1. Angeou


    New here! This is Angeou, I am technician of electrical equipment.
  2. S

    Looking For South African guild / players

    Hi all There doesnt seem like much going on with regards to GW2 from a South African community. I wanted to check if there is a South african Guild that I could join or a guild with a few South Africans playing Im fairly new (from Wow) and would love to join up and learn the game
  3. G

    New comer

    Hey guys and gals any help I could have to get started would be awesomeness!
  4. L

    Hi from Lynn

    Hi everyone, seen the forum around for a while so i finally decided to join. i'm Director of B&L Services - technical security solutions in Cape town. We do complex security installations (gates, access control, perimeters - electrified fencing) and commercial property security. I"m also a...
  5. C

    A newbie wants to change username . . .

    Hey everyone, I'm a newbie to this forum and just created a profile, but I would like to change my username to a nice cool handle. like the ones you guys have. Can you direct me please on how to do? I've browsed my User Control panel but it doesn't seem to have the option. I'm looking forward...
  6. N

    Linux as my Career Choice

    Hi guys. I havent been able to find any local forums to linux newbies like myself, i have turned to you guys for advice :) Ive always been interested in the world of IT, ever since the age of 11 ive been around PC's, working with them, repairing, tinkering etc. I just finished my degree...
  7. S

    Hi from the new Guy

    Greetings all, I have only heard amazing things about this site so I eventually found the time to come register and stuff. I hope to be here often enough to learn much from you guys. Thanks!
  8. S

    Greetings from a Newb

    Greetings MyBB incorporated :), Saint_Dee here; junkie and enthusiast (in differing degrees) of all things tech, gaming, and art related... Oh, and eSports (can't forget that). I'm a member of the Mygaming Forum and I've always been intrigued about the inner workings of the fabled MyBB...
  9. I


    Hi all, I'm a new member, but have been following MyBroadBand news and views for quite a while. I'm also quite new at this, forums and posting comments etc. Looking forward to participating. :) idefig
  10. J


    Good Morning guys, I'm Kevin Sanders and I'm a systems engineer and joined the forum to get more info and a broad view and opinions on problems I might encounter in my current occupation. Hope to have a great and informative experience on this forum.
  11. Alley3000

    Newbie Allrounder

    Morning all :) New mum, hoping to start new business in a field I've been out of for about 10 years! :o so, practically new! Other than that...LOVE Warcraft, LOVE Diablo and LOVE Abe's Odyssey - which I can never finish!
  12. L


    Hi. I am Brent. I've been reading this forum for 3+ years and so decided to join. Looking forward to some great discussions with like-minded people. - I am an aspiring software developer. - I have dabbled around (I wouldn't dare call it "expertise") in HTML, CSS, JS, jQuery, C# and Delphi...
  13. A

    Joomla site migration unsuccessfull

    I've recenly had to move a website over from one hosting company to another, and with that went the files (ftp'd everything) as well as did a database backup. But now the site isn't working AT ALL!! All there is is a >/ And I've unsuccessfully tried to reset the password for the super...
  14. S

    Telkom line goes out of sync frequently

    I am currently using the freebie telkom router as my parents wont buy a new one. A few months a go my dsl started going hay wire and disconnected itself a lot. I did some searching and found how to use the routers information. The system log shows the following: 2012:12:14:19:30 DSL out of sync...
  15. W

    Not just another newbie

    Hi nerds and nerdettes, Glad to finally registered myself here as I've been reading the forum debates and great news articles for years. Maybe one day I'll be lucky enough to win one of the brilliant prizes that pop up every so often. I look forward to our interactions with eachother. Whisper
  16. T

    Greetings to one and all :)

    Hey there, just having a first attempt at getting this rolling. Hope to have read and make some interesting posts soon. take it easy :D
  17. L

    Another newbie!

    Hey everyone, Been reading some of the posts for months now and decided to join in the fun...
  18. R

    Hello MyBB

    Hello People, Have registered a while ago, this is a formal intro. The forum and the website is really interesting, great up to date news and competitions:love: I am currently employed at a software development company, and share very similar interests with the forum members. well...
  19. medicnick83

    You're not going to believe this...

    But I've been told that I need to learn Linux. Specificially Gentoo. In my 'new' job, my boss does alot of things on Linux and ultimately, I'll have to learn how to do it. He can't expect me to be a genius in it, but his main thing is that I have to start somewhere sometime. (He has...
  20. DJ...

    Does post count really matter?

    After the few n00b related threads turning ugly lately, I started thinking about the post-count aspect which they all bring up time and time again. Does it really matter at all? Is respect on a forum at all related to one's post-count? What do you think? Is it at all related? Should there be...