1. S

    Nando's jumbo peri-peri chips = approx 22 chips @30 bucks = 1.4 Rand a chip?

    Jumbo peri peri chips - We got approx 22 chips @Midrand midway mews Nando's yesterday - Don't laugh, I counted because serving looked tiny in size - asked waiter and she confirmed that this was a jumbo portion. 30 bucks - so 1.4 rand per chip, when did this happen? We hardly frequent Nando's...
  2. jes

    Cell C responds to Nandos advertising campaign

    Cell C responds to Nandos advertising campaign South Africa's third mobile network operator recently published the letter they sent to the executives of Nandos responding to the restaurant chain's “appropriation” of Cell C's marketing campaign
  3. jes

    Cell C gives Nandos stick

    Cell C gives Nandos stick Nandos has launched a tongue-in-cheek advertising campaign based on Cell C’s Trevor Noah campaign; Cell C issues a unique response
  4. LazyLion

    Nandos tells Paris Hilton to "Try our Joint instead" hahaha... I love these guys :D ... pity their chicken is so anorexic! :(
  5. A

    Question About Nandos Malema Advert For An Essay, Please.

    Hi, My question is simple: do you think the ad has a racial and/or gender-based target audience and why? Thanks.
  6. I

    Has Nando's become a rip-off?

    SO gf & i decide yesterday to have lunch at Nandos. Now dont get me wrong I love the taste of Nandos.... Anyway, gf orders a Vitality meal and when it arrives to the table my jaw drops. The piece of chicken on the plate is like a third of the size of a chicken steak:eek: Furthermore I ordered...
  7. LazyLion

    Julius Malema puppet under the hammer lol :D Way to go Nando's!
  8. G

    NANDOS: Customer Care - No More Vouchers

    Most of us have a favorite meal. With me it varies, but Nandos chicken has me hooked. Particularly their Mediterranean flavour. I know customer care in the country as a whole is not at the highest level it has ever been for one reason or another, but Nandos seems to have sunk to the bottom...