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    Export transport - "oversize charges"

    Hi, Let me start with a *long post disclaimer* (just want to set the scene properly not to waste others' time) :-) I'm helping out a one man company that designs, fabricates & sells a range of steel 4x4 vehicle accessories primarily to local brand enthusiasts - sold online and delivered using...
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    Independent review and audit for new companies

    I just recently registered a company at the CIPC. Now, for the first year or so I would probably be the only employee, the managing director, the public officer, etc. (basically it will be a one man show). I've done some research and I found that the company will probably need an independent...
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    Best business banking?

    So, I am starting a new business. I have a company registered, and a client or two lined up, but I want to open a business banking account. Not sure which bank will be the best. It is a consulting business, so the transactions in and out of the bank will be very straight forward, no salaries...
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    New business fund

    Hi, I want to start a small business for web development and web design. Does anyone knows if the government has any funds for new small businesses's.... Thanks for your help.
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    FNB Essential Business Account - Online BLAH!!!

    Right, so here's the story. I have recently registered a new PTY Ltd and first things first, went to get a bank account. I have been an FNB client for about 15 years, so for me they were the obvious choice. I decided online was the best method for opening a new account so I signed up online...