1. 6spdmanual

    Which sports do you watch/follow?

    So I’m here for watching an NBA Western Conference Finals game between the Clippers and the Suns. I’ve always considered myself a sport fanatic. Sports I go out of my way to watch are football (aka soccer), basketball, American Football, and athletics. I also frequent some rugby, cricket...
  2. 6spdmanual

    NBA thread

    Struggled finding an NBA dedicated thread, so I decided to start one. All results and standings will be updated here. Please feel free to discuss anything NBA here as well.
  3. D

    No Airtime For NBA

    Firstly I would like to thank DSTV for their contract with NBA to showcase NBA games. However, overall I'm not happy with the service being delivered and I still would prefer for ADSL, than to pay for DSTV :erm: (seven hundred so bucks) AND still catch up on my games (gotta love the net). Not...
  4. jes

    StarSat channels and bouquet prices

    StarSat channels and bouquet prices TopTV’s rebranding comes with new channels, and new bouquet structures