1. Jamie McKane

    MTN Summer Promotion - Get up to 50GB free data

    MTN Summer Promotion - Get up to 50GB free data MTN has launched its Summer YouTube Contract Promotion, which offers new and existing customers 20GB of YouTube data and up to 50GB of Anytime once-off data when they sign up or upgrade to selected price plans. Anytime data can be used at any...
  2. B

    Supersonic fixed Lte

    Hi Could i recieve everyones opinions on supersonics MTN fixed lte. I really want it not sure if it will let me atleast play dota 2 on it and ,and would playstation have problems with the connection they are always full of sheister saying the isp is not worthy of their stupid rules
  3. Jamie McKane

    MTN reaches 95% 4G coverage across the country

    MTN reaches 95% 4G coverage across the country Mobile network operator MTN has announced that it has now reached 95% 4G coverage across South Africa. The company made the announcement in a statement celebrating its 25th year of operation.
  4. Jamie McKane

    How Rain compares to Vodacom and MTN

    How Rain compares to Vodacom and MTN Through its roaming agreement with Vodacom, Rain has grown its 4G network substantially in South Africa. The customer base for Rain's 4G mobile data product remains relatively small, however, which CEO Willem Roos attributes to the niche nature of the product.
  5. C

    Fixed LTE for gaming

    Hi all, I recently moved to Richard's bay and unfortunately cannot get fibre or adsl. I game a lot particularly COD and the like, and as we all know mobile network and NAT do not go well together. From my research it seems having an unrestricted APN is the only possibility of getting NAT...
  6. Jamie McKane

    MTN's fixed-LTE packages crush Telkom

    MTN's fixed-LTE packages crush Telkom Supersonic recently launched its new fixed-LTE products in South Africa, which are available on a month-to-month basis or on a 24-month contract. The MTN-owned ISP aims to compete with Telkom by offering consumers month-to-month fixed-LTE products at...
  7. NeonNinja

    Wrong number airtime purchase (MTN)

    Bought R60 MTN to the wrong number via FNB. 7653 instead of 8653. Apparently the only recourse is to get that person to authorise his number to be debited airtime. If he declines then you're out of luck.
  8. Jamie McKane

    MTN and Vodacom are losing subscribers

    MTN and Vodacom are losing subscribers South Africa has turned into a tough operating environment for big local networks, with Vodacom and MTN bleeding subscribers over the past six months. This is not to mention the serious problems faced by Cell C, which was struggling to pay its roaming...
  9. Jamie McKane

    How MTN lost the lucrative Rain deal to Vodacom

    How MTN lost the lucrative Rain deal to Vodacom In November 2016, WBS (now known as Rain) announced that it had signed a facilities leasing and roaming agreement with Vodacom. This multi-billion-rand deal is helping Rain to accelerate its LTE-A network rollout and gives Vodacom access to...
  10. Jamie McKane

    MTN's plan to take on Vodacom

    MTN's plan to take on Vodacom MTN is planning to take on Vodacom by building a better network, ensuring a great customer experience, and offering competitive products. This is the word from MTN Group CEO Rob Shuter, who told Business Day TV that the operator's vision for its South African...
  11. J

    MTN contract limit question

    My contract is due for an upgrade. The problem is my current limit is R246p/m and the phone I want is R300p/m. How likely are they to increase my limit in order for me to upgrade to a new handset? And is upgrading a same day deal? Will I need to bring extra documents?
  12. Jamie McKane

    MTN prepaid bundle sale – Get up to 99% discounts on data, social, and voice bundles

    MTN prepaid bundle sale – Get up to 99% discounts on data, social, and voice bundles MTN has launched its new Ska Wara Bundle Sale promotion, offering customers discounts of up to 99% on prepaid bundles. This sale offers dynamic discounts on bundles purchased through USSD menus which offer...
  13. Jamie McKane

    Why people say Vodacom and MTN are too expensive

    Why people say Vodacom and MTN are too expensive While the ultimate goals of #DataMustFall were misguided and its origins dubious, the sentiment that spurred it on was genuine. South Africans feel ripped off by their cellular service operators and want a change. Research from adjunct professor...
  14. Jamie McKane

    Vodacom vs MTN in Kimberley

    Vodacom vs MTN in Kimberley MyBroadband recently tested the mobile network quality in Kimberley as part of its countrywide mobile network testing project. The MyBroadband mobile network testing project is conducted in partnership with Afristay and Huawei Mobile Devices and provides a...
  15. B

    mtn broadband lite discontinued

    did anybody else also receive an email from mtn stating that the mtn broadband lite contract is being ended and you will now be switched to a 50gb data contract for about the same price? happening middle august 2019
  16. Jamie McKane

    Best mobile network in South Africa revealed

    Best mobile network in South Africa revealed MyBroadband Insights has released its Q2 2019 Mobile Network Quality Report, which shows that MTN has the best mobile network in South Africa. The report is based on 330,596 speed tests which were performed by thousands of MyBroadband Android Speed...
  17. Amara'sDaddy

    Mtn contract services activation

    So I recently took out a contract with mtn and I played around their website and came across services I can activate for my contract what shocks me is that there's a once off 20 gigs for R0. 00. Just needed clarity is it really free before I activate it, kindly check the screenshot attached.
  18. M

    Issues with FreeMe LIT bundles on Telkom-Vodacom roaming

    Good day all Is anyone else experiencing data issues with the new Telkom-Vodacom seamless roaming agreement? Previously with MTN roaming, I was able to enjoy my LIT packages without issue. Now it seems like when seamlessly roaming on Vodacom, their systems prefer normal data to LIT data. As a...
  19. S

    MTN Now Forbidden on Telkom SIM Card

    I'm using Telkom Mobile and in some areas I frequently go to Telkom is very weak. So in such cases I would then search networks and select MTN so that I would have signal. I deliberately set it so I have to manually search and select but now an interesting thing happened today. I last had it set...
  20. Nobody Important

    MTN does not respect the "STOP" instruction wrt SMS spam

    Dear @Newsfeed (cc @rpm and @Jan ), I have a suggestion for an article with proof in support of my claim that MTN does not tolerate customers unsubscribing from their spam. You recently did an article where the networks denied nefariously cashing in on WASP fraud. That got me thinking about...