moving fibre line

  1. KingLuc

    Mweb address change/moving nightmare

    Im really hoping somebody can help me on here. On 6 November I called Mweb to say I was moving to to anew address on 30 November and asked they end my service and do a new instillation at a new address. They said to email, which I did on 6 November. I only got a reply to that...
  2. A

    Moving from Openserve to MWEB

    I am battling to get anyone to assist me at Openserve to move my fibre line to Mweb.Telkom cant help, Openserve simply cannot be contacted so I do not know what to do any more. Apprently you have to ask Openserve to port or move your line because if you ask them to cancel it you will be without...