notice period

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    Termination of employment with in 6 month period?

    Hi guys, Currently working at a new company as a Senior .NET developer and not really interested in the role I have been put under. There is not much of a challenged and have been at company X for 5 months now. I wanted to find out in terms of contractual and legal bindings what I can do if I...
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    Please help with a residence lease contract expiry issue!

    Please help with another residence lease contract expiry issue! So here is the situation: - we're currently tenants with a lease expiring 31 January (which we knew) - we were intent on renewing, we asked 5th of January - the landlord came back yesterday (the 9th), saying unfortunately the...
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    So I'm resigning today!

    I've only been permanent with this company 3 months today. I've been on contract with them for 24 months before I became permanent. I am here in Port Elizabeth and I need to get back to Cape Town as soon as possible. I've been away from friends and family for more than 2 years already. Before...