1. R

    Contract, uChoose, Prepaid?

    Hi - 1st post, hope I'm in the right place, be gentle ;) I've been on a Vodacom business contract for years, but am now retiring and need to watch the cents. I don't need to be at the cutting edge with phones and would be happy to buy my own phone every 4 years or so. I use very little Voice...
  2. B

    Pre-paid ADSL data, is Afrihost the only/best/cheapest?

    Hi all Is Afrihost the only ISP offering pre-paid ADSL data? Their data is R7 per GB, are there anyone cheaper out there offering good service? To be frank the previous time I tried Afrihost for around a month in June/July they didn't impress me at all, I had very slow speeds almost half the...
  3. jes

    Vodacom reduces prepaid data prices (24 August 2011)

    Vodacom reduces prepaid data prices (24 August 2011) Vodacom cuts prepaid and Top Up data prices by up to 42% from 19 September; announces ‘double your prepaid data’ promotion
  4. jes

    8ta announces per-second billing for pre-paid customers

    8ta announces per-second billing for pre-paid customers 8ta today announced that all new pre-paid customers will be billed on a per-second structure
  5. jes

    Get G-Connect Prepaid Internet using POCiT

    Get G-Connect Prepaid Internet using POCiT POCiT has partnered with G-Connect to offer subscriber prepaid Internet services
  6. T

    Get Connected

    Hi I wanted to know how can I get a prepaid Iburst account when I already have a Iburst modem? I got the modem from a friend that went over seas so all I need is to open an account,. Thanks Ruan
  7. E

    BB 8520 Pre-paid price?

    Does anybody know what I will pay for a BB 8520 on pre-paid? Want to buy one for my dad for Christmas... I've checked Vodacom Direct (although their pricing are usually useless) but they don't show the BB's for cash.
  8. ic

    NeoGhost's Pre-paid, has it been file 13'ed?

    It would be nice to get a straight answer to this simple question.
  9. jabezz

    MTN Contract with additional data

    Hi, Is is possible to buy a "pre-paid" data bundle on my existing contract? I don't want to subscribe to x amount of data per month at a fixed fee. Occasionally I need to use a bit more data, and only then want to buy a bundle to take advantage of cheaper data rates. Also, if this...
  10. V

    Any advantage to renewing 3G Contract?

    Evening guys, Is there any real advantage to renewing my 3G contract? Should I rather just buy prepaid bundles? I already have a data card as well as the newer white modem E200? I think. Thanks in advance.