1. MDKza

    NQF Levels

    Hi all, Anyone know where to find out how many points Cisco certification counts towards NQF level? I have done a bunch just not sure how many points they contribute. Thanks!
  2. A

    Samsung rewards

    Pretty smart. Samsung is giving away TV's, sound systems, phone covers and a few other cool stuff to Samsung smart phone owners. Download Samsung rewards via the app store. Add me and we both earn: Link to me on Samsung Rewards and earn a starting bonus. <deleted by="ic" reason="spam"/>
  3. IanM

    Fifa 13 Ultimate team Fifa points

    Hi! For the past week or so I'm not able to buy Fifa points in FUT on Xbox. It gives me a pop-up... "We're sorry, but you currently can't add FIFA points. Please try again later." :confused: I have cleared my cache, but didn't help in any shape or form. I have purchased before and have...
  4. M

    10000 MTN loyalty points

    I remember seeing an advert from MTN for the Blackberry 8520 on MTN Anytime 100 for R149pm and if you upgrade before 31 Jan 2010 , you will receive 25 free entries into the Ayoba Competition as well as 10000 loyalty points. Could someone who upgraded their contract to this deal please inform...
  5. K

    2100 Microsoft Points (Xbox 360 Live Points)

    Hi All, Like a fool, rushing in, I purchased UK Xbox Live Points. I originally setup my gamertag in the US, and in fact would prefer to keep it there, so UK points are useless to me! I am selling 2100 UK Xbox Live Points for; R150 if anyone is interested, please send me a private...