1. T

    Notebooks on contract

    I hope this is the correct forum to place this thread in. I'm looking to acquire a notebook on a contract/monthly payment basis. Let's skip the argument about cash vs contract - it's not relevant. Which dealers offer good notebooks - preferably i3 strength and up - with monthly payments? Can...

    Earning monthly interest

    When it comes to earning interest I'm a complete noob and forgot everything regarding this I learned in school. Let's say I have R30000. I'm with Capitec Bank and I'm supposed to earn 4,75% interest. Is this interest paid out monthly? I.e. Do I get 4,75% of R30000, which adds up to R1425, paid...
  3. NeonNinja

    How Much You Pay for Fuel P/M?

    Interested. You can also state your day-to-day travelling.
  4. B

    Bulk Emailing

    Hey guys. Do you know of any cool bulk emailing software that I can use to send a newsletter to my 6000+ members? I have already tried phplist and pommo, but I need something that could give me tracking too. Maybe if you know of something that has a monthly fee, this will also be fine...