port blocking

  1. IcuInDaIcu

    Does the Telkom unrestricted APN work for gaming?

    Hello. This is my first post. I was wondering if anyone here has successfully used Telkom's unrestricted APN for gaming. I'm trying to get SWTOR (an MMO) running on my pc and I've opened the necessary ports on my router through port forwarding (they are open according to a port checking app I...
  2. J

    SmartVillage blocking gaming ports?

    Hi There, I live in a complex that uses the SmartVillage Network for its ADSL. Recently I have been unable to connect to certain gaming applications where I previously could. I have tried to get hold of someone at SmartVillage but their contact centre refuses to respond to me. Does...
  3. E

    Vodacom blocking ports? Many apps on Android can't connect

    A bunch of apps on my stock Galaxy Nexus can't connect to the Internet over a Vodacom data connection. These include Plume and Hootsuite (Twitter clients), and Google Music. Google Music can't stream songs I've uploaded when off Wi-Fi. When I connect to an ADSL-backed Wi-fi network everything...