1. M

    Dewar cusotmer

    :wtf: Really? No one checks spelling/grammar before they send out mass communication? :eek:
  2. jes

    Cell C SMS change opens a can of worms

    Cell C SMS change opens a can of worms Cell C, Headline, MTN, pieter streicher, sms, Vodacom
  3. jes

    Which douchenozzle sent you SMS spam?

    Which douchenozzle sent you SMS spam? It can be challenging for you to establish which company is behind the SMS spam which you receive
  4. threegee

    Gmail SMS Verify Codes Not Being Received ??

    Google has now decided to force SMS verification on creation of new accounts, unfortunately for 3 days I have been trying to create a gmail account for a client but in 3 days and 15 attempts there is still no SMS verification code being sent. Anyone else experience this? Is this a Vodacom...
  5. jes

    Free SMSes from Gmail in South Africa

    Free SMSes from Gmail in South Africa South African users report they are now able to use Gmail’s free SMS feature
  6. M

    Port from Vod to 8Ta problem

    Hi there So I ported from Vodacom to 8Ta just to get the phone I wanted. Now all is well, but... Certain SMS's I simply cannot receive. Like their balance enquiry service, I never get the SMS. Also to register on their website, they SMS a code to complete the process, but I'm not getting it...
  7. QuintonB

    Vodacom fighting scam SMSes through Facebook

    Vodacom fights scam SMSes Vodacom has gone live with a new tool to tackle the long-standing issue of scam SMSes
  8. QuintonB

    Mobile malware up 600% in 2011

    Mobile malware increased six-fold in 2011 There were six times more malware applications found on mobile devices in 2011, compared to 2010
  9. S

    Google verification SMSs on MTN

    hi there, I'm on an MTN contract am an trying to set up Google mobile notifications (, then Calendar settings | Mobile Setup). I don't receive Google verification SMSs. I've tested sending them to Vodacom and CellC phones - those work - but not my MTN phone. I...
  10. K

    8ta message centre doesn't seem to store SMSes

    For some time now, I have been aware that I haven't been receiving all of the smses that have been sent to me. I don't recall having this problem early last year. I realised that all of the smses that I hadn't received when my friends said they had sent them, were sent at times when my phone was...
  11. QuintonB

    Vodacom warns of new SMS Scam

    Vodacom warns users about new SMS Scam Vodacom has warned users that an SMS message congratulating them on winning R50,000 is a scam
  12. M

    Mobile billing via shortcode - my best options?

    I'm looking to set up a premium number to do transactions for a client offering a service on their mobile site. Payment would happen via shortcode rather than shopping cart because this is easier on a mobile phone. I'm not really sure how many transactions they will get per month, but we would...
  13. NeonNinja

    Text messages WTF!!?

    So my GF claims she sent me 5 SMS's yesterday. I tell her I never received even one message from her. I'v also sent like 2 to her yesterday as well, she texts me back at 9pm, I texted her earlier this evening. She never got the SMS. When I check my delivery report it shows they're sent. Checked...
  14. jes

    Free SMSs and free data from Cell C

    Free SMSs and free data from Cell C Cell C have launched a new rewards programme for prepaid customers that compliments their existing Woza Wheneva promotion
  15. jes

    Text messages can double chances of quitting smoking

    Text messages can double chances of quitting smoking People trying to quit smoking are twice as likely to succeed when they get mobile-phone text messages to encourage them
  16. ?

    Telemarketers - How to OPT Out

    Brian Mdluli CEO of the DMA SA (Direct Marketing Association of South Africa) was interviewed on Carte Blanche about Opting Out. Check out the link
  17. jes

    Porn SMS threatens marriages in PE

    Porn SMS threatens marriages in PE Porn SMS doing the rounds in PE makes married couples question their spouses loyalty
  18. jes

    Report SMS spam says WASPA

    Report SMS spam says WASPA Consumers receiving unwanted SMS marketing messages from companies that they have not directly supplied with their cellphone numbers should report the spammer to the Wireless Application Service Providers’ Association of South Africa (WASPA).
  19. jes

    Political party SMSs on voting day 'allowed'

    Political party SMSs on voting day 'allowed' The storm in a teacup over bulk SMSs sent by political parties continued on election day, with voters receiving SMSs from the DA urging them to go out and vote for the party.
  20. 2

    Email to SMS

    Ahoy, apologies if this is the wrong subforum, wasn't sure whether to post here or in business and finance. I'm looking for some kind of software or service that allows you to send sms' from your email. I do know vodacom and cellc offer a few sms' a day but I'll definitely need more than...