1. Ivan Leon

    Toyota Hilux, Fortuner and Prado affected by air-intake system fault (Australia)

    Toyota’s reputation for reliability and suitability to Australian roads is being called into question following successive 4X4 Australia tests that uncovered a fault with the air intake system of the Hilux, Fortuner and Prado. During a recent outback adventure involving the new Hilux Rugged X –...
  2. R

    Landcruiser Diesel vs Petrol

    My situation requires comparison between these vehicles: 1. LC200 4.5 V8 D4D vs LC200 4.7 V8 Petrol 2. Prado 3.0 D4D vs V6 4.0 Petrol Questions: 1. What is the real-world difference in fuel consumption for a) city b) rural & tweespoor and c) open road driving? I drive at 100 -...