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  1. P

    Which country's Samsung Galaxy Note 2 firmware is compatible with MTN South Africa?

    Hi, I have a custom ROM on my Note 2 and would like to install the stock ROM. I looked for it on but there's only ROMs for other countries. Which country's ROMs are compatible with MTN South Africa? I guess it has to do with the bandwidth of the modem...
  2. Sirius

    Galaxy Note 2 (N7100)

    I am looking at buying this phone cash but not sure where I can get a great deal, ie brand new, warranty plus a nice low price for it. I am based in Cape Town and would like some ideas which shops/places to look at for this phone.
  3. K

    Samsung Galaxy note 2 original south africa ROM

    I rooted my galaxy note 2, but now i want to go back to the default OS that it came with. Tried searching the net, but they all say you have to download the ROM for the country you are in. And i dont seem to find any rom for South africa. Please help...
  4. S

    Buy a Contract phone from Someone

    Buy a Contract phone from Someone (Galaxy Note II) Hi guys, I have never bought a phone from someone before. I am about to buy a Note II from someone who got it on contract from Vodacom and we are supposed meet on to Tuesday. Therefore I wonder what happens to me if he fails to pay his...