mweb billing

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    MWEB won't let me cancel my Domains because of 30 days clause

    Guys, please help. I registered 4 domains with MWEB int 2015 that are supposed to be renewed end of this month. I don't want to renew them but MWEB insists that they are going to deduct R800 from account and re-register them. I've tried to explain to them that I don't want them anymore but...
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    MWeb exemplifies themselves yet again as a leader in customer service

    Financially, things have not been going well for me lately. I managed to kill my credit card in December, but everything else somehow fell apart all at once. Due to this, I've had to cancel my Telkom and MWeb services. Mweb has me so happy right now! I emailed them earlier today to explain that...
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    We have been with Mweb for years since the days of dial up internet. Our company has 12 branches in South Africa making use of Mweb. I recently picked up that Mweb has failed to migrate us to the correct pricing for our ADSL accounts. Well aware we are not tied to any contracts, I realise...