messaging app of choice, China’s WeChat and Japan-based Line have brought out some large marketing guns
  5. R

    Vodacom carried over sms's and minutes used after current months allocation

    Hi Guys, I am on the Smart M package and it seems that my current months sms's and minutes are used prior to the previous months being used up. I know this was the same with the data on various networks a few months / years ago, but that was fixed iirc. Have any of you noticed this...
  6. NomNom

    SMS Spam: Post yours here

    If there already is a thread for this I apologize. Was thinking of replying but that would make things worse I guess, could just phone the number at like 2am, 3am in the morning :D
  7. R

    5 for 50

    Hi there, Sorry if this seems stupid, but I can't find what 8ta's "5 for 50 SMS promotion" means? Is there anyone who can clear this up for me? Thanks
  8. J

    possible scam sms from

    Just got an sms from, saying "A summons will be issues in 7 days for outstanding traffic infringements. Please call <snip>. If paid ignore" I do not know of any fines I have not paid, and I have not gotten a fine in a year or two. Is this a scam just so I would register on...
  9. jes

    Should you pay to stop SMS spam?

    Should you pay to stop SMS spam? A battle is brewing over the fact that consumers may be charged when asking to be excluded in direct SMS marketing
  10. R

    Harassment by Cell C is contravention of ECA

    It is a criminal offence to send unsolicited sms, in terms of the Electronic Communications Act. Cell C has promised, on myBB, to have my number removed from their (illegal) marketing list, yet the sms and calls continue. Having ported to another operator, I still keep getting these...
  11. R

    8ta/TM sms issue on iPhone contract Can someone please help me with this? Telkom sees it as an Apple issue even though the sim is in my Nokia E5. I am using my other number on my iPhone 5.
  12. jes

    Free Vodacom SMSes for the hearing impaired

    Free Vodacom SMSes for the hearing impaired Vodacom has doubled the size of its SMS bundles for subscribers with hearing impairments
  13. seedat77

    What do I do with all my sms's Cell C?

    I'm in the fourth month of my Cell C Straight Up 100 contract, and I'm sitting with 289 sms's. Most people I know nowadays are either on Whatsapp or BBM (or both). By end of next week I'll be getting another 100. I don't know what to do with them.
  14. I

    MTN receives no international SMS?

    Hi Has somebody information about receiving international SMS from European cell providers with MTN. I can not receive international SMS since December 2012. :mad: With vodacom works fine, we test it. There is no error from the sending cells/providers in Europe. We have prepaid MTN sim cards...
  15. J

    SMS creator amazed at growth of text messaging

    SMS innovator: “just doing my job” Text messaging sees 20 years since the first SMS
  16. QuintonB

    SMS has its 20th birthday

    First SMS was sent 20 years ago Monday 3 December marks 20 years since the world’s first SMS was sent
  17. J

    SMS spam campaign gets UK residents massive fine

    Spammers fined $700K for SMS spam campaign Mass text message campaign gets UK residents fined
  18. M

    Check airtime service down?

    This is the first time I am experiencing this, dial *100# and got an error, tried to check on the Vodacom site and it says that my airtime balance is unavailable. is there a problem with the service at the moment? As an added note I am unable to send sms.
  19. M

    Dewar cusotmer

    :wtf: Really? No one checks spelling/grammar before they send out mass communication? :eek:
  20. jes

    Cell C SMS change opens a can of worms

    Cell C SMS change opens a can of worms Cell C, Headline, MTN, pieter streicher, sms, Vodacom