1. RedViking

    What I Love About My Town

    *This is not another hate thread or why you think a place is a dump. And mention a political party (negative), Race(ist), Corruption or Politics and you can help yourself to the door.* Tera's post on Jozi made me realise the place people stay and what they enjoy about it is a different...
  2. M

    Physicists Discover Evidence of a New Force of Nature

  3. G

    Any interest in a wildlife- and outdoors-focused Discord server for SA?

    I recently started up the "Wildlife & Outdoors Chat" server - the idea behind it is for nature fans to discuss relevant topics, share sighting photos, post talk & event links, organise meetups, and even for snake rescuers like myself to show us their captures. If you like this idea, you can...
  4. Kevin Lancaster

    Using GPS “switches off” part of the brain needed in navigation

    Using GPS “switches off” part of the brain needed in navigation A study in Nature Communications has identified parts of the brain used while navigating in a new environment.
  5. Rouxenator

    The view from your bedroom window

    With so many negative things in our country we often forget that it is still one of the most beautiful countries to live in. Therefore one should make the most of it and try to capitalise on the beauty of the land. As the saying goes; life moves pretty fast, if you don't stop and look around for...
  6. Kevin Lancaster

    255Tbps achieved on a single fibre strand

    255Tbps speed achieved on a single fibre strand Researchers have achieved a speed of 255Tbps over a 1km fibre link – enough to carry the world’s Internet traffic
  7. B

    Anyone watched Naked and Afraid?

    The other day I was on twitter when one of the people I'm following tweeted about #NakedAndAfraid being "the most caucacious show on tv"- basically something that only crazy white people would do. Here's the premise: Take two survivalists (male and female) drop them in a...