1. S

    Is Axxess Uncapped right for me?

    Hi guys, so with sunday being first of Nov... it is time for me to sigh-up for my uncapped.. just making sure that: R999- Axxess Uncapped Express+ 384 is the best option for that price? I know Openweb has the same deal for R1 200:confused: Thanks PS: Is the Axxess Uncapped un/shaped and...
  2. ginggs

    MDMA [does Connection Management & USSD & Monitors Signal Strength - Windows]

    I wrote this software to show more information than the provided dashboard. Specifically I was looking for cell info (Cellular Broadcast Messages), signal strength (in more detail than 5 graphical bars) and to distinguish between GPRS, EDGE, 3G and HSDPA. I only intended this program to be a...