1. Nod

    National water distribution network

    I, and it seems globally, people have been thinking about a way to redirect flood waters to other areas that are in need of water. The basic idea is this: Build special catchment dams/reservoirs around areas that are known to flood Build a pipe distribution network from these to areas...
  2. M

    Looking for IT Support Companies - For SMBE's

    Hi all, My company is looking to upgrade it's current IT support company. We are currently 25 employees in 4 branches, in 3 cities (CPT, JHB, and PTA) I would like to know if anyone can suggest a reliable IT support company that provides mail hosting etc, but they need to be national...
  3. S

    Grade 12 Final examinations and distinctions

    Hey guys,How true is it that: 1.If you get (80 )% in grade 12 final examination,cass is not considered if it lowers your marks. 2.You need minimum of 3 distinctions to make it into provincial top 100(I thought they consider total average). 3.You need a 100% in Maths and Physics/Accounting to...
  4. LazyLion

    National Orders to be Awarded

    Olympic swimming champion Chad le Clos, football legend Kaizer Motaung, and Lead SA activist Yusuf Abramjee are to be awarded national orders, the presidency said on Monday. United States civil rights activist Jesse Jackson is also on the list of activists, politicians, musicians, and...
  5. LazyLion

    Events company seeks ANC liquidation order over outstanding millions! I have no sympathy for this company, when you deal with thieves, expect to be robbed. :D
  6. LazyLion

    Zuma to make Announcement of National Importance on Saturday at 1pm (GMT)?
  7. G

    Kruger Park app

    The Kruger National Park is such a lovely place to visit. My wife had an idea for an app to share animal sightings in the Kruger Park, based on the maps that are up at most of the camps, so I wrote something for the fun: Sadly...
  8. jes

    Sentech National Wireless Broadband plans to serve rural areas

    Sentech National Wireless Broadband plans to serve rural areas Sentech will begin the roll-out of its National Wireless Broadband Network in this financial year
  9. Pooky

    National And Provincial Vote

    Does your National Vote differ from your Provincial Vote?
  10. R

    Getting a number off the National Consumer Database

    I've been getting cold calls on my cell phone from bunches of companies, all of whom think that I'm somebody I'm not - and always the same person. None of them check my name and ID though - they just start talking. I finally asked one of them where they got my number from, and it turned out...