1. D

    Remove Skin Tan fast

    Hi all :) Im new here. I have been surfing too much and got a bad tan this weekend. I say bad because I am naturally a caramel skin tone and now I am seriously dark and only my face neck hands and feet because of the wet suit, this looks horrible Please some advice on how to get my...
  2. LazyLion

    One little girl appears in Apple AND Samsung commercials. The Face of Mobile?
  3. jes

    Article: Indian model vows to strip for Cricket World Cup win

    Women in India are encouraged to dress modestly at all times, but a brasher side to modern life has been exposed after a popular model vowed to strip naked if the nation wins the cricket World Cup. You can view the page at...
  4. bwana

    Model release form

    Anyone care to share the wording for the one they use? I want one I know is going to be ok in SA rather than some generic one the the US.
  5. mercurial

    Aspiring Model, 18, Left Trapped in Her Body by Rare Disorder

  6. mercurial

    Stunning new technology allows parents to hold a life-size model of their unborn kids

  7. mercurial

    Teacher faces disciplinary action after parent uncovers racy lingerie photos online

    More... Pics can be found via link.
  8. LazyLion

    Find Model Number and Serial Number Of Your Computer Using DOS Commands quite useful for branded computers and laptops!
  9. mercurial

    From fit to fat

  10. mercurial

    Italian model plans to sell virginity for 1m euros

    Link This makes her a prostitute. A very good looking one btw.