1. I

    Your Favourite Open Source Software?

    What are your favourite Free/Libre/Open Source applications or projects? Reply below and I will add anything I deem worthy to this post for quick reference (until I get bored, die or find someone better to do it :) ) EDIT: The list has has exceeded the character limit for a single post on this...
  2. D

    CoD BO4 NAT Type with CellC router

    Hi there, I'm currently struggling to join parties with my mates on BO4 because my NAT type is set to strict. I am using CellC LTE, as well as the CellC RTL30VW LTE-A router. I've tried opening ports, enabling dmz and UPnP with no luck so I reckon I'm doing something wrong. Any advice would be...
  3. R

    Email clients not logging in, and cancelling password box

    Hi all, A friend of my moms is having problems with her email. She uses the incredimail client to open her absamail and recently its been acting up. What it does is it asks you for the email and password, the email already fille in the password blank, when you make an attempt to interact...
  4. LazyLion

    OpenOffice 3.0 Released!

    The Community is today announcing the general availability of Version 3. Right from the opening screen, 3 has a fresh new look, with a new start screen, new splash screen, new icons, and a host of usability improvements. The Writer word processor...